An Amazing Start for Equitymaster's Secrets with Over 2,500 Registrations Within Weeks

Mumbai, India, August 19, 2013 - Acute lack of investor awareness has always been a crucial factor of general disinterest in the Indian stock market. Add to that the influence exercised by the brokerage houses and financial institutions, and you get an industry which is increasingly easy to manipulate, difficult to understand and repulsive to put money in for the average retail investors.

If the Indian stock market is to become as developed and organized as we wish it to be, something needs to be done about it.

Keeping that in mind, Equitymaster, one of the leading financial research houses in India, has long engaged in various investor education programs over the last 17 years. The sole intention was to instruct and empower average investors with the right knowledge and tools in order to understand and profit from the stock markets.

As a continuation of that, it recently launched an all-exclusive stock analysis e-Learning course, Equitymaster's Secrets. And the course has taken off very well…right from the start!

Keeping with the philosophy of Equitymaster, the course covers the value investing approach to stock investments, propounded by the great investor, Benjamin Graham and later by his even more popular student - and perhaps, the world's greatest investor - Warren Buffett himself.

Structured as 7 separate modules on topics ranging from value investing fundamentals to independent portfolio analysis, the course also comes with a student-only online discussion forum, free financial tools and extra reading material, amongst other benefits. On the completion of the course, the students will be offered a course completion certificate as well.

Authored by the Equitymaster Research Team and delivered in an easy-to-understand format, this course is meant for every individual investor who wants to learn how to pick stocks sensibly.

Since the launch in June this year, it has been an absolutely wonderful start for Equitymaster's Secrets. Around 2,516 readers have already registered as founder members, and the numbers are apparently rising up by the minute.

One of the regular Equitymaster readers, Kirtish Sukhija, says, "I am an aspiring CA Final student with a quest of cognizance in financial world. I congratulate Equitymaster, its subscribers and particularly the research team for such splendid accretion of explicit knowledge. The team has justified its tagline, The Investor's best friend. Well, it has been a best friend for every aspirant with their recommendations and profound market analyses. I thank the team once again."

The new course is already gaining much favor from its early subscribers, students and professionals alike.

In addition to this course, Equitymaster also has two other e-Learning courses running successfully under their Equitymaster Learning Initiative. TradeMaster, that teaches the technical side of stock analysis and DeriVantage, that demystifies derivative investments for its students.

To know more about Equitymaster's Secrets, click the link below:

Equitymaster is the first financial website in India, and currently the country's leading equity research houses. Equitymaster, more aptly called an Investor's Best Friend, not only provides stock recommendation services, but also conducts several investor education programs like e-Learning courses, webinars with the global Investing Gurus amongst many more. Equitymaster's Secrets is the latest value investing course launched by Equitymaster this year.

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