"The Government's gotten worse. India's gotten worse."

Equitymaster Interviews Jim Rogers

Mumbai, India, August 1, 2013 - Equitymaster - India's leading independent research house, recently held an exclusive interview with Jim Rogers.

Jim, one of the world's renowned investors and a bestselling author, is known for his farsightedness and contrarian calls.

In this interview he shared why he is "short India" and why India may be a good tourist destination but it's still not investment worthy on a global platform.

Looking back at the last five years of Indian Economy, Jim said, "The government's gotten worse; India's gotten worse; the debt's gotten worse; inflations gotten worse; the economy's gotten worse… everything's gotten worse."

When Rahul Goel, CEO of Equitymaster, questioned him about his views on the global economy, Jim shared, "We've had every major central bank printing huge amounts of money. So, the world is floating on a very artificial lake".

He further went on to warn the investors across the globe that "The next economic slowdown will be worse than 2008-09" and why investors should not listen to other people and invest only in what they know about.

Taking a strike on the Indian political instability, he said,"(Since 1980) …politicians made more and more mistakes in India. I don't see that changing anytime soon."

The interview also covers his views on gold, US stocks, crude oil, amongst many more.

Equitymaster has released the complete interview on their website and it can be accessed on http://www.equitymaster.com/websummit.

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