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Leaked! Here's PM Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech to Investors

Aug 7, 2019

Editor's note: Dear reader, today we bring you an important message from our CEO, Rahul Goel. No, he hasn't got hold of Prime Minister Modi's actual Independence Day speech. But this is the kind of speech we at Equitymaster would like to hear on 15 August. Amid all the daily gloomy news you hear on the economy and the markets, never forget that India is undergoing a historic transformation right now. We believe this transformation will set India on the path to become a first-world, developed economy. Jai Hind.

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    In a break from my past speeches from these ramparts of the Red Fort, I am going to tell you a story today.

    Five years ago, I was appointed to be the caretaker of a grand, old house.

    It was no ordinary house, despite its fading facades.

    To an outsider, it probably appeared indistinct and disorderly.

    But to the seasoned eye, this house had the faint, yet distinct, scent of ancient wisdom, glory, and beauty.

    When I entered the house five years ago, I vowed to restore the pride and glory of this once magnificent house.

    I knew my mission was not easy.

    For centuries, this house had been invaded and robbed by foreign forces.

    After prolonged struggles and sacrifices, this house was finally liberated from the invasive forces 72 years ago.

    Hundreds of years of plundering had emptied the house of a large chunk of its wealth. Yet, it stood tall; it's pillars still intact.

    When I entered this house five years ago, I knew that this house had been misused and neglected for a long time.

    It needed a clean-up. I also knew that just a cosmetic clean-up wouldn't be enough. It needed a deeper cleanse, and much repair.
    During the last five years, I endured to carry out my mission.

    But as I started out cleansing and repairing the house, the rot and decay in the structure of the house became fully exposed. The cracks in the walls and the pillars grew deeper.

    That's when I knew that this house needed more than just repair. To reclaim its true glory, it first needed a reboot. It needed rebuilding. It needed a rebirth.

    For something to be reborn, the old structure must die.

    The Indian mind knows that death is nothing but a transformation.

    Sure, this process is never, never easy. It demands faith, courage and patience amid a dark, and seemingly never-ending tunnel.

    But once we're through this difficult phase, I promise you that the new house will be built on very solid, enduring pillars. That it will be stronger, grander, and more prosperous than you ever expected.

    For centuries, we have been strong and resilient amid the onslaught of invaders.

    It is now time for us to show strength and resilience for our own sake.

    Are you ready to take this leap of faith?

    Are you ready to not let fear shroud your mind amid the ongoing storm?

    Are you ready to let go the old and make way for the new home of our dreams?

    Are you ready to join me in rethinking and rebuilding the New India for the 21st century?

    Jai Hind

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