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  • Which market is correct: Stocks or bonds?
    (Jun 11, 2014)
    While the stock markets in the US have rallied on expectations of a recovery, bond yields have fallen, which suggests otherwise. Which market is giving the correct picture?
  • It is impossible to measure real pain
    (Jul 11, 2014)
    Bill explains the new concept of 'painfulness' in French labor law.
  • The greatest entry into the wild world of tech valuations
    (Jun 12, 2014)
    The taxi strike in Paris was a boon to this company. But will it lose its competitive edge if regulation is introduced?
  • The entire US economy is corrupted
    (Jun 25, 2014)
    Students, homebuyers, households have not benefitted from cheap money. Only people at the upper end are delighted.
  • Is Ms Yellen making history?
    (Jul 17, 2014)
    Bill talks about the Fed's loose policies and how they are distorting the markets.
  • What's happening in Japan?
    (Jul 2, 2014)
    Bill explains how in the race to financial catastrophe, Japan is ahead of the US.
  • Are our worst days behind us?
    (Aug 1, 2014)
    Bill gives his views on the sanctions on Russia and the default by Argentina.
  • Marijuana-lucrative investment idea of next decade
    (Aug 14, 2014)
    The increased enthusiasm gathered by the medical marijuana business has caught attention of Mr Bonner.
  • Central banks have put the whole system at risk!
    (Jul 22, 2014)
    Bill discusses how the danger associated with debt has become systemic.
  • Best to take a defensive position
    (Jul 28, 2014)
    Bill discusses why it makes sense to stay away from stocks at the moment.
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