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This Investing License Is Only for Serious Investors Like You

Aug 28, 2018

Ankit Shah, Research analyst

Let's say that you own a private airplane. And let's assume that you don't require a license to ride it... you don't need to be a certified pilot.

Doesn't that sound like a fantasy? You are free to fly the airplane...whenever...wherever...whichever way you like... The sky is all yours.

My question to you is: If you do not have the right and complete knowledge about the airplane and how to ride it, would you still risk flying it?

I am guessing your answer is a big NO.

After all, why will you put your precious life at such extreme risk just for a short thrill... and here the risk is serious injury or death...

Now, what if I ask you to replace the airplane analogy with the stock markets?

Let's say you have your hard-earned savings... you want to build your wealth... and you come to the stock markets... As you know, you don't need any license or qualification or degree to be an investor.

If you have money, you just start a trading account with a broker... and you can immediately start buying and selling stocks...

From my experience in the stock markets, I can tell you that this field offers immense opportunities for multiplying your wealth.

But... without understanding the stock markets... without the right mindset for investing... without having the right investing approach and framework to evaluate stocks... you could be in for a rough ride... and your hard-earned money could be at serious risk!

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Be it riding an airplane or investing in stocks, you need to understand the game... and you need to have a sound approach that can help you navigate through all kinds of weather and market conditions.

At Equitymaster, it has always been our mission to empower individual investors with the right knowledge and insights into the world of stock markets.

Because while we know about the immense potential for wealth-creation in the stock markets, we are not oblivious to the lurking dangers and thirsty monsters waiting to usurp your hard-earned money.

And that is how a while ago - on the eve of our 20th anniversary - we decided to reveal our BIGGEST investing lessons and secrets from our entire 20-year journey. Under the mentorship of my colleagues Rahul Shah and Tanushree Banerjee, and with valuable inputs from the entire research team, I had the privilege to compile all our learnings in a 220-page hardbound book that we call Equitymaster's Secrets.

Equitymaster's Secrets is Your Learner's License to Investing.

Equitymaster's Secrets has been designed specifically keeping this big picture in mind... this book is your learner's licence to riding the stock markets.

But before we go any further, let me clear one big misconception...

You do not need to be a maths wizard... You do not need to have an academic background in finance to be a successful investor.

Even if you feel dyslexic around numbers... you have nothing to worry!

Investing is all about logic, common sense, and having a disciplined approach.

So, if you have the desire to build wealth in the stock markets, we believe this book will be a giant leap in that direction.

We have specially structured the book in a way that is easy-to-understand, practical, and fun.

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Chart of the Day

There's another reason why getting an investing license is more imperative than ever before.

The stock markets are getting insanely crowded. There's a crazy rush of Indian investors to grab a pie of the boom in the Indian stock markets.

Look at this chart...

It shows the quarterly growth trend in equity oriented assets under management of retail Indian investors since the quarter ended 2009.

The Great Indian Retail Investor Rush

Here are some interesting insights in the above chart:

  • From the quarter ended September 2009 and to the quarter ended September 2013, equity oriented AUMs of retail investors were in a downtrend. They bottomed in the quarter ended September 2013 at Rs 1,087.9 billion.
  • After the quarter ended September 2013, equity oriented AUMs of retail investors have risen at phenomenal compounded rate of 31.5%. During the same period, the BSE Sensex and the BSE 500 indices have compounded at 14.9% and 17.7%, respectively.

It goes without saying that the game of investing is getting more and more competitive.

The only way to survive this cut-throat competition for equity returns is to have an edge over the other investors. You can't be doing what everyone else is doing, and expect to outperform them. You can't react to the cycles of greed and fear the way others do, and expect to be a winner in the long run.

So, to stay ahead of the crowd, you need to be an investor with a difference...

Over 20,000 serious, long-term investors have already transformed their investing journey by claiming a hardbound copy of Equitymaster's Secrets. Here's your chance to claim a virtually free copy of the book right now.

Happy Investing,

Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah (Research Analyst)
Editor, Equitymaster Insider

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