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  • Sensex 4,20,000: Coming in 15 years at a stock market near you
    (Dec 4, 2014)
    Extremely long term stock market predictions do not make any sense. There is a lot that can go wrong in between.
  • The ten best Nonfiction books of 2014
    (Dec 24, 2014)
    Vivek Kaul lists down his favourite non-fiction books that he read in 2014.
  • Is the US turning Japanese?
    (Oct 22, 2014)
    Bill discusses how the Japanese PM's interventions have been disastrous.
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future
    (Oct 6, 2014)
    Bill discusses the contrast in outlooks of Argentina and the US over the medium term.
  • Negative earnings for the next decade...
    (Oct 10, 2014)
    It took US$ 21 trillion of debt to prop up stock markets to today's level. What happens if this credit dries up?
  • What makes Financial Times a problem...
    (Oct 30, 2014)
    Bill discusses how FT has become the paper of record for the economic world.
  • Busting a few more real estate myths
    (Jan 21, 2015)
    Those who make their money out of real estate will always try to justify high prices, one way or other.
  • The consequences of Fed intervention...
    (Oct 15, 2014)
    Central bankers have taken upon themselves the absurd task of guarding speculators' backs.
  • Why bubbles should be allowed to collapse?
    (Oct 9, 2014)
    By faulty market intervention, policymakers have only prepared the groundwork for the next big crisis.
  • Can money buy happiness?
    (Oct 3, 2014)
    Its quite essential to be happy than to be wealthy; for money is just means to an end and not an end in itself.
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