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How to Make Big Profits by Following India's Best Investors

Aug 3, 2018

Editor's note: Dear reader, many investors have burned their fingers recently because they followed the so-called 'gurus' of the market. The stocks they promoted on television and social media have crashed and the aam investor has been left hanging. In today's edition of The 5 Minute WrapUp, let's take a quick trip into the past and revisit the basics of what I call 'copycat investing'. When it comes to following 'gurus', no one does it better than Kunal Thanvi.

Kunal Thanvi, Research analyst

11th February 2018 was like a judgment day for my team and me.

A whole year of picking stocks, meeting managements, and tracking smart money felt all the more satisfying when we meet you, our valued subscribers, in person.

We got direct feedback on what you liked and how we can improve.

All this and much more happened at the Equitymaster Annual Conference 2018.

You might know that through Smart Money Secrets, I keep track of India's top super investors. More than 40 of them. Naturally, a lot of you had questions about how I do this.

A common question was, "How do you track super investors who are not accessible in person"? Or "How do you meet someone who doesn't reside in India?

The answer took me back to my childhood days. In those days, entertainment meant 1 television, 2 channels, and the whole neighborhood watching together.

The most popular show back then was India's greatest mythological epic, 'Mahabharata'.

Now, how is this related to smart money and tracking super investors?

There was one particular episode of Mahabharata that particularly intrigued me. Eklavya and Arjuna.

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Since childhood, Arjuna was destined to be the greatest archer of all time. With his guru Dronacharya to guide him and his own gifted ability, there was no stopping him reaching his potential.

In a remote corner of the city, was another archer, charting his own path. Eklavya. Dronacharya wasn't allowed to train him since he wasn't a part of the royal family.

But Eklavya was not one to give up. He made a statue of Dronacharya and thought of him as his guru.

Discreetly following Dronacharya when he taught his disciples, Eklavya mastered the art of archery without any guidance or training.

We too adopt Eklavya's tactics while following our gurus in the stock market. We don't need to meet them in person. Our super investor could be in any part of the world. We will most certainly track him.

Once we understand the interests of the super investors, we get the ball rolling. Then we start our process of filtering the stocks.

We do this with a tool we call the 'Smart Money Score'.

Equitymaster's Smart Money Score (ESMS)TM rates stocks based their fundamentals and potential to become multibaggers over the long run. Its dual role is to screen out potentially fraudulent stocks and evaluate objectively the smart money investors and their stock picks.

The 'Smart Money Score' helps us filter out any fundamentally weak stocks. What is left behind is a refined selection of stocks, literally, the best of the lot.

Our Dronacharyas are with us as a statue or in person. As editor of Smart Money Secrets, it's my job to learn from them and hit the bull's eye.

Chart of the Day

In the piece published three months back, I wrote to you about the Indian GDP and how it was on the upswing. Well, the good news on this front continues...

By clocking 7.7% growth in the March quarter, India has regained the title of 'world's fastest-growing major economy'.

We were in wait and watch mode but now, we believe, the revival in the economy is truly underway. A good monsoon will only add to the momentum.

However, we must point out, the revival is not complete. It has been driven by government spending and private sector consumption. Capital investments and exports are yet to pick up. Only when these engines start firing will we achieve 9%+ growth.

India's GDP Growth is Back on Track

Kunal Thanvi
Kunal Thanvi (Research Analyst)
Editor, Smart Money Secrets

PS: Kunal Thanvi is the Sherlock Holmes of investing. He is on a mission to reveal the top picks of India's best investors to you. For clean, high quality stocks that won't put your wealth in peril, subscribe to Kunal's Smart Money Secrets.

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