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Charlie Munger
Charles Thomas Munger (born January 1, 1924, in Omaha, Nebraska) is an American business magnate, lawyer, investor, and philanthropist. He is Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, the diversified investment corporation chaired by Warren Buffett; in that capacity, Buffett describes Munger as "my partner." Munger served as chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation from 1984 through 2011 (Wesco was approximately 80%-owned by Berkshire-Hathaway during that time). He is also the chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, based in Los Angeles, California, and a director of Costco Wholesale Corporation.

Like Buffett, Munger is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. After studies in mathematics at the University of Michigan, and service in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a meteorologist, trained at Caltech, he entered Harvard Law School, where he was a member of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, without an undergraduate degree. - Wikipedia

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 Lessons From Munger
» Munger's own system of human psychology
Charles Thomas Munger. The name has an instant resonance. And with a blink, you recall another name - Warren Buffett
» The use and abuse of incentives
In this article, we shall discuss how incentives can prove to be a double-edged sword
» When in doubt, don't opt out
In this article we shall discuss a very important human tendency that every investor should undoubtedly not avoid.
» Time to change your deeply held beliefs?
In this article we shall discuss another extremely important human tendency that every serious investor should be well aware of.
» The most dangerous of the 7 sins
In this article we shall discuss a very basic tendency that often drives our thoughts and actions and is very relevant to our behaviour in stock markets.
» Lessons from Charlie Munger (Complete Series)
We are delighted to present to you the complete series on the lessons one should learn from Warren Buffett’s man Friday, Charlie Munger
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 Invest Like Charlie Munger
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 Charlie Munger Stock Screener
Charlie Munger has never really stated an investment criteria for stocks as clearly as Warren Buffett has done. But, given that the two seem to agree more often than not, one can always apply Buffett's criteria as a fill in for Munger's. So, here is a list of Indian stocks that match Munger's stock picking criteria...

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