Equitymaster's new e-learning course to train investors on Technical Analysis!

Equitymaster is all set to train investors on Technical Analysis through their new e-learning course called TradeMaster. The aim is to simplify the complex methods of Technical Analysis.

Mumbai (24th August 2012) - Equitymaster, India's leading independent equity research initiative recently launched an e-learning course on Technical Analysis called TradeMaster to help investors learn the finer nuances of Technical Analysis.

Through TradeMaster, Equitymaster aims to simplify the complex theories of Technical Analysis for the benefit of investors.

TradeMaster will be conducted under the guidance of top notch analyst, Asad Dossani.

An alumnus of London School of Economics, Asad is the Chief Analyst and Editor of Equitymaster's recommendation service, The Lucrative Derivative Report. He has been a part of the Deutsche Bank team for 2 1/2 years and has solid experience in tracking Derivatives and recommending profitable trades. Asad is also the chief tutor of Equitymaster's first e-learning course - DeriVantage.

TradeMaster will comprise of total 24 lectures.

Each lecture will comprise of in-depth knowledge on essential aspects of Technical Analysis such as - How to construct and read chart patterns, how to identify early market trend indicators, how to test different technical strategies and choose the right one and much more.

Commenting on the need for learning Technical Analysis, Asad Dossani said, "In these times of unstable market conditions, just fundamental analysis or a single trading strategy alone will not work. Knowing Technical Analysis is now equally important, especially while predicting market movements on a short to medium term basis".

Rahul Goel, CEO of Equitymaster further added, "Through TradeMaster we aim to make investors independent, so that they can device their own trading strategies without having to rely upon other sources for advice. We will demystify Technical Analysis in such a manner that even investors without any professional training can understand the pattern behind the charts, the hidden profits and take a well-informed investment decision efficiently."

Highlights of the TradeMaster Course:
  • 24x7 Online Course
  • Simple yet detailed video lectures
  • Unlimited knowledge and regular updates
  • Online forum moderated by Asad Dossani
  • Exclusive Proprietary Information
  • Affordable Fees and much more…
For full details of the course, click here.

TradeMaster is the second course under the Equitymaster Learning initiative that was launched in December 2011.

Started with an aim to provide unbiased knowledge, Equitymaster's Learning initiative strives to train investors with knowledge on new investment opportunities and techniques so that they can use it to their advantage and learn to trade independently. The first course under this initiative was on derivatives and was well received by thousands of investors.

About Equitymaster:
Equitymaster is an independent equity research initiative aimed at empowering the investor with honest, unbiased recommendations and opinions on investing.

Equitymaster is neither a university nor an educational institution nor affiliated to one and will not grant a degree or any other certificate on completion of the course.

Media Contacts: Sonal Ramachandran: sonal@equitymaster.com, 022 - 61434003