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  • Are real estate builders getting desperate for money?
    (Jul 23, 2015)
    Here's an example of a builder trying to raise money indirectly through home loans.
  • The world economy is set to collapse
    (Sep 11, 2015)
    A new global recession has begun as commodities plunge and emerging mkts falter.
  • Here is some basic maths that the real estate wallahs need to learn
    (Aug 7, 2015)
    Home loans of Rs 25 lakh or lower now form only half of the total loans given out by banks. In June 2012, the number was at 62.5%.
  • No jobs, no sales: Everything is going wrong with real estate
    (Aug 28, 2015)
    As fewer new homes are being built, the construction industry is feeling the heat.
  • Ajit Gulabchand: The man who built Bandra-Worli sea-link needs lessons in basic economics
    (Oct 1, 2015)
    The CMD of HCC asked for a 300 basis points rate cut yesterday.
  • How black money hurts the entire idea of a happy family
    (Jul 22, 2015)
    Black money makes things difficult for people wanting to buy a home to live in at multiple levels and stops them from living a happy life.
  • The Delhi/NCR real estate market is dead
    (Jul 31, 2015)
    Sales continue to fall at a dramatic rate, with the quarters to sell unsold inventory number rising to 19.
  • The greater fool theory seems to be at work in Indian e-commerce
    (Jun 23, 2015)
    Companies are driving up valuations by driving up their gross merchandise value.
  • There's a German angle to the Greek tragedy
    (Jul 3, 2015)
    German exports have benefited tremendously because of the euro.
  • Rahul 2.0 needs some basic lessons in economics
    (Apr 23, 2015)
    The policy of constantly increasing the minimum support prices of food grains led to high inflation.
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