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This 100-Year Old Company Is the Next Stock We're Recommending

Apr 25, 2018

Sarvajeet Bodas, Research analyst

A hundred years is a long time.

Think about it. A business that's still in operation after 100 long years?

Very few businesses can claim to have achieved this rare feat.

Let's rewind 100 years...

We were in the middle of the First World War.

A few years later in 1929, the Wall Street would crash starting the Great Depression across the world, for the next 10 years.

By the time the world started to recover from the Great Depression, the Second World War began. It was the most devastating war in history.

India was still struggling for independence during that time. Even after 1947, things were not easy for India. We fought three wars with Pakistan and one with China.

There was a period of emergency between all that.

Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the first Gulf War would result in India's infamous Balance of Payments crisis in the late 80s and early 90s.

'No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come', said then finance minister Manmohan Singh, quoting Victor Hugo, while presenting the Union Budget on 24 July 1991. India's economy was liberalised.

And to cap it all off, in this century, we've had the global financial crisis of 2007-08.

Wow. The last century was certainly action-packed.

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Did you know, there're only a handful of Indian companies who have seen all this?

We are recommending such a company in Smart Money Secrets this month. It has not only traversed these treacherous times but come through with flying colours.

While staying true to its roots, it has embraced the future and improved upon advancements made in the past. Thus, even after 100 years, it has maintained its original identity.

That's why we call it - a 100-year young company.

This is not an easy feat.

There are barely 20 Indian companies that have completed 100 years of existence.

Response to change is the first condition of survival for any business. This company knows it very well.

By adopting the latest technology, it has become an expert in a niche segment in which it operates.

But the most impressive thing?

It has always remained profitable!

These are the type of companies that form the core of our economy. Yet they are mostly overlooked by the mainstream media and brokerage houses.

But thanks to our Smart Money framework, we saw a success pattern in this business.

The Smart Money Secrets team will publish a detailed report on this stock by this Friday.

Watch this space...

Chart of the Day

This Stock Recommendation is Almost a 100-Bagger!

Did you know that one of the recommendations in Richa Agarwal's premium Hidden Treasure service is on the verge of becoming a 100-bagger?

Yes, that's right. A 100-bagger.

I'm talking about Page Industries.

Page Industries is just 25% away from becoming a 100-bagger from the original recommended price.

That's quite an achievement.

Today's chart shows a comparison of Page Industries with the BSE Smallcap Index.

Compared to Page Industries, the BSE Smallcap Index (in blue) looks like a straight line.

Clearly, the outperformance is massive.

Page Industries Has Beaten the Smallcap Index by 15x

Under Richa's able stewardship, Hidden Treasure has been going great guns.

The track record is impressive - an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 32.1% since inception in February 2008 and a success rate of 67% as per the latest audit.

Apart from Page Industries, other big winners are eClerx Services, Balkrishna Industries, City Union Bank, PI Industries and many more.

To find out which ones you could consider adding to your portfolio right away, I recommend you get access to Hidden Treasure without delay!

Sarvajeet Bodas
Sarvajeet Bodas
(Research Analyst)

PS: The Hidden Treasure team is celebrating ten-years of small cap success. You can now get a free year of Richa Agarwal's small cap recommendations. But this is a special offer. It will close within the week. So get in now! Full details here...

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Manoj Yagnik

Jan 16, 2019

waiting for memorable recommendation


Pursuit Ramsholt V

Apr 29, 2018

Looking forward to 100 year old multibagger co.

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Apr 29, 2018


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Apr 28, 2018

Dear Sir

Let me know the details of those companies.

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