Lessons from the World's Top Performing Aviation Stock

Nov 28, 2015

This edition of The 5 Minute WrapUp is authored by Radhika Pandit (Research Analyst).

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2 Responses to "Lessons from the World's Top Performing Aviation Stock"

Terence Verma

Dec 2, 2015

I don't think that the steep rise in the price of SpiceJet shares is justified so early in its 'recovery' phase. It will be upto the new management to show how over the course of some years that they possess the ability to mitigate the factors that are not in their control.


Rattan Sachdev

Nov 29, 2015

Can you answer me about How stock of Suzlon got devalued from Rs.115 to Rs.63/-in 10 minutes on the day Mr.Chidambram's finance portfolio was given to Mr.Pranab Mukherjee? There was a crash in the Market in 2009 If I recollect and there after the price went further down to lowest at Rs.9/- per share over a few months. It remain static in between at Rs.22/- per share.
My first question: Is the value of share linked to the chair of Finance Minister and how?
Question No 2: What are the factors which control the value of a this share?
Question No.3:Are we not deficient in generation of Electricity for our country?
Question No 4: If the demand is much more than supply of energy, then how the suzlon can suddenly under perform in 10 minutes. Were all the orders with the company were Withdrawn by change of chair and company became under performing in 10 minutes.
Question No 5; What actions have been taken against those people who have falsely hiked the value of
Suzlon share?
Q. No 5: Is there another Harshad Mehta still existing in this sector and controlling the share market.
Q.No.: Is it possible that a coterie of heavy weight brokers have formed union to play with sentiments of public money.
Q.No.6: Has an investigation carried out by the govt Agencies till date on such factors, if yes, please publish the report for layman like us to give confidence for investment in share market.
Q.No.7: I was a sub broker of Religare Securities Ltd Agency code 1601, this I surrendered
because of the crash of Market share without any reason, just announcement of change of person on chair of Minister.

7. I observed every day there was a fluctuation by a few rupees or paises up and down per share per day in between 3 to 5%. It has to happen due to selling and purchasing of shares in the market which is a fair behaviour.
Give me the reason to develop confidence in share market for the healthy growth of indian Economy, somebody is creaming off the wealth of this nation. why the regulators have failed time and again.
I believe that wind energy is the best source of generation without pollution and is successful in Holland till date, why it is not promoted and supported in India.
Warm Regards

Plz Note: I have not raised this question pertaining to Aviation sector, please forgive me that.

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