Being a Hell's Angel

Jun 1, 2010

Baltimore, MD

Markets were closed in America yesterday.

This Daily Reckoning is going to be very short. Partly because we haven't much to say...

...and partly because we lost our glasses and can't see anything.

It happened somewhere in the pasture. If we knew exactly where, the glasses wouldn't be lost. They'd be found.

We were using a bush-hog to clear along a fence line so we could fix the fence. In the 17 years we've been away, trees and bushes have grown up. We've spent the last few months, cleaning up. Yesterday, it was so hot, we were all drenched in sweat. We had to stop every couple of hours to drink lemonade.

Somewhere along the line, the glasses must have slipped out of our pocket.

Now, we've borrowed a pair of Elizabeth's glasses, but they aren't strong enough.

Which leaves us incapacitated.

Fortunately, nothing happened yesterday. Nothing. No kidding. Nada. Rien du tout. Honest.

Besides, we wanted to watch "Band of Brothers" on the television.

Tune in tomorrow...after we get a new pair of reading glasses...

*** What's happening to Harley Davidson? The reason we ask is that we must have seen 1,000 Harleys this weekend. Every slob over the age 50 seems to have a Harley that he brings out on sunny weekends. They were everywhere this weekend. So many that it's hard to imagine that Harley Davidson could sell anymore machines.

There seems to be something that comes over a man after he reaches the age of 50. He wants to be a Hell's Angel. Where did that idea come from? Maybe from the film "Easy Rider." We don't know. But it really caught on. At least with riders of a certain generation. The trouble for Harley is that its buyers are dying. Young riders don't ride hogs. They ride a whole different style of bike. And when they get older, they're not likely to dream of being Hell's Angels. They'll have their own dreams and icons.

Whatever people pay for HOG, Harley Davidson's stock, it's probably too much.

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3 Responses to "Being a Hell's Angel"


May 26, 2011

i just love it


peter Andrew

Jun 2, 2010

Why do u put down Harley a lot of young people ride harleys a lot of young people are Angels take a look out side your glass house .Hells Angels is growing worldwide



Jun 1, 2010

With so many Americans sending most of their paychecks directly overseas, I'm not surprised to see yet another American disparaging the world's oldest motorcycle maker.

Nor am I shocked to see yet another American expressing amusement at the thought of Harley's demise. I am saddened, though.

This "slob" is closer to sixty than fifty, but I've been riding Harleys since I was in my early twenties. It's not a fad or a midlife crisis with me.

I'm of the opinion that people in the business of communicating with large numbers of Americans should encourage their readers to invest in their own country's future.

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