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Women's Weekly: Trading places

Jul 8, 2009

In a family, a man usually manages the money and savings, but we ask - why not the woman? A cool wind blowing gently through the palm trees, caressing your hair as you lie on a hammock in the summer sunshine, under the azure sky and watch your grandkids play merrily in the ocean ahead. A scene of pure contentment isn't it? Well that's what most of us imagine our lives to resemble post retirement. Retirement - that phase of our lives when all we say is "goodbye tension, hello pension."

However for a woman, her job never stops. As a woman once remarked famously, "A retired husband is often a wife's full-time job." So how exactly would a wife retire you might ask? By planning her savings and funds in advance!

Women readers - take our poll, the Money Mojo, to gauge your economic insight and share your experiences with us!

Financial Planning: It takes two to tango?
It has often been noted that though a couple consists of two individuals, when it comes to dealing with the finances, often the woman steps aside and lets the man maintain control. About a century ago, this system of financial planning was in-keeping with the values of the time. But now, especially with women taking a lead in the office arena, they should step up and bat whenever there is a money googly thrown at them. And this applies to homemakers too!

Money for your own future is best controlled in your own hands. We're not saying decline the help of your father/brother/husband or even son when it comes to money matters. What we are rather saying is that 'you' start taking an active interest in planning your savings and automatically you will find yourself inclined towards saving for yourself.

So now to get back to planning for that holiday...the world cruise, or even that beautiful little villa home where you can potter around in the garden and soak in the sun. You want it? Let us tell you a path that will make it easy for you to get it. Savings are the essential component of all your future plans, yet we suggest a way to increase your savings - by investing in equities (stocks), and equity funds, which over a long term investment period will reward you with higher inflation-adjusted returns.

So you may not only be able to afford that luxury villa, but can encash your double bonanza by even going on a holiday in style! Who said life ends once you retire? As far as we're concerned, here is where you reap the rewards of your investments and truly start to enjoy!

Let's start at the very beginning...
Investing your hard earned money into stocks may not seem like the safest option for you, yet we will show you why 'it is' and how to make good returns on your investments. First we must determine your savings in relation to your age factor. The earlier you start saving and investing, the higher will be your return, especially if you invest in stocks and equity funds from a long term perspective.

For instance, have a look at the chart below to understand how your savings add more value to your wealth portfolio when invested in stocks as opposed to savings in banks or even gold, which do not provide you with a high return on investment, even over a longer time period.

Source: Trend, gold.org, nsiindia.gov.in

See, it's that profitable! And we make it easier for you by providing you with a vast and enterprising resource of opportunities to help you build your own enviable portfolio of quality stocks, which will keep you smiling even as you retire. And to help you get started on the right track, we suggest you sign up for The 5 Minute WrapUp (a free resource)

Over the next few months we plan to cover a range of issues that are important to women interested in investing, and offer solutions for the same. If there is anything in particular that you would like us to cover, kindly write to us!

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4 Responses to "Women's Weekly: Trading places"


Jul 11, 2009

My 1st reaction to your article is of dejection. Are you trying to misslead women by only providing the rosie picture of share market? People are bored with lot of craps written in name of advising to learners. I have also heard from more learned people that all investment advisors themself dont know what is going to happen and still they have audacity of projecting only the best investment advise made by them in years and keep on projecting other failed advises where their subscribers almost bankrupt!!!!

I do not see any value in writting like a novel, people have no time in todays world to read lenfthy writeups, especially women, who take care of entire household -inside out and normally it is not possible to get morethan few minutes at a time on reading before another urgency is waiting for us.

It may be true that women like to talk much but when it comes to serious business they are always short, crisp and to the point.It would be appreciated if you keep this in mind ofcourse I would also try to keep my comments short if you keep your articles to the point.



Jul 10, 2009

More comments on your data and one sided misguiding chart:

5 years is too short a time frame in stock market to draw any meaningful inference. One should plot data of stock market returns over a fairly long period e.g. 50 years, 100 years or even more.

NSE and BSE opened in 90's so we dont have this data for India but if you plot data for stock market returns in developed countries like US over a century or more you will be surprised to note that it looks like a bell curve! That is, the stock market gave super returns, average returns and also not to forget negative returns too in some years over the last century and a half.

Hence chart used in your article is absolute wrong and biased.



Jul 10, 2009

Three points, I would like to make:

1. The article is full of english and less on investing advice. Ideally, it should be the opposite of it. Hope this trend changes in future weekly.

2. "First we must determine your savings in relation to your age factor."

This can be interpreted wrongly by novice readers you are targeting through this weekly to lead them to formula investing e.g. investing x amount in stock and 100 - x in safe deposits where x is directly proportional to the age of investor. All formula investing approaches are bad. Its better to avoid such statements in your future weekly which may lead novice investors to formula investing.

3. The bar chart showing returns is highly incomplete as it does not show which year/period this data has been used. For instance if 5 years mentioned in chart ended before Jan 2008 then Indian Stock market was in Bull phase for atleast 3-4 years prior to that. Hence, plotting data of stock market for only or mainly for bull phase is really bad. Ideally it should be for both bull and bear phase. Show the complete data along with date/year else comparison is wrong, meaningless and misguiding.

Best wishes


anjani joshipura advocate.

Jul 8, 2009

could you pl mail me these Women`s weekly?

I need some guidance and assistance in my investment.

which, hopefully, your weekly would assist me.


Equitymaster requests your view! Post a comment on "Women's Weekly: Trading places". Click here!

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