Equitymaster, India's First Online Investor Education Initiative, Completes 15 Years Today


Mumbai - (April 21, 2011) - Equitymaster.com, India's first finance website, completes 15 years today. Launched on 22nd April 1996, Equitymaster was established with a simple objective- To empower the investor by giving him honest, unbiased investment opinions. And today, 15 years down the line, Equitymaster continues to remain true to its objective.

Known for its impartial and ethical stance, Equitymaster focuses exclusively on offering unbiased and honest research on companies listed on the Indian stock markets. Its research and opinions are expressed through its free newsletters, articles and premium recommendation services.

Equitymaster was established when India was still taking small steps towards being an internet-savvy nation. In fact, when Equitymaster was started, there were barely 10,000 internet accounts in the country in all!

In the initial years, sceptics wrote the venture off. It was branded as "niche" and "maverick". But Equitymaster persisted with its unbiased views and recommendations.

It was this determined approach that helped Equitymaster not only survive but become a respected source of opinions on Indian companies in these 15 years.

And today Equitymaster boasts of over 907,000 members in 65 countries.

Yet, even today, Equitymaster follows the same principles and ethics it followed 15 years back. To say it in the words of Ajit Dayal, Equitymaster's founder - "No headline is for sale; no praise is paid for; Our views are our views. Honest and straightforward."

His sentiments are echoed by the CEO, Rahul Goel. He says, "We are very passionate about our business. At Equitymaster we would rather not do business, than do anything which even remotely borders on not being truthfully honest." To read Rahul's complete message and participate in the Celebrations, please visit our 15th Anniversary celebrations page.

For more information, please contact: Sonal Ramachandran (Company Secretary) at sonal@equitymaster.com, +91 22 6143 4003