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  • Will stock markets prefer a Sita or a Ram?
    (Apr 8, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal uses an interesting analogy to highlight which party most financial professionals in a survey are rooting for. However, he is not convinced this matters much in the long term scheme of things.
  • Dear Mr Kejriwal: Beware the enemy within.
    (Jan 1, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal's open letter to Arvind Kejriwal warning about the dangers of enemy within.
  • Arnabed by Goswami
    (Apr 2, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal recounts his first hand experience of listening to one of India's most popular TV journalists and even getting 'Arnabed' by it...
  • Dear Mr Kejriwal: lessons from the mutual fund industry
    (Jan 16, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal explains what lessons AAP could learn from mutual fund industry.
  • The Big Fat Indian Election #TBFIE
    (Mar 7, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal explains what an investor should do for the next 50 days.
  • Can you bank on them?
    (Nov 13, 2013)
    Ajit Dayal explains whether your money will be safe with the new banks?
  • Tata will get a bank license
    (Nov 25, 2013)
    Mr Ajit Dayal's viewpoint on the most trusted companies in India.
  • Never ignore stock markets
    (Nov 6, 2013)
    Ajit Dayal explains why people should invest some portion of their wealth in equity markets.
  • 5 reasons not to redeem your mutual funds
    (Dec 16, 2013)
    Ajit Dayal explains why investment in mutual funds should be maintained?
  • Railway Safety Week: Beware the short cuts
    (Oct 28, 2013)
    Ajit Dayal explains why the SEBI and stock exchanges should be as mindful of investor safety as railways are of commuter safety.
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