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  • Will stock markets prefer a Sita or a Ram?
    (Apr 8, 2014)
    Ajit Dayal uses an interesting analogy to highlight which party most financial professionals in a survey are rooting for. However, he is not convinced this matters much in the long term scheme of things.
    (The Honest Truth)

  • Should you ignore Buffett and opt for index funds?
    (Apr 8, 2014)
    Is it better to invest in index funds as opposed to equities or actively managed funds?
    (The 5 Minute Wrapup)

  • Making Your Ideas Soar
    (Apr 5, 2014)
    Mark Ford explains why good business ideas need to be acted upon right away without delay of any kind
    (The Daily Reckoning)

  • Will the next Government have a long term vision?
    (Apr 5, 2014)
    J Mulraj discusses the flawed policies dragging the Indian economy and the need for a Government that could offer solutions.
    (Straight from the hip)

  • Civilization will not survive
    (Apr 3, 2014)
    Will civilization survive once the credit bubble pops?
    (The Daily Reckoning)

  • The magic of targeting fixed return per annum
    (Apr 5, 2014)
    Do you think targeting returns like 15% per annum can improve stock selection and return over the long term?
    (The 5 Minute Wrapup)

  • How will the Election Impact Markets
    (Apr 12, 2014)
    The election outcome can have a glaring impact on the stock markets.
    (The Daily Reckoning)

  • What shaped US' credit driven economy?
    (Apr 10, 2014)
    How did $33 worth of goods and services come to exist in the first place, if there was no real money made available to fund them?
    (The Daily Reckoning)

  • How to Come Up with a Big Idea
    (Apr 16, 2014)
    The best direct-marketing technique of them all is the concept of the Big Idea because it is unique, powerful and profitable.
    (The Daily Reckoning)

  • Waste not, want not
    (Apr 14, 2014)
    J Mulraj highlights some of the biggest chronic problems that are lingering over mankind today.
    (Straight from the hip)

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