Why I Would Choose Mahendra Singh Dhoni as My Fund Manager

Jul 8, 2019

Rahul Shah, Editor, Profit Hunter

A thought crossed my mind while watching the India-Bangladesh match the other day. Who among the 11 Indian players would make the best fund manager?

Of course, to arrive at this decision based on one match alone would be fool-hardy.

But I've been observing this bunch of players over the last couple of years or so.

And this is good enough time to assess their skillsets as well as their mental strength. These are attributes crucial for success in any competitive endeavor, including fund management.

So, who's my choice for managing my money? Who's the cricketer who will slip into the role of a successful fund manager with ease?

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Will it be Virat Kohli whose on-field passion and behind the scenes hard-work are second to none?

Will it be the stoic Bumrah who keeps bowling yorkers after yorkers like a zen master?

How about Rohit Sharma who has finally developed the temperament to go with his incredible natural talent?

Passion, hard work, stoicism, and temperament are all great qualities. They can take you places not just in cricket but in fund management as well.

However, what I am looking for is something that's more tangible. Something that's more directly related to stock picking and offers more clarity.

And I find this quality in none other than our icy cool wicketkeeper.

Yes, Mahendra Singh Dhoni would be my numero uno choice as the manager of my funds.

The Moment that Made Mahi a Hero and Won India the World Cup

Source: YouTube

I know he has slipped down popularity charts of late.

There have been huge question marks over his approach to batting in the last few matches.

But this is exactly the reason I pick him over anybody else. His uncompromising emphasis on process over results.

He backs his strength, he has developed a process that has brought him and his team rich rewards more often than not and then goes out and follows it to the tee.

Investing is no different in my view. One should back one's strength to begin with.

If one is comfortable being a deep value investor, one should do just that. Ditto for a growth investor or even a trader.

And once you've identified your strength, you should create a sound process around it.

A process that is steeped in logic and with a history of beating the market.

I know of 2 such processes: value investing and momentum investing.

Around each of these, create a definite buy rule, a definite sell rule, and figure out how much you need to invest in each stock.

And once you have this process in place, stick to it like white on rice. Don't budge no matter how high the temptations to do so.

There's a very good chance you'd end up with great long-term returns.

Sadly, cricketing ability diminishes over time.

The same process may not bring you the kind of success as in the past. This is why the Dhoni of today has a slightly lower success rate than the Dhoni of yesteryear.

It is the reverse in investing though.

Investing performance can go up over time as you build your knowledge and keep learning from your mistakes.

So, while the underlying process remains the same, you end up making fewer errors.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that other Indian players will not make good fund managers. They will in all likelihood.

But I understand the form and structure of the Dhoni template more clearly than the others.

And I certainly like what I see.

What about you? Who do you think will make a great fund manager other than Dhoni?

Warm regards,

Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah
Editor and Research Analyst, Profit Hunter

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