How to Edit a Stock Transaction?

The Edit function of Portfolio Tracker enables you to update the details of stocks in your portfolio.

Now, let's assume that you want to change the quantity of Nestle shares purchased or the purchase date.

Step 1

Go to the Homepage of Portfolio Tracker, select the portfolio and click on <Go>.

Step 2

Click on the checkbox against NESTLE to select it and click on <Edit>.

Note: You can edit all transactions of only one scrip at a time.

On clicking on <Edit>, you will be directed to the Modify Scrip page.

Here, you will notice that there are three separate transactions for NESTLE as the stocks have been purchased twice and sold once.

Now let's change the quantity, date and price of NESTLE.

Step 3

Enter the correct values in the QUANTITY, DATE, PRICE field and click on <Save>. In this case we are entering 150 and 200 against both the buy transactions respectively. Similarly, we are also changing the date of the first transaction from 21/09/2011 to 01/11/2010 and the price of the second transaction.

Note: Any changes on the transactions pertaining to the date of the transaction or the quantity will have impact on Corporate Actions declared during this period.

Figure 1: Change in Quantity

Figure 2: Change in Date

Note: To change the date, month and year, click the date control icon

Figure 3: Change in Price

Click on <Save> to return to the Consolidated Report.

Here, you will find that the quantity of Nestle has changed from 150 to 350.
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