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Forget Buffett... Google is Your New Investing Guru!

Apr 24, 2018

Rahul Shah, Editor, Profit Hunter

Imagine you are at a secluded place and your heart starts acting up. Its electrical system has malfunctioned, disrupting the flow of blood throughout the body and into the brain. You have no pulse and before you know it, you've collapsed and are lying unconscious.

This is every man's worst nightmare - a lethal cardiac arrest.

Just as you lie, life hanging by a thread, there's a whirring sound above your head. A self-flying delivery vehicle quietly lowers a portable defibrillator. It lands right by your feet.

A bystander - watching helplessly till now - quickly gathers his wits, assembles the portable device and administers electric shocks, restoring the blood flow to your brain and other organs. And then, almost miraculously, you regain consciousness. You survive. You snatch life from the jaws of a certain death.

If X - the so-called Moonshot factory at Alphabet, the parent company of Google - would have had its way, it would have wished this miracle on every human being that suffers from a cardiac arrest.

But it was not to be. This ambitious project, one on a long list that X is pursuing, had to be shelved because of big practical difficulties.

A failure of this magnitude is all in a day's work for X, however.

For it knows for every ambitious project that hits pay dirt, there will be many that won't see the light of the day.

In fact, this is precisely the mandate that has been given to the company.

Think big, think radical and if you meet with more than your fair share of failures, so be it.

X likes to call these projects their 'moonshot' ideas.

Here's the blueprint for it...

It is now evident why the self-flying vehicle idea was a moonshot idea.

It involved a huge problem (the global cardiac arrest epidemic), it proposed a radical solution (air delivering defibrillators), and it sought help from a breakthrough technology (self-flying vehicles).

How about moonshot investing, then?

What if we took a leaf out of X's book and applied the concept of moonshots to the realm of investing?

Your moonshots would then be not the typical 2-bagger or 5-bagger that you hunt for. They could be much much bigger.

How about a 100-bagger? If you think this is impossible, all you have to do is read Thomas Phelps' 100 to 1 in the Stock Market - a great book about identifying 100-baggers.

The first thing that jumps at you after opening the book is that moonshots are not that elusive after all.

Phelps found a massive 350 of them. Yes, 350 stocks where an investor could have made 100 times his money simply by identifying such a stock and then holding on to it to let compounding work its magic.

And the best part - Phelps lays out a detailed blueprint to unearth such gems.

Moonshots not only exist, but - armed with the right framework and strong perseverance - an astute analyst has a strong chance of identifying them right at the start of their 100-bagger journey.

Just ask Richa.

A few years ago, she found exactly such a stock - a company that ticked all the right boxes of a potential 100-bagger.

Has it delivered?

Well, Page Industries is just 25% away from being a 100-bagger at Richa's recommended price. Another 25% upmove and Richa and her team would have delivered a moonshot for their subscribers.

A phenomenal achievement in my view.

And this is no fluke, mind you. The Hidden Treasure team has a fantastic blueprint in place that puts them in a strong position to identify other such moonshots in the future. All that subscribers then need to do is have faith in her conviction.

So, if you are looking for moonshots, now you know where to find them!

Good Investing,
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah (Research Analyst)
Managing Editor, Profit Hunter

PS: It is true that Hidden treasure has a track record of phenomenal returns. That if any service can serve up those moonshot recommendations it is Richa with her small cap service. And, it is also true, you will be happy to hear, that you can get a full year of Richa's recommendations free with this offer. Just click here.

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Pramod Raut

Apr 24, 2018

I have only debit card, not credit card.How can I pay?

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