Dressed in Khadi, driven by BMW - The Honest Truth By Ajit Dayal
Investing in India - Honest Truth by Ajit Dayal
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31 MARCH 2014

The Big Fat Indian Election is moving into full throttle. #TBFIE

Dressed in Khadi and powered by BMWs the candidates are hitting the road just as the dust and heat of the Long Indian Summer creeps in over the parched Indian subcontinent. The deshbandhu hopefuls are moving around in private jets and helicopters, mostly powered by powerful industrialists.

Many believe that this is a battle against good and evil; against change and status quo; against a suspect Gujarat model v/s the failed Congress or UPA model.

But this could turn out to be a battle of individuals, a vote for those possible virtuous men and women who can perform irrespective of the party they belong to. A search for good individuals.

Leaders exhort their audiences: Nation first, party next, individual last.
And on the basis of this seats are allotted.
As the internal tallying for the magical majority of 273 seats has begun every party has resorted to what they excel at: compromising their so-called "ethics" for the greater good of their sole desire of "winning".
The party is, after all, above the individual.
The party is willing to compromise and forces the individual to compromise for a "party" objective.

Dressed in Khadi, a symbol of earthliness, these extraordinary candidates are out there to prove that they have actually done some good for the nation in their previous posts in public or private office. Or - in the case of actors and actresses and some screen hopefuls - they wish to translate their box office magic into poll booth victory.

There is no Modi wave, but there is a high level of urban disgust with the Congress.
One person's negative is not another person's wave, though it can result in a default advantage.
The Congress has chosen a weak candidate to lead their team - a Sonia Gandhi could have carried rural India.

AAP has shown why investing in small and a mid-cap company is dangerous: lack of good management and planning can make a great idea or a great product turn into a failure.

The regional parties stay with their narrow, local focus - but dilute that with grand ambitions of alliances and then behave like the compromised national parties.

The markets are roaring, the Indian Rupee has gained ground...is any of this justified? Or is this built on a mirage of hope which is totally devoid of reality?

Stay tuned....and scrutinize your local candidate for his or her credentials. And, yes, vote: because every vote counts.

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4 Responses to "Dressed in Khadi, driven by BMW"


Apr 1, 2014

AAP was a small cap before Delhi elections and has become a Mid cap now. It will soon become a large cap- let us pray for that. Even Quantum is a small AMC as far as AUM is concerned compared to other big MF entities but you are HONEST to express the TRUTH. Let us give AAP time to over come the initial hiccups. We have given our votes to fraudsters and criminals in the last few decades and they have ruined the country. Let us give AAP a chance because their intentions are good.


Girish Shah

Apr 1, 2014

ajitji ur business is to pick stocks /trends and invest

pl stop taking sides on the political front

from the above its obivious that ur a die hard CON G RESS man



Mar 31, 2014

Correct analysis of present political scenerio.The regional parties headed by people with local interests wiil ruin our nation.



Mar 31, 2014

Correct analysis of present political scenerio.the regional parties headed by people with local interests wiil ruin our nation.

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