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  • No place for the small, individual investor
    (Nov 1, 2013)
    Has institutionalization sidelined individual investor?
  • Productivity, jobs, inflation and morals
    (Jan 18, 2014)
    J Mulraj talks about jobless economic growth, based upon gains in productivity, which is now falling, and of the dangers, both economic and moral, this poses.
  • What price economic growth?
    (Dec 28, 2013)
    J Mulraj talks about the issues and huge costs associated with economic growth.
  • The bear in the China shop
    (Jan 25, 2014)
    J Mulraj discusses how recent events in China could impact Indian economy
  • NSEL versus SMX, a tale of two exchanges
    (Dec 7, 2013)
    J Mulraj talks about the similarities and the differences between two exchanges promoted and managed by the same group, and concludes that Governments who do not protect investors and who place politics over economics, drive their nations to ruination.
  • Several cliffs loom ahead
    (Nov 15, 2013)
    J Mulraj talks about the 5 dangerous cliffs ahead and how they could affect the rally in global stock markets.
  • Will the next Government have a long term vision?
    (Apr 5, 2014)
    J Mulraj discusses the flawed policies dragging the Indian economy and the need for a Government that could offer solutions.
  • Can a country prosper without protecting investors?
    (Jan 11, 2014)
    J Mulraj states that countries which have strived to reduce or eliminate corruption are prospering.
  • Setting up the information highway
    (Mar 8, 2014)
    The article discusses the need for improvement in telecom infrastructure in a digital economy
  • A crisis of governance
    (Nov 9, 2013)
    J Mulraj talks about a crisis of public governance and a possible constitutional crisis in the making and maintains that the Government must, if it wishes to be re-elected, start protecting victims and not the perpetrators of crime.
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