A new 'Learn at Home... Earn in the Market place' initiative to empower investors

Equitymaster launches an e-learning initiative to empower retail investors with the right knowledge and tools to take profitable investment decisions.

Mumbai (16th December, 2011) - Equitymaster, India's first financial website, is launching a new e-learning initiative in Investor Education. The objective is to equip investors with the knowledge, tools and techniques to take independent and profitable investment decisions and not rely blindly on the advice of money managers, brokers or tips from well-meaning friends.

Commenting on the need for Investor Education, Rahul Goel, CEO of Equitymaster said, "The events across the world, the US-Eurozone crisis, the slow growth in India is worrying. It is time people learned about new investment opportunities that could protect their money and make it grow. With our new e-learning initiative, investors can now Learn at Home and Earn in Marketplace."

The first course under this initiative is on Derivatives and is called DeriVantage.

DeriVantage aims to help subscribers learn about this relatively new investment opportunity. It will reveal the secrets of picking profitable Derivatives in Currencies, Commodities and the Stock Market.

The course will be conducted under the guidance of top notch derivatives analyst, Asad Dossani.

An alumnus of London School of Economics, Asad is the Chief Analyst and Editor of Equitymaster's recommendation service, The Lucrative Derivative Report. He has been a part of the Deutsche Bank team for 2 years and has solid experience in tracking Derivatives and recommending profitable trades.

At the launch of DeriVantage, Asad said, "We realized that there were a lot of myths around Derivatives... people were hungry to know more, but did not know whom to ask and where to go. With DeriVantage, we aim to demystify this investment opportunity and show subscribers the way to earn profitable returns in Derivatives and create long term wealth."

Asad further added, "Indian MCX is the 5th Largest Commodity Exchange in the World. We are the largest commodity exchange for silver, second largest for Gold, Copper & Natural Gas and third largest in Aluminium, Zinc & Crude Oil. Indian Currency Market has a daily turnover of over USD 4 billion. BSE and NSE are amongst the top 10 Stock exchanges of the world. It is the right time for the retail investors to learn more about this exciting opportunity."

Highlights of the DeriVantage Course:
  • 24x7 Online Course
  • In-depth video lectures
  • Simple and easy to understand language
  • Online forum moderated by Asad Dossani
  • Exclusive Proprietary Information
Currently, the course has been launched to a select group on an 'Invitation Only' basis.

Equitymaster plans to launch it to the general public very soon.

About Equitymaster:
Equitymaster is an independent equity research initiative aimed at empowering the investor with honest, unbiased recommendations and opinions on investing. Equitymaster is neither a university nor an educational institution nor affiliated to one and will not grant a degree or any other certificate on completion of the course.

Media Contacts: Sonal Ramachandran: sonal@equitymaster.com, 022 - 61434003