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On This Day - 3 January 2014
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Baltimore, Maryland

New Year's day found your editor up a tree. He was pruning pear trees. The trees have gotten some sort of blight. They are half dead...and probably should be cut down and burned.

Nevertheless, we went out into the cold - pruning shears in hand - and trimmed them.

Why? What was the point? Why invest time in a tree that won't produce?

Perhaps it was a just habit.

This weekend, we undertake another curious task. We bought a house down the road. The house was built in the '50s. It is a wreck. The smart thing to do would be to tear it down, build a cheap new house and rent it out. The return on investment would be low. But at least it should be positive.

Instead, we are fixing up the house enough to rent it out...more or less as it is. Your editor is tearing off a decrepit porch and rebuilding well as spackling the cracks on the inside and repainting. What for? If he were to calculate the value of his time, the whole enterprise would be unprofitable. But what the hell?

Is the house an investment? What else would it be? We're not going to live there; we're going to rent it out. Why then are we not carefully calculating our investment and demanding a return - on time and money - to make it worthwhile?

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Perhaps we are not very good capitalists? Or perhaps capitalism itself is flawed

The latter is the conclusion of an academic paper from the Centre for Economic Policy Research. The paper is entitled, "Continued Existence of Cows Disproves the Central Tenets of Capitalism." The research took place in rural India. The researchers studied the return on water buffaloes and cows. They discovered that they were bad investments. If you include the value of labor at the going rates the cows lost 64% and the buffaloes 39%. If you put the value of labor at zero, the buffaloes then became profitable, at a rate of 13% per year. But even with free labor cows were still unprofitable, losing 6% annually.

What does this mean? Does it really mean that capitalism is flawed? Or does it mean that people are stupid? Or maybe just people in India are stupid?

The trouble with this kind of analysis is that it is too narrow and artificial. Whoever said that people only care about making money? Whoever said that they had to value their time at market rates? Whoever thought he could define capitalism so that it could be subject to analysis and judgment?

The critics presume that capitalism follows certain rules. People are said to be rational. They are said to want to increase their wealth. They are said to always try to optimize their time and money.

If that were the definition of a real capitalist, we have never met one. Instead, the people we know function in a world of floating ambitions and ambiguous decision-making. People have many different goals in life; making money is just one of them. Ultimately, people create for themselves their own stories. Then, they play their roles. One wishes to make a lot of money. Another is more concerned with his family. Still a third finds the pursuit of money vulgar; it is something else he is after.

Not knowing what people want it is impossible to know whether they pursue their goals rationally or irrationally. The typical person doesn't know - at least, not consciously - what he wants. He often does things that surprise and puzzle himself as well as the people around him. One day he makes 'rational, capitalist' decisions. The next, he 'invests' time and money in something that couldn't possibly pay off.

Capitalism works because it permits people to do what they want - no matter how "flawed" or irrational it may seem to naive researchers. It doesn't always take people where they want to go, but capitalism generally helps them end up where they ought to be.

Bill Bonner is the President & Founder of Agora Inc, an international publisher of financial and special interest books and newsletters.

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2 Responses to "Is capitalism wrong in some fundamental way?"

Dr Malpani

Jan 6, 2014

Why do Hindus have a spiritual ban on the consumption of cattle meat? Harris concludes: India is a family-farm based economic system with too high a population and too small an industrial infrastructure to support a meat-packing industry like we see in America. Many families have no more than a couple of cows, these being their mainstays, the sources of milk, energy (via their droppings), more cows, and power to plow their farms since tractors aren’t exactly falling from the sky. Even when a cow is dry or ill for seasons at a time, it would be certain death to the small-scale farmer to sell its meat for food, since there's still a chance of recovery and/or impregnation. If one were to go through India and swoop up all the "useless" cows in order to grind 'em up for food, a massive influx of farmers and their families would be forced into the already overburdened cities looking for work which simply does not exist at sufficient levels. The long-term result would be greater poverty and class division. A spiritual ban on cow consumption is basically an insurance policy that the lower-classes won't make the short-sighted decision to take their shit to the pawn shop.


Dr Malpani

Jan 6, 2014

The authors of the study should have read the classic, Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture by Marvin Harris which shows why cows are of economic value to poor Indian villagers !

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