Equitymaster Investor Survey 2013

Investors Snub Gold; Prefer Stocks, Real Estate
Most Blame Themselves For Poor Returns

With some interesting results from the Investor Survey 2013 by India's first financial website, Equitymaster, the first step towards smart investing has already been taken

Mumbai - (22nd May 2013) - In the wake of present global economic crisis, India's declining GDP growth, political reform paralysis and recent market scams, India's first financial services website, Equitymaster.com, recently took the much needed initiative on investor awareness.

It started an Investor Survey 2013 on 3rd May this year, the very first move aimed at learning how confident you - as an investor - are and more importantly, what you are doing with your money.

Awareness is always a part of investor education, and the survey was the first step towards that.

Equitymaster, being "the investor's best friend" along with a member base of 1,484,807 readers across 71 countries worldwide, took the onus on itself to spread more alertness and transparency among investors with this survey.

The survey, being accessed and participated by 16,421 investors from within and outside India, asked the following basic questions.
  1. Who is to blame for the dismal returns of your stock portfolio?
  2. What will impact the Indian stock market in the near future?
  3. Are you invested in the Indian stock market?
  4. What is preferred choice of stocks?
  5. Are you buying gold?
  6. Where are you placing your bank deposits?
  7. Where are you invested the most?
  8. What is the most preferred mode of investment?
  9. Where do you see the BSE Sensex in the short term and the long term?
And some interesting results were found. Almost 34.6% of the participants think that they lost money due to their own greed. They are also positive about the situation changing for the better with proper policy initiatives by the Indian government.

The good thing is - they choose to remain invested over a variety of asset classes, although equity/mutual funds (38.5%) and real estate (34.7%) remain the preferred options.

What is probably surprising is that investors have different opinions about whether or not to invest in gold.

With only 8.9% of the investors looking to buy more gold, it can be safely said that Indian investors are gradually moving away from their most-preferred, age-old, safe investment choice.

That being said, gold still is a recommended investment, considering the incessant money printing by more and more economies, along with the currently unstable global economic condition.

However, the most crucial point made is that overall more than 60% of investors are pretty optimistic about the upward potential of the stock markets in the coming couple of years.

Around 62.7% of the respondents believe the Sensex will rise up above 20,000 in the coming year. Around 37.2% of the respondents think that the Sensex would reach 30,000 in the next 2-3 years.

It is good to see that investors are still optimistic and more importantly, have become more aggressive about investing in equity over time.

You can find more about the Investor Survey 2013 at the link below:

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