Fear Factor outside India can bring Stock Markets Down, says Ajit Dayal

Equitymaster convenes an Urgent WebSummit with Mr. Ajit Dayal, Director, Quantum Asset Management Company Ltd, to address several issues ranging from falling stock markets to whether buying Gold at current prices could still be profitable.

Mumbai (29th August, 2011) - In view of the current economic crisis gripping the world, Equitymaster, India's first finance website is conducting an urgent WebSummit with Ajit Dayal, Director, Quantum Asset Management Company Ltd to discuss the recent developments in the global economy and its impact on the stock markets.

The Websummit will be aired on Monday, 29th August at 5.30 pm (IST).

The topic for the WebSummit is, 'Stock Markets: Where to from here' and will cover topics such as:
  1. Could the BSE Sensex crash by 50% from here?

  2. Will the price of Gold still double from here?

  3. Should you invest in Gold or Silver?

  4. What's the outlook on Real Estate prices?

  5. The key driver of stock prices in India, and what it's signalling now
The purpose of this WebSummit is to help the investors decide on what they can do with their money during this economic crisis.

With the stock prices plummeting to a new low due to high Inflation, Eurozone debt crisis and the recent downgrade in credit ratings of Japan and the US; many investors are seeing this as a golden opportunity to invest in stocks.

However the fact that almost everyone seems to be agreeing on investing in stocks during such a crisis could by itself be a cause of worry.

Commenting on the herd mentality of investors, Rahul Goel, CEO, Equitymaster said, "Whenever there's a convergence of views, it's best to sit up and take notice. And then think through the entire picture all over again. This simple act could make all the difference between multiplying your money and earning a mediocre return."

He cited the examples of Dotcom bubble in the late 90s, then the real estate boom and the subsequent crash of these stocks to explain how the herd mentality could be a dangerous phenomenon.

Hence to prevent investors from investing hastily and to provide them guidance, Equitymaster has decided to conduct this Urgent and Free WebSummit.

The WebSummit airs at 5:30 PM (IST) on Monday, 29th of August i.e. today. And it's absolutely free to attend. The Free passes for the WebSummit will be available here till 5:30 pm.

A repeat telecast of this WebSummit can be viewed on Wednesday, 31st August, 10:00 AM (IST).

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