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Is it Time to Redeem Your Balanced Fund

(Mar 5, 2018)

Rs 50,000 crore of mis-selling and mis-understanding.

Nirvana denied: Has Value Failed?

(Jan 13, 2018)

Should investors choose growth over value this year?

The "90/10" Solution for Your Equity Exposure

(Jan 25, 2018)

Should you have 90% exposure to a Quantum long term fund or to a basket of 8-10 funds?

Resolutions for 2018 - by others

(Jan 8, 2018)

Ten quirky new year resolutions. Guess by whom?

Suit, Boot ki Sarkaars at Davos?

(Jan 22, 2018)

Signs of capitalism gone wrong.

The Big Gamble

(Feb 15, 2018)

Once you accept the fact that elections are round the corner and that this budget is geared to reach a 40% target, everything makes sense.

Beware the 5th year of the Modi Regime

(May 22, 2018)

2017 was a great year for the market. You were rewarded for taking excessive risk. But Ajit Dayal believes 2018 will be different. You will be rewarded for doing the opposite. Read on to know more...

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