Investing in India - The 5 Minute WrapUp by Equitymaster

FIVE Warning Signals
That a Stock Could Crash in the Demonetisation Chaos

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Could you have foreseen de-monetisation and the devastating effects it could have on you and your future?

Yes, that's difficult to predict. However, what's not as difficult is to estimate whether or not the stock price of a company is going to crash.

You see, we we have found "5 Warning Signals" or "5 Red Flags" that show up in a business right before its stock price plummets.

In fact, ensuring that you're not investing in businesses which show these "5 Warning Signals" could potentially be the difference between creating wealth and incurring losses with your stock market investments.

Full details of these 5 Warning Signals, and how you can read them well ahead of other ordinary investors are given in our special report titled - The "Crash Score" Report.

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This Special Report will give you full information on...

The 5 Warning Signals you should test each stock on before you go ahead and invest in it...
The Secret "Crash Score" which you could calculate yourself, for all your future stock investment decisions, and which could actually guide you towards creating a solid, wealth-building portfolio
How to potentially avoid incurring losses by staying away from stocks which are highly likely to crash.
20 Stocks which are already showing 4 or even 5 of these Warning Signals today!
And much, much more!

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