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Vote, Win, Fly to Singapore and stay for 3 nights
13 OCTOBER 2014

So here is an idea.
People don't vote - particularly the young people.
And many of the "middle-aged working folks" feel that voting is a waste of time.
Their skepticism overshadows their college degrees.

So it's important to get people to go out and vote.
Whatever the outcome of the elections to be held in Maharashtra and Haryana on Wednesday, October 15th, the outcome will be more representative of the will of the people if more people head out to vote.

That is a mathematical truism.

So, with no affinity for any party, with no bias against any candidate or any region, The Honest Buck - an effort I am involved with - is offering a lucky draw where the winner could get 1 free ticket to Singapore and spend 3 nights there. If the winner has proof that they have voted for the elections in Maharashtra or Haryana, we will double the prize to 2 free tickets and ensure that the room in the Singapore hotel has a double bed! ☺

A Buck A Day Goes A Long Way.
Here are some details of the Lucky Buck contest which is open to (i) anyone who "likes" the Facebook Page of The Honest Buck, (ii) is 18 years plus of age, (iii) is an Indian citizen.

  1. The Grand Buck Prize of One round trip ticket to Singapore with 3 nights of the room charges for a hotel)
  2. For 5 Lucky Buckers, a prize of Rs 10,000 each....(use it for your hike to Sunburn! Or to buy your next gadget!)
All prizes will be decided by a Lucky Draw.

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We have the Maharashtra and Haryana State Elections on the 15th of October.
If you are a winner, and you voted (legally!☺) and have a Black Dot on your finger along with your Voter ID card, we will double the prize money!
Yes, the ONE ticket becomes 2 tickets and the single bed becomes a double bed!
The lucky draw results will be announced on October 20th.

So surf on to participate in the Lucky Buck contest.
Register on http://www.honestbuck.in/#!lucky-draw/cbzm, and follow our facebook page www.facebook.com/HonestBuck for details.

Why Singapore?
It is a clean city.
A planned city state.
But sometimes, too clean - bordering on sterile!
So, they government is spending some USD 1 billion dollars to get some funky art areas, music, culture, and museums in place.
Everyone needs some soul.

India, on the other hand, has the creative soul, but needs planning and certainly needs cleaning up.
And, yes, India needs the political parties to stop usurping the land that belongs to the public for their party offices.

What is The Honest Buck?

An ambitious effort to get everyone to focus on the equation between spending, saving, and investing. How to dream - and live that dream.

Everybody has places they want to go, experiences they want to live, things they want to buy and ideal lifestyles they wish to lead.
Unfortunately many sensible dreams lose priority to immediate needsof paying for our daily expenses.

We buy things we don't need - with money we don't have - to impress people we don't like!

Today, we want everything from that new iPhone to a new BMW to that holiday in Singapore.

The Honest Buck will show you how to get much of what you want without giving up on the fun of today.

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