The Equitymaster Investor Survey 2013

Thank you for your participation in the 2013 edition of the Equitymaster Investor Survey! In all, 16,421 investors took the survey, possibly making it among the most widely participated survey in India! Thank you, once again!

We have posted our view on the results of the Survey in a special edition of The 5 Minute WrapUp.

Here are the detailed results of the survey:

Investor Survey: Who is to blame for the disappointing returns you may have incurred on your stock portfolio? Investor Survey: On a macro level, what will significantly impact the
Indian stock markets in the near future?

Investor Survey: Are you staying invested in the Indian stock markets? Investor Survey: If you were to be investing in the stock markets today,which would be your preferred choice of stocks?

Investor Survey: Are you buying gold coins, gold jewellery, or gold funds? Investor Survey: Who do you prefer placing your bank deposits with?

Investor Survey: Where is the largest chunk of your wealth invested presently? Investor Survey: If you had surplus today, which is the one asset you would definitely want to invest in?

Investor Survey: Where do you see the BSE-Sensex one year from now? Investor Survey: When do you see the BSE Sensex reaching its all time high of 21,000+?

And also a big congratulation to all the winners of the Lucky Draw! Here is the list of all those who have won a copy of Benjamin Graham's The Security Analysis!:
  1. Akhilesh Priya - 4th May, 2013
  2. SK Sikdar - 5th May, 2013
  3. Sarabjeet - 6th May, 2013
  4. Mahesh Shroff - 7th May, 2013
  5. V K Dua - 8th May, 2013
  6. Sriprakash - 9th May, 2013
  7. S K Saxena - 10th May, 2013
  8. Dhayalamurty.G - 11th May, 2013
  9. Akhil RM - 12th May, 2013
  10. Subhendu B Harichandan - 13th May, 2013
  11. Ajit Srivastava - 14th May, 2013
  12. U S Jodha - 15th May, 2013
  13. Vandana - 16th May, 2013
  14. Navin Goyal - 17th May, 2013
  15. Nagabhushana Chowdary - 18th May, 2013
  16. L B Patel - 19th May, 2013
  17. Gaurav Popli - 20th May, 2013

Many congratulations to all the winners! If you have any queries regarding the delivery of your gift, drop us an email.

Below is what some of our participants have to say about the survey: