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This is How You Can Avoid Investing in Stocks Like Manpasand Beverages

Jun 1, 2018

Kunal Thanvi, Research analyst

Last Thursday, I recommended a retail stock that I believe has 68% upside. Sarvajeet and I were tracking it for more than a year.

While we really liked the business, there were some grey areas that didn't give us comfort.

We investigated for more than a year, before we recommended the stock to Smart Money Secrets subscribers.

The stock has corrected about 25% this year.

In most of the cases, if you investigate a stock for one year - you could miss out on a sharp up move.

But we were lucky because the opposite happened. The stock went down and we could recommend it with a decent margin of safety.

Now I understand that next time...it could be different. A long investigation like this could mean that we miss out on a good opportunity.

But, let me be honest with you.

I will follow this course as editor of Smart Money Secrets.

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In cases, where I find grey areas, I'll keep hunting for more evidence, until I'm satisfied.

You see it's better to stay away from some stocks rather than be fooled by fancy claims of the management.

The last two-three years have been nothing less than a bubble in the Indian markets. Companies with shady managements, un-accounted balance sheets have seen their stock prices going up.

But thankfully, 2018 has taken some of these companies down by a thunder.

It started with PNB, Vakrangee and PC Jewelers.

Now the market has recognised the true worth of Manpasand Beverages.

Recently, the auditors of Manpasand Beverages resigned. The company had tried to fool them.

This is the auditor's resignation letter...

The Company Tried Fooling Its Auditors!

No wonder, the stock is making new lows, with lower circuits, since then.

Along with retail investors many super investors are not able to exit this falling knife.

Before buying this company, any investor could have done a basic investigation. He would have seen many red flags. (This gentleman did excellent work in raising these red flags)

Manpasand Beverages is a Baroda based company claiming it to be market leader in fruit drinks. It claimed that it is gaining market share from big brands like Frooti, Real, Slice, and Tropicana.

That was a big lie.

Investors should have investigated a few things...

  1. The distribution channels of the company (Frooti took 30 years to make such a robust distribution channel) as it claimed to have a strong reach in semi-urban states.
  2. Significantly low management salaries (Incentives did not align).
  3. Market share - Visits to few retail outlets in the areas Manpasand claims biggest market share would have revealed the truth (Less than 10% of retail outlets agreed with the management's claims).
  4. A related party 'Hansraj Agro' that was in a similar business.

Well, these are very basic questions that need to be asked while evaluating a company. It is now clear that most investors did not. Such investors fall victim to managements who fool shareholders by simply lying to their faces.

In this case, reported numbers (which are also questionable), made investors believe in the managements big claims. The same happened in case of Vakrangee too.

Like I said, a few super investors were also fooled.

This is precisely the reason we take our time (more than a year in the case of our last recommendation) to pick the best stocks for our subscribers.

Chart of the Day

Talking about doing a basic investigation before investing in a stock, it's interesting that some big investors and funds failed to do this in case of Manpasand Beverages.

They got carried away by the growth in sales and profits (which itself was questionable). In just a matter of few years, the company claimed to take market share away from big giants like Frooti, Slice, Maaza etc.

Ever since we launched Smart Money Secrets, we have been talking about how dangerous it is to blindly follow big/super investors.

These So-called Super Investors Got It Horribly Wrong!

As the chart shows, some big funds (Mutual funds and Private Equity Funds) had a big stake in the company as of March 2018.

Investors who blindly followed them are now trapped. They are not able to exit the stock as it is hitting lower circuits ever since the auditor resigned.

I am glad to inform you that this company would have never passed our Smart Money Score.

This is because...

  • The management had been decreasing its stake - A big no-no for the Smart Money Score
  • Management's salary was questionable (abnormally low) - A red flag in the Smart Money Score
  • Questionable sources of growth - It was growing much faster than its industry

In investing, you will always make some mistakes. In fact, some of the best investing minds in the world will make mistakes. Thus, blindly following your super investors can be suicidal.

However, you can drastically limit them by following the right super investors and investing only if the stock passes your own check list.


Kunal Thanvi
Kunal Thanvi (Research Analyst)
Editor, Smart Money Secrets

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5 Responses to "This is How You Can Avoid Investing in Stocks Like Manpasand Beverages"


Jun 13, 2018

One can be intelligent in hindsight. This company had a fantastic run especially in rural and semi urban areas. Not sure where did the author go and search regarding demand. Also, to a certain extent one can agree that if one pays peanuts they get monkeys. But , is the author suggesting that these Desi companies start paying like the MNCs, that would be ridiculous. Delloite mentions , it is in receipt of significant information, what is it that they did not get ? The most unfortunate part in this whole mess is that the management did not take the accountability to provide any clarification regarding the same. That is irresponsible with a capital I.

Like (2)


Jun 10, 2018

This is just hindsight, which anybody can make, where were you guys before auditor's refusal to sign?

Like (5)


Jun 3, 2018

If we follow bib names , by then, the prices would have shotup and we will be paying very much more than we should.

Like (2)


Jun 3, 2018

If we follow bib names , by then, the prices would have shotup and we will be paying very much more than we should.

Like (2)


Jun 1, 2018

Very true, In the Smart money secrets one can tend to get carried away by the big investor names. But since you have your own filters we subscribers feel a bit more secure. Many of the big investors have their own list of follies and to follow them ad verbatim would be subject to risk. You also have a weight of Equitymaster's two decades reputation.

Like (5)
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