This is a Great Time to Start Thinking About Doubling Your Income

Dec 2, 2020

Rahul Shah, Editor, Profit Hunter

Money means a lot of things to a lot of people.

However, my favourite definition of the term comes from none other than Warren Buffett.

He once opined that money represents an enormous number of claim cheques on society.

It is like you have this little pieces of paper that you can turn into consumption.

In fact, Buffett is so rich that he can hire 10,000 people to do nothing but paint his picture everyday for the rest of his life. And the GDP of the country would still go up.

However, the usefulness of the product would be zilch other than giving a big boost to his ego.

Besides, he would be keeping those 10,000 people from doing meaningful work like AIDS research or teaching or nursing.

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He will never do it though. He doesn't use very many of his claim cheques. As is well known, Warren Buffett leads a very modest lifestyle.

He is therefore committed to giving away virtually all of those claim cheques to charity when he and his wife die.

Noble, isn't it? Given a chance, even we would like to emulate Buffett.

But safe to assume that we are not going to be nearly as rich as Warren Buffett. It is just a statistical impossibility.

However, we can certainly aspire to have enough money or collect enough claim cheques to enable us to lead comfortable lives.

Lives where we have a big comfortable house. Lives where we can afford to take a lovely vacation with our family once every year and lives where we don't have to remain awake wondering how we will pay for our child's education at some elite university.

If making all of the above possible is your topmost priority, you have to do what Warren Buffett did to become rich.

You have to put your savings into a bank that pays the highest interest rate.

An interest rate that has doubled your money every five years in the past and if you are skilful, even more.

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I am talking about investing in India's best companies.

The best run and the most capital efficient of India's companies earn 15% and even more on the capital that has been employed in the business.

They are like a bank, paying 15% interest, or even more, every year like clockwork.

They then invest most of this capital back in the business and again earn 15% on it.

Thus, this 15% keeps compounding and before you know it, your investment has generated a lot of wealth or a lot of claim cheques for you.

Well, that's the easy part. If you have to earn a lot of money, there's no getting around the fact that you have to invest in the most powerful compounding machines there are i.e. stocks.

However, not all stocks generate returns of 15% or more consistently.

In fact, more than 95% of companies fail to maintain the high returns on capital for any meaningful period of time.

Thus, the difficult part is picking out a handful of names from amongst more than 5,000 companies and to be able to buy them at an attractive valuation.

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This is where my Automatic Income project can come in handy.

I have set an ambitious yet an easy to understand goal.

The goal is to achieve the exact same monthly income an investor is earning from his regular job as fast as possible.

So, if someone is earning Rs 50,000 per month, the goal is to earn another 50,000 in a few years' time and sustain it.

If someone is earning Rs 100,000 per month, the goal is to earn another Rs 100,000 per month as quickly as possible.

Of course, this is not some get rich quick scheme that can double your income within months.

This is based on a proven, long-term stock picking system which aims to generate strong, market beating returns year after year.

Returns that will allow you to accumulate enough claim cheques so that you can live the life of your dreams and from stocks that are long term compounding machines, paying the best rate of interest.

I will write more about my Automatic Income project soon.

Stay tuned...

Warm regards,

Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah
Editor and Research Analyst, Profit Hunter

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