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Can childcare insurance plans really secure your child's future?
(Sep 13, 2014)
Childcare insurance plans claim that they can take care of your children's expenses and also provide an insurance cover. PersonalFN discusses whether these plans are actually worth investing in or not.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Can Platinum compete with Gold?
(Sep 12, 2014)
Gold is losing its investment appeal. Despite announcement of new stimulus package by ECB gold prices remained depressed. PersonalFN analyses some facts to tell you if outlook for platinum looks promising.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Keep safe distance from frothy markets
(Sep 12, 2014)
Chirag Mehta explains why investors should be wary of chasing the recent good performance of asset classes like equities.
(Outside View)
RBI report and aam aadmi
(Sep 8, 2014)
Mr Tarapore presents a bird's-eye view of the RBI's Annual Report that draws our attention to the major issues and highlights of the Indian economy.
(Common Voice)
A 4-step approach to plan your vacation
(Sep 5, 2014)
In order to de-stress, a lot of people prefer going for a holiday with their families. PersonalFN discusses how one can plan for their vacation prudently without having to take any loans for the same.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
No easy path to higher growth
(Sep 5, 2014)
The RBI Annual report substantiates the fact that the endemic problems in Indian economy will continue to throw gauntlets making the road to recovery quite challenging, says Mr Tarapore.
(Maverick View)
Has the Indian debt market become more attractive now?
(Sep 1, 2014)
Indian debt appears to be turning attractive. Bond yields have started dropping and foreign fund houses such as Franklin Templeton have started placing big bets on Sovereign debt of India.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Do you follow your parent's advice when it comes to investing?
(Aug 26, 2014)
People find it difficult to meet their financial goals as they follow the age-old methods of investing. PersonalFN discusses what should be done to meet one's financial goals and live a stress free financial life.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
A tale of two RNBCs
(Aug 25, 2014)
Mr Tarapore discusses the key points from Tamal Bandhyopadhyay's latest book on the whole Sahara episode.
(Common Voice)
Rajan 'bullet-proofing' India
(Aug 22, 2014)
Arvind Chari discusses how the RBI has ensured a stable rupee movement in the last 6 months.
(Outside View)
Geopolitical Tensions! Would Gold Continue to Struggle...
(Aug 22, 2014)
Despite of geo-political tensions in Iraq, Russia and Gaza, gold continues to remain under pressure as prices are struggling around USD 1,300 per troy ounce. PersonalFN analyses some facts to tells you why.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
For an economics of compassion
(Aug 22, 2014)
Adoring the prolific writings of the economist NA Mujumdar, Mr Tarapore reminisces his unflinching contribution towards Indian economic development through his work and writings.
(Maverick View)
How to set your financial goals?
(Aug 21, 2014)
Setting up of financial goals is the first step towards fulfilling your desired wishes and ambitions. PersonalFN discusses points that should be kept in mind while constructing your financial goals.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
A Long Pause
(Aug 18, 2014)
Arvind Chari discusses how the RBI's monetary policy stance will impact the common man in terms of both borrowing and investing.
(Fixed Income)
4 steps to an early retirement
(Aug 13, 2014)
Due to increased financial responsibilities and hectic lives many people now-a-days wish to retire early and live a blissful retired to pursuing their personal desires. Here, PersonalFN has listed down points that can help you plan for an early and stress-free retirement.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Inflation & interest rate interaction
(Aug 11, 2014)
The Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan is doing a great job dealing with inflation related challenges, believes Mr. Tarapore.
(Common Voice)
Better safe than sorry
(Aug 8, 2014)
Knowing the domestic challenges and the global uncertainties, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has risen to the occasion emphasizing upon precautionary measures, believes Mr Tarapore.
(Maverick View)
Monsoon revives, would it soften inflation and interest rates?
(Aug 4, 2014)
While the overall rain deficit has now reduced to 22%, Indian Met department expects monsoon to remain strong even in August. PersonalFN tells you how the fading away of the El Nino threat may cheer debt market investors.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Are you buying PSU funds to benefit from disinvestment...
(Jul 31, 2014)
The Government has set an ambitious disinvestment target of Rs 58,425 crore. PersonalFN shares its views on the disinvestment target, process and also tells you whether you should participate.
(Mutual Fund Corner)
Towards a better monetary policy
(Jul 28, 2014)
Mr Tarapore himself charts out an effective Monetary Policy.
(Common Voice)
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