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  • What Mainstream Media DID NOT TELL YOU About GST
    (Aug 5, 2016)
    The Goods and Services Tax is not as simplistic as smiling anchors on TV channels have made it out to be.
  • Bhaktonomics 101: All You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
    (Jun 21, 2016)
    A small scale industry seems to have evolved in trying to justify the exit of RBI governor Raghuram Rajan.
  • The Greater Fool Theory of Real Estate
    (Oct 19, 2016)
    A brief discussion on one BHK apartments going for Rs 1.8 crore in Mumbai and why it makes no sense.
  • Why Tata Fired Mistry
    (Oct 25, 2016)
    A spoof on the recent ouster of Mr Cyrus Mistry from Tata Group.
  • Why Do People Still Have Deposits in Indian Overseas Bank and UCO Bank?
    (Aug 16, 2016)
    The bad loans of these banks now make up for close to one-fifth of their lending.
  • Okay, Let's Get Subramanian Swamy's Nonsense on Raghuram Rajan Out of the Way
    (May 19, 2016)
    The maverick MP has written to prime minster Narendra Modi to fire Raghuram Rajan.
  • Air India Has Turned Profitable and That's Got Me Worried
    (May 11, 2016)
    The major reason for the Rs 8 crore operating profit, is a fall in jet fuel prices, something the company really has no control on.
  • Jaitley's New Real Estate Pipe Dream: Where Rents Equal EMIs
    (Sep 13, 2016)
    The finance minister at a recent conference got nostalgic about the Vajpayee era when rents were fairly close to EMIs.
  • 0.11% of India's Population Pays 80% of Its Personal Income Tax
    (May 3, 2016)
    Around 13.9 lakh Indians pay nearly four-fifth of the individual income tax.
  • ?? ?? ?????? ???? (Once There was Raghuram Rajan)
    (Jun 20, 2016)
    India's twenty-third RBI governor won't be taking a second term. He will be going back academia.
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