My First Lesson in Permanent Wealth When I Was 18

Aug 6, 2018

Ankit Shah, Research analyst

It was the summer of 2005, if I remember correctly.

I was visiting one of our close family friends in Gujarat.

I'd known my uncle and his family since I was a little boy. But all those interactions were mostly exchange of pleasantries and small talk about my studies.

On occasion, I heard my parents telling me to be like him. After all, he was a self-made crorepati even before he had turned 40. He had not only built a financial fortune, but he had also conquered time.

He started his day with a long, early morning walk; followed by yoga. After breakfast, he spent a couple of hours tending to the vegetable garden in his backyard. More recently, he had also started learning to cook.

He had all the time in the world to do whatever he liked.

But that's all I knew about him. I was curious to know the secret recipe behind his unusual success.

So, this was the first time I was visiting him without my parents. Initially, I was a bit shy and self-conscious around him. But he was quick to put me at ease.

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This time, he talked to me like he was talking to a young adult. He told me stories of his childhood... the financial constraints in his family... his inner struggles as a teenager... the ups and downs in his profession... and a lot more.

It was like he was narrating his autobiography to me.

I stood captivated... full of admiration... and lots of questions.

I wanted to know how he had built his fortune early in his life... how he had so much time to do as he pleased.

He read the expressions on my face and pre-emptively answered my questions...

  • You see, I get most of the credit for all the wealth that I have built. But I must confess that this is not true. If I had been the only earning member in our family, I couldn't be where I am today.

What? As far as I knew, he had been the sole bread-winner in the family. His father had stopped working a long time ago. His wife was a home-maker. And his daughter was still studying. Who was he talking about?

He continued...

  • I did the math very early in my career and figured out that with just one working-member in the family, I'd have to slog through the nine-to-five routine all my life. And that was not a happy feeling.

    I realised that to build long-lasting wealth, I had to find another working member in my family. My search led me to the most profound wisdom that no school or college ever taught me.

Excitedly, he held my hand and led me to his study room. On the soft board above his desk, he pointed me to a numerical table. I don't remember it accurately, so I've recreated it in my own style...

The Wealth Compounding Table

Compound Annual Growth Rate Rs 10 lakh Invested for 20 Years
4% Rs 21.9 lakh
6% Rs 32.1 lakh
8% Rs 46.6 lakh
10% Rs 67.3 lakh
12% Rs 96.5 lakh
15% Rs 1.6 Crore
18% Rs 2.7 Crore
20% Rs 3.8 Crore
25% Rs 8.7 Crore
30% Rs 19 Crore
Source: Equitymaster

Then, almost as if he was revealing me a secret gospel truth, he said:

  • Do you see it? Most people are short-sighted and predominantly focused on only saving their money. They don't understand their 'capital' has the power to be one of the top earning members in their family.

    I started investing in equities in a regular, well-disciplined manner early in my career. Of course, it was a bumpy ride. There were good years and bad years. I made mistakes and learnt many precious lessons. But I was confident that this was one of the best ways to create long-lasting wealth.

    Over time, I realised that sustaining wealth was just as important as making it, if not more. So, I learned to stay put when others panicked. And in times of excesses, I avoided the lure of quick gains. The compounding worked so beautifully that after one point this new "earning member" was doing even better than me.

    It lifted the burden off my shoulders and gave me the freedom to live my life on my own terms.

    That's how I built permanent, long-lasting wealth.

This was a defining moment in my life. I never forgot this conversation.

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The HDFC Group of Multibaggers...

*Returns calculated since: HDFC Ltd: 4 Jan 1990; HDFC Bank: 26 May 1995; Gruh Finance: 28 Jan 1993; HDFC Standard Life Insurance: Nov 2017 Issue price

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Happy Investing,

Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah (Research Analyst)
Editor, Equitymaster Insider

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