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25 Things PM Modi Did Not Tell You About the Indian Economy

(Oct 9, 2017)

There are way too many data points out there which clearly show that all is not well with the Indian economy.

The Final Nail in the Demonetisation Coffin

(Sep 4, 2017)

The data from the RBI Annual Report confirms that the major objectives of demonetisation have all gone for a toss.

India's Big and Messy Real Estate Ponzi Scheme, Just Got Messier

(Sep 11, 2017)

The question is, whether real estate buyers are financial creditors or not.

The Real Brave-hearts are Those Who Still Have Deposits in IDBI Bank

(Nov 6, 2017)

It makes no sense to continue banking with this bank.

Retail Investors or Chickens Waiting to Get Slaughtered in the Stock Market?

(Jan 9, 2018)

The price to earnings ratio of the Nifty 50 is very close to all-time high levels.

Will Narendra Modi Win 2019?

(Nov 1, 2017)

We look at points that go in favour of the prime minister and the points that go against him.

How Demonetisation Destroyed Indian Jobs and 'Possibly' Helped Create Jobs Abroad

(Sep 26, 2017)

The non-oil non-gold non-silver imports have grown at an extremely fast rate after October 2016.

Why Basic Economics is Not Working in Indian Real Estate

(Aug 28, 2017)

Both builders and investors do not seem to be in the mood to cut prices on the unsold inventory of homes they are currently holding.

India's Big Govt is the Main Problem of Public Sector Banks: Recapitalisation, Doesn't Solve That

(Oct 25, 2017)

The more things change the more they remain the same.

Using Deposits to Rescue Banks is a Bad Idea; It Needs to Be Nipped in the Bud

(Dec 11, 2017)

The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance(FRDI) Bill proposes to do just this.

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