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Exclusively for our valued premium members...Every week, the smartest investing minds from across the world, will share their investing secrets with you in this premium podcast. You will get a chance to go inside the minds of the gurus of the investing world and ask questions that the mainstream media ignores. You will hear directly from them about their best recommendations, how they found them, where they're investing now and much more. Listen in...

Sensex 100,000 is Happening as We Speak

Sensex 100,000 is Happening as We Speak mic

Ridham Desai, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, talks to us about what it takes to win big in the stock market as it heads to Sensex 100,000.

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How to Power Your Portfolio

How to Power Your Portfolio mic

Radhika Pandit, editor of Power Profits, talks to us about picking big winners in about 12 months...without taking unnecessary risks!

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Saving Socialism from the Socialists

Saving Socialism from the Socialists mic

Vivek Kaul, editor of Vivek Kaul Publishing, talks to us about multiple topics - the major challenges facing the Indian economy, the lack of data driven analysis, the near absence of independent critical thinking in the mainstream media, the early signs of improvement in the economy...and more!

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We in India Are Living in the Best of Times

We in India Are Living in the Best of Times mic

In this fascinating interview, Equitymaster's co-head of research and safe stocks expert, Tanushree Banerjee shows us how to invest safely in stocks. You don't need to take big risks to make big returns in the stock market. Especially now when India is going through a hugely positive transformation.

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To Make 545% Returns in 2 Years, All I Needed Was 3 Simple Rules

To Make 545% Returns in 2 Years, All I Needed Was 3 Simple Rules mic

In a remarkable in-depth interview, Equitymaster's co-head of research and systems expert, Rahul Shah presents his learnings over a decade and a half of investing. You too can achieve market-crushing returns the way Rahul does by just following a few simple rules.

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The Best Trading Strategy in the World

The Best Trading Strategy in the World mic

In an amazing, eye-opening interview, master trader and CEO of BSPL India, Vijay Bhambwani, talks about the No 1 method of making consistent, long-term trading profits: predictive technical analysis. Prepare to be blown away at the incredible power of this trading strategy that only a select few have mastered.

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Ajit Dayal As You've Never Heard Before (Part 2)

Ajit Dayal As You've Never Heard Before (Part 2) mic

In the conclusion of this remarkable 2-part interview, the founder of Equitymaster, Ajit Dayal, talks about wide-ranging topics - the founding of Quantum Mutual Fund and Equitymaster, the fate of Indian stock market and the economy, his stock picking strategy, a great call on Zee Entertainment, how long to hold a stock, when to sell, his views on Gold, fixed deposits, and real estate, the upcoming elections and much more.

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Ajit Dayal As You've Never Heard Before

Ajit Dayal As You've Never Heard Before mic

In this remarkable 2-part interview, the founder of Equitymaster, Ajit Dayal, talks about the values and principles that drove him to create an institution that puts you the investor above everything else.

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The No. 1 Investment in the World Right Now is...

The No. 1 Investment in the World Right Now is... mic

Global investing guru, Jim Rogers, talks to us about a wide range of topics - India, the Modi government, his 'value + change' style of investing, China, Gold, the free market, the US dollar, the next economic crisis...and more.

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Marc Faber on How to Invest in India and the World

Marc Faber on How to Invest in India and the World mic

In the concluding part of our Investor Hour Podcast with Marc Faber, we talk about the best sectors to invest in India, the global financial bubble, the importance of cash, the role of Gold in one's portfolio, life lessons and more...

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"Great initiative by Equitymaster to interview Guru's like Marc Faber and provide subscribers an opportunity to understand how history, culture and economics play a vital role in investing. Very different from other podcasts/videos i have seen so far. Keep up the good work Guys."

- Anupkumar Surendran

The newly launched Investor Hour is a very good initiative by Equity Master. It gives a global perspective and it also gives us an opportunity to look into the perspectives of Global gurus.

It envigorates us to listen to such eminent people and how their thought processes in the field of investments.

- Mandyam Rangaraj

Nice initiative! Keep up the good work.

- Roy A

This is a very good series giving honest overall world views of great personalities, with their long life experiences. Such stabilizing views are very welcome and assuring especially in such volatile times.

- Equitymaster Subscriber

I really liked the part where Mr. Bhambwani talked of day trading. Disciplined to close the trade on the same day loss/gain. I remember while I was doing futures I used to lose a lot of sleep not knowing if any event the next day may crash the market. I lost Rs. 35 Lakhs in 4 days and had to sell my good shares when I decided that futures is not for small retailers like me and stopped FNO totally. This is when I became Equitymaster reserve member. Now I have sound sleep without worrying what will happen the next day. I am finding the Investor Hour very interesting and educative and look forward to the same. Please do keep up the good work.

- M. D. Surveyor

It was an excellent interview/podcast with Vijay. I never thought trading was such a deep science and Vijay has really unveiled many of his ideas with immense clarity. Too good. Thanks. Looking forward to more such podcasts.

- Raghupati Karanth

Wow! This was a fantastic interview. No words to describe the clarity in which he explained and the in-depth knowledge that Mr. Vijay Bhambwani possesses. It was an interview which one won't get tired of listening. In plain words "Master Man for Investors".

- YVO Lobo

It was a great Podcast by Rahul...

Liked the most was about the discipline... it really takes guts and lot of courage to move against the crowd, and that's what makes a winner like you said, selling at a loss is indeed tough and needs inner conviction and long term vision, it was a great learning session.

Looking forward to more such podcasts...

- Raghupati Karanth

Excellent.. Vivek a different perspective hearing your thoughts.

Very well presented by Sarit & Rahul. Economics is so easy for him to make everybody understand it.

Keeping it simple... Great.

- Sajid Khan

It was really great to listen to Mr. Vivek Kaul's points about the Job crisis, FCI & budget. I was really interested in knowing his writing disciplines and what and how much he reads and this podcast answered it all.

Thanks to both the presenter.

- Gaurav Bhole

Ridham Desai interview just awesome.....A great visionary...What a knowledge !!

Thanks Rahul !!

- Devraj Gupta