Strategic Fund Report

Strategic Fund Report
Has Been Closed.

Equitymaster, in association with PersonalFN, has successfully built a Long Term Strategic Mutual Funds Portfolio. This portfolio of mutual funds has been built with the aim of multiplying your investments manifolds over the next 5-10 years period. However, this service has now been closed.

What you should now...

The main reason behind us closing this service was because we wanted to create a new service that could serve as a one-stop-solution for all the information and recommendation needs of a smart mutual fund investor. And together with PersonalFN we've been able to do just that.

Hereon, the current portfolio will be directly serviced by PersonalFN under their Hugely popular Mutual Fund Portfolio recommendation service called FundSelect Plus.

This new service will help you identify winning mutual funds with the potential to beat the BSE 200 Index.

Click Here to know more about this new service and to join PersonalFN through an exciting Welcome Offer

Mutual funds can be a risky. Plus, with commission based selling & superficial research, finding out profitable mutual funds is a tough job. However, under this new service, you can be sure of getting thoroughly researched, "unbiased" advice that's NOT commission driven.

If you just wish to access you Strategic Fund Report Portfolio...
If you do not wish to join the new service and just want to access your current Strategic Fund Portfolio for the time period left of your current subscription...

Please click here and you'll be diverted to PersonalFN's website.

If you are already subscribed to PersonalFN services, please use your PersonalFN username and password to log in. And if you are not, I would request you to please create a username and password to proceed.

Your current portfolio would now be available under the name "Strategic Long Term Portfolio".