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This Book Changed How I Looked at the World of Man and Money

Aug 24, 2016


Why do governments exist? Do we need them? Can we do without them?

Is having more government control and more central planning better than smaller governments and the free market system?

Why do we hate people in positions of power? Why do policy makers almost always seem to fail our expectations? Are politicians inherently thick-skinned and corrupted? Can central planners and central bankers really drive an economy?

For the past few months I've been carrying a book in my bag almost wherever I go. I have been lines and paragraphs in this book.

I have been contemplating and questioning everything about economics and politics that I took for granted until now. I have started seeing the world of man and money in a completely new light. And the most gratifying fact is that I feel saner, more grounded in reality, and better able to cut through the noise and chaos that surrounds me.

You know there are books that you read once, enjoy, and then let go. This book is unlike them.

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  HORMEGEDDON book Pay Only Shipping Rs199!In the Fall of 2008, Vivek researched the financial meltdown of 2008 with famed economist and writer Bill Bonner.

Now, they're releasing their findings...on INDIA.

It's a first for all of us here at Equitymaster, but in all honesty this warning could affect your family more than any drop or rise in the BSE Sensex.

In fact, it is the only thing we can think of that has the power to derail India's long-term growth story...

And it's all mapped out in Bill Bonner's latest book, Hormegeddon.

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This is a book that you want to read and re-read...

Great, transformative ideas are often the ones that challenge the status-quo.

So let me caution you: This is not a sugar-coated account of economics, public policy, and the invincible human spirit.

It's quite the opposite, in fact. It's about large-scale public policy they happen...why they happen...why they will keep happening...and how they transform not just the lives of individuals, but entire civilisations...

We believe this book is a must, must read for any serious long-term thinker. And we want to take these deeply insightful ideas to as many people as we can.

That's why we decided to make you an offer that you just cannot refuse.

We are giving the book away for free (just pay for shipping and handling). I strongly recommend you claim your free copy now.

Ankit Shah (Research Analyst), has been a research analyst at Equitymaster for nearly 6 years. In the past, Ankit has been the driving force behind our learning initiative Equitymaster's Secrets. He has also travelled extensively across India with Richa and the Hidden Treasure team to identify winning small cap stocks. He now works closely with Vivek Kaul and his global network of independent thinkers, analysts, and economists.

Besides being an ardent follower of the Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch style of investing, he is a keen student of the Austrian school of economics. He is deeply fascinated and inquisitive about the workings of the human mind...and all the bizarre things that conspire when it comes in contact with money and power. He follows the multidisciplinarian approach to thinking and learning, drawing ideas and insights from fields as diverse as quantum physics, evolutionary biology, history, neuroscience, behavioural economics, and the ancient arts and sciences of India and the rest of the world.

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