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My #1 Tech Stock Recommendation for 2020

Jan 3, 2020

Editor's note: Dear reader, a few days ago, I wrote to you about how you can go about finding a Crorepati Stock - My Blueprint for a Crorepati Stock. I'm happy to report that I've found a crorepati stock for you. A company that is a close partner to giants like Ford, BMW, Comcast, Motorola, Panasonic, JLR, and many more!

I recorded a video about this stock and the huge opportunity it represents. Watch it here.

Today, I'm sharing with you why I think you should consider buying this stock before the share price runs up. I wrote this a couple of week ago and I think it is of utmost importance that you act on this recommendation. I believe this crorepati stock could make a world of difference to your wealth.

Tanushree Banerjee, Editor, The 5 Minute Wrapup

I have a peculiar habit while travelling in a crowded place. Since most of my travel is in Mumbai, crowds are almost always there.

I count a random sample of ten people in a crowd. I then check how many of them are glued to their smartphones. The number is usually 7 or more.

This means, at least 70% of people are glued to their smartphone almost all the time.

Recent studies have shown the average Indian spends an average of three hours on their smartphone daily.

So, it's not surprising when we talk about the future, it is invariably related to technology.

Just search online for the most promising future careers and you will find tech-related jobs at top of the list.

If you search for the most valued start-ups in India, most of them will be tech companies.

I strongly believe, the next decade and beyond will be all about technology.

A simple question comes to my mind...

What are the things in our life that can technology improve in the future?

Can technology improve productivity of businesses?

By quality control and better customer engagement, technology is already helping businesses. Most big businesses are using technology to improve productivity.

I see this becoming the norm in the future even in small businesses.

Can technology improve customer experience?

Think online shopping. Think of digital content viewed by millions daily on their smartphones. Technology is bringing every possible experience to the homes of customer.

Can technology improve healthcare?

It sure can. Data is used to collect history of an individual and his/her families' medical history. This helps in better prediction of future occurrence of a disease.

We may be at a nascent stage in terms of technology. But for a country like India, the size of the opportunity is huge. We can clearly see the wealth-creating opportunity now.

But how do you benefit from it, dear reader?

Look for a company with technology at the core of everything it does.

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A player that is not your run of the mill technology services company...but one that is building products for the future.

Products that you won't see right now...but ones with big future potential.

I've been tracking just such a company for a long-time and I believe it is doing all the things I've just mentioned...and more!

It's a safe bet to profit from the technology wave that we will see in the coming decade.

I recently wrote to you about the traits I look for in a crorepati stock. The stock I've identified shows all the traits.

I recorded a video about this stock and the huge opportunity it represents. If you're interested in this exciting stock, dear reader, I recommend that you watch this video NOW!

Warm regards,

Tanushree Banerjee
Tanushree Banerjee
Editor, The 5 Minute WrapUp
Equitymaster Agora Research Private Limited (Research Analyst)

PS: Dear reader, to know more about my #1 tech stock recommendation for 2020, watch my video about the stock.

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