Investing in India Stock Market - The Honest Truth By Ajit Dayal -
Investing in India - Honest Truth by Ajit Dayal
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  • Why Modi must not fail
    (Feb 15, 2016)
    Voters cannot afford to be as fickle and easily fooled as the fund managers entrusted to look after the savings of millions.
  • Why RBI may cut interest rates by 1%
    (Mar 28, 2016)
    Whether RBI governor Rajan could take investors by surprise in what is possibly his last Monetary Policy.
  • The Fed has its empty say
    (Dec 18, 2015)
    Will the Fed rate hike have any meaningful impact on the real economy of the US and rest of the world?
  • The Bull laid Bare
    (Jan 22, 2016)
    Why the sharp correction in Indian stock markets was long overdue...
  • Break-Out India
    (Jan 28, 2016)
    What apart from reforms can help India break out of the 6.5% GDP growth stage?
  • Investing is linked to Politics
    (Apr 2, 2016)
    Apart from the managements of companies, investors cannot afford to ignore these larger social and economic aspects that impact businesses.
  • Is your fund manager stupid?
    (Feb 12, 2016)
    How retail investors are often deliberately misled by fund managers...
  • Mark Zuckerberg inspires Indians to write to their children
    (Dec 3, 2015)
    The letter a typical Indian industrialist family is writing to their children.
  • Oh, shoots!
    (Dec 11, 2015)
    New Year projections for the stock market are round the corner. Why should you stay away from them...
  • Four Words that can Trigger a Four-Letter Word
    (Nov 20, 2015)
    What to expect from the US Fed's December meeting and the impact it could have on markets...
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