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On This Day - 21 December 2013
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- By Asad Dossani, Author, The Lucrative Derivative Report

Asad Dossani
In recent months, commodity funds have suffered and experienced significant outflows. For individual investors holding commodities, their portfolios have dropped as commodity prices have fallen. This is particularly true for precious metal commodities like gold or silver. As the US Federal Reserve has begun its taper of quantitative easing, the reduced liquidity in markets is negatively impacting commodities.

It is important to keep in mind the role of commodities in a well-diversified portfolio. Many investors want to hold commodities, and would like to know how much to hold. But first, let's consider commodities historically as an asset class. If we look back over the last 50 years, commodities have performed much worse than stocks over this time.

In fact, the real return of commodities is close to zero over long periods. The return from commodities tends to cover inflation, but not much else. The main benefit from holding commodities is that they provide good hedges against inflation and they perform well during periods of crisis. Thus, the main role of commodities in a portfolio is to provide insurance when times are bad.

What this means is that we should be holding commodities as insurance, not for long term gain. When it comes to building long term wealth, commodities are unlikely to provide the same returns that stocks do. This is especially the case when we consider portfolio returns over long periods, i.e. 10 years or more.

Given this information, how much of our portfolio should we allocate towards commodities? We should allocate a relatively small amount, because in the long run we are not likely to earn large returns from commodities. But we want to hold enough so that we get the benefits of diversification when inflation is high or times are bad. A good number to hold is around 10-20% of one's portfolio.

An investor can also adjust their commodity holdings depending on their outlook. If the future economic outlook is negative, the investor can increase their commodity holdings, and vice versa when the economic outlook is positive. Regardless of one's approach, it is important to keep in mind the primary role of commodities in a portfolio. The purpose of commodities is to provide insurance, not to build long term wealth.

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