Anna Hazare's solution for the Indian economy

Apr 8, 2011

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» US government to shut down?
» Indian banks raise capital from new avenues
» Dubai property 60% cheaper than Mumbai
» India to ink free trade pact with EFTA
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"Corruption" may have been the most repeated word of 2010-11 as political and corporate scams sprawled across the Indian landscape. But something seems to be changing now. The chorus against corruption is amplifying. And the movement has found a face in Anna Hazare, the man who had earlier led the movement for the Right to Information Act (RTI).

But there is another important yet lesser known story about this Gandhian reformer that we believe has critical solutions to the Indian economy and the world at large. The story dates backs to the 1980s in a barren village called Ralegan Siddhi, located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The drought-prone village was plagued by a perennial water scarcity. Almost 80% of the villagers were dependent on other villages for food grains. Many folks had abandoned the village in search of work elsewhere, while others opened liquor dens to sustain themselves. The social life too, as a result, was very turbulent.

Then a native of this village returned after serving the Indian Army. He decided to transform his village and to make it self-sufficient. All he had was will and wisdom. He started various programmes to conserve water and prevent soil erosion. The principle of his ridge-to-valley model was to hold the rain where it fell and to use that water to build the economic base of the village.

It worked! By the 1990s, the village turned around 180 degrees- from barren to green, from dependent to self-sufficient. Income levels had risen substantially. Over 25% of the village earned more than Rs 5 lakh annually. That was a time when the super-rich in India were defined as those who earned more than Rs 10 lakh annually. Even more important, the income disparities were low.

The success of Anna's self-sufficient eco-village model shows that ecological and natural wealth can create well-being and economic growth. At a time when the global economy is gripped with economic and environmental disasters, Anna's solution is what the world must be looking at.

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 Chart of the day
The crisis in the European economies is very much alive and kicking. Greece and Ireland have already gone for a bailout. Portugal seems to be the next one in the line. And chances are that Spain may follow as well and Italy is not doing too good either. The term "PIIGS" is an acronym used to group these highly indebted economies. Today's chart of the day compares the unemployment rate in these ailing European economies with that of India. The numbers show that India too has a pretty high rate of unemployed people. The one major thing that differentiates India from these economies is the economic growth. But still, our country needs to find ways to fix the issue of unemployment. Otherwise, our long term growth may be severely hampered.

Data source: CIA World Factbook

Now this may sound a little amusing to us but there are strong chances of this event being played out in reality. We are referring to the US shutdown that looms ahead quite dangerously as of now. For the uninitiated, a shutdown is an event where the Government no longer has access to funds and as a consequence, all its activities are put to a halt. To understand some of the ramifications, all the places where the Government has a large presence will have to deal with laid off employees, closed buildings and out of work Government contractors. And this is not all. As the US Federal Government is a very big business in itself, a temporary shutdown would also end up disrupting a lot of private businesses. The reason it has come to this is because the US politicians are fighting over the budget and have been unable to strike a deal. The US Government has till Thursday midnight to try and come up with a solution. Failing the same, a nationwide US Government shutdown will be enforced as per the constitution. Important to add is that this is not the first time the Government is facing a shutdown. It happened way back in 1995 also when the Government was shut down for a significant period of 20 days. Back then, the US economy's growth slowed by a full percentage point for the quarter. A repeat of the same is something that the US economy can ill afford at this point in time.

At a time when capital in domestic markets is getting dearer by the day, Indian banks have to seek alternative sources of funding. They need to ensure that the spreads earned on borrowing and lending money do not get too thin for the entities to survive profitably or grow. At such times, near zero interest rates prevalent in the overseas markets have become very enticing. Also to ensure that their currency risks are hedged, Indian banks have chosen to borrow in non-traditional currencies like the Swiss franc. We do not see any imminent risks to the banks with this strategy in the near term. However, the condition here is that they should not go overboard with their foreign borrowings. Further, too much of cheap capital should not allow the banks to take undue risks in their loan portfolio. As with keeping their overall interest costs low, the same can be done by expanding their CASA (current and savings accounts) base as well. Believe us, there is plenty of scope there.

Mumbai and Dubai are one of the most favored investment destinations for property investors. Both these regions share equal interest amongst investors. So considering that, prices should be more or less parallel across these cities, after accounting for minor differences. However, it is interesting to note that there is a wide disparity in prices between these two regions. Property prices in Dubai are about 60% cheaper than in Mumbai. This is jaw dropping indeed! It is believed that during the hay days a lot of inventory was being build up in Dubai which ultimately was not absorbed due to a slowdown in the real estate market. Subsequently, in order to attract investors the government came out with a new draft of regulations favoring home owners, in order to revive the interest in Dubai's property market. Even the revival of liquidity in the mortgage market has generated interest amongst investors. Thus, we believe the disparity in pricing between the two cities is not likely to prevail for long. So, if not Mumbai, one can well look out for Dubai so as to get a better bargain.

One way of spurring growth of an economy is developing trade relations with countries and India seems to be doing well on that front. The commerce minister has stated that India and the four nation European Free Trade Association (EFTA) are set to conclude the ongoing free trade pact negotiations by the end of this year. The EFTA includes Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The seventh round of talks took place early this year and discussions were held for market access for industrial products, fish and agricultural goods, technical barriers to trade, customs procedures, investment, intellectual property rights and dispute settlement. It must be noted that India already has active trade relations with Switzerland and this stood at US$ 18 bn in 2010. Indeed, free trade in areas such as infrastructure, food processing and biotechnology among others will further help in enhancing India's growth in the longer term.

In the meanwhile, the Indian stock markets are trading flat with a negative bias, after starting the day on a positive note. Auto and realty stocks led the decline, with most other indices also seeing losses. Consumer durables and FMCG stocks were among the few gainers. At the time of writing, India's benchmark index, the BSE-Sensex was trading lower by about 15 points (0.1%). Most Asian indices were in the green. Japan led the gains, even after another earthquake jolt last night.

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63 Responses to "Anna Hazare's solution for the Indian economy"

pushpa gurumani

Apr 10, 2011

Anna Hazareji has come as the proverbial silver-lining to the dark cloud of corruption and deceit that has enveloped our country's body-politic since as far back as i can remember (i am 54 years old today). may God grant him the strength of body, mind and spirit to carry this struggle to it's logical ending and all indian citizens the grace and luck to have his exemplary leadership all the way through. as the cloud lifts, with good sense prevailing in the corridors of power in our government, Hazareji will become the beacon of light that all of us desperately need to show us the path to truth and honest-living. through out 2010 i was very often gripped by disillusionment and despair, whenever i listened to / read reports and analyses about the various "scams" in the media(electronic, print,etc). now i can "feel" hope returning to me and the courage to think that our children will, indeed, have a future in their own country. i feel moved when i realize that this has been made possible by a septugenarian, who in the prevailing circumstances in our country would not really be considered a "VIP". it is when each one of us realizes that it is people like Anna Hazareji who are the real "VIPs" in our country and not the likes of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi, Dr.MMS, P.Chidambaram, L.K. Advani and a whole host of other politicians, both in and outside the government, that each one of us will begin to emulate his exemplary example and make our contribution to this struggle, so that it truly becomes a people's fight against corruption and injustice. MAY GOD BLESS ANNA HAZAREJI!


Hemchandra khanolkar

Apr 9, 2011

Yes by all means he is crusader against corruption and all the dadagiri politicain do on the general public to whom they are supposed to serve and on top of that they are shamless people

Anna has taught people to how to stand against all these gundagiri and face them fearlessly

The law of RTI he made govt. to implement can help us to open pandora box of all misdeed govt officers and polticians have been doing and we were not in position to know also.


sanjay shah

Apr 9, 2011

indeed india want more anna.......?


Narendra Singh Chauhan

Apr 9, 2011

Shri Anna Hazare Ji is the next Gandhi of India. If we adopt theory of Shri Anna Azare Ji, India will leads whole world as a leader. India is requiring the man like Shri Anna Hazare Ji. People of India must support him. Yes, I thought that Shri Anna Hazare Ji and Baba Ramdev Ji are the solution for the Indian economy.


DrAtul Tiwari

Apr 9, 2011

No- Anna Hazare's fast is not going to effect corrutpion a bit even.
1- In Indian IPC receiver & giver of bribe both are criminals. Unless this law is changed conditions will not changed, Because document of proof will either in hands of Giver or in hands of receiver. Since receiver is not a sufferer so he would not provide the document but giver can provide (because is a sufferer). But he does this then ha will also be punished for giving the bribe so government himself stopped all the ways to staop corruption.
No2- When ever is bribe is asked a technical issue (thin) is always there for asking a bribe. Now if you go to report them they say that it was not like that but because this giver was at fault so he was trying to give a bribe.
I have very insteresting but true story in this regard but present it some time later.


Jitendra A Mohod

Apr 9, 2011

Anna is very good Indian,to care the India. I always support to Anna's movement.



Apr 9, 2011

Anna Hazare has done excellent selfless job for millions of India. We support him. All political parties are corrupt and serve their own purpose. Noone cares for country. We salute Anna and pray to Almighty for his godd health.


A. Jayakumar

Apr 9, 2011

At last there is someone who has taken the task in his own hands rather than discussing the menace of corruption in their drawing rooms as a topic and then doing nothing about it. The thinking is that nothing can change since as a loner you cannot achieve anything! I wish Anna Hazare success in his endevour. He has practical solutions for our problems which has been practically demonstrated by him.


Manju Sharma

Apr 9, 2011

Mr. Anna Hajare has done which was in the mind of every indian since independence but no one was courageous enough to take the stand. The government (sorry the currept government) had to surrender before Mr. hajare and 125 crore citizen of India and had to pass the JAN Lok Pal Notification. This is the beginning only. Now the AWAAM has come together. We are going to support Anna Hajare (or any other citizen) in every effort taken to remove these currept people from the pure land on India. GO HEAD ANNA WE ARE WITH YOU......!!!


kirti mathuria

Apr 9, 2011

Hello, It is good for Honest peoples. The Root is on the Top to be stopped Corruption than slowly it will come down to earth.It will take time to change. It is not magic to change in a day or two.The authorities at Govt and or Semi Govt and or Private / public sectors are well awre of the same knowingly close the eyes , mouth and ears like monkey. The person who give bribe / corrution to get the work done is also responsible and punishable.The public must stop to give money / incourage corruption.It is like a cancer and major operation will be done on corruption.

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