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Investing in India - Honest Truth by Ajit Dayal
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  • Why two-eyed Rajan is King!
    (May 9, 2016)
    The reason Governor Rajan is an outcast amongst the community of central bankers.
  • Will RBI remain Independent?
    (Aug 16, 2016)
    The choice of next RBI governor could have a crucial impact on India's economic future.
  • The morning after the night before.
    (Jun 27, 2016)
    What's next after the truth about crony capitalism, free markets and globalization is finally out?
  • Raghupati Rajan Raja Ram
    (Jun 20, 2016)
    Big wins and losses in elections have seen the markets boom and crash. Should there be a similar reaction to Dr Rajan's exit as well?
  • Globalisation surrenders to Localisation.
    (Jun 24, 2016)
    Ajit Dayal on why he thinks Brexit is a big move towards a long awaited shift in our modern society.
  • Voiceless in America
    (Jul 28, 2016)
    Keep out the noise around elections, RBI, GST and the erratic behavior of the government, to focus on what is important.
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