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Dear Reader,

If you've been with Equitymaster for even a short time now, you know we're always on the lookout for new money-making opportunities to recommend to our subscribers.

The new investing opportunity we are excited about introducing to you now is 'The Lucrative Derivative Report'.

Let's face it - if you are like most investors out there, you must be thinking that:
a. Derivatives are complex
b. They are extremely risky
c. They are not for retail investors like you and me
Honestly, we shared the same view too.

Until we met Asad Dossani, that is.

Meet Asad Dossani, a top Derivative Analyst who will lead you
to profit-building strategies in derivatives

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Asad has been a part of the Derivatives team at Deutsche Bank for 2 and 1/2 years. We zeroed in on Asad after a search that spanned almost a year!

We actually met and interviewed quite a few people, and studied their methodology and practice. What impressed us about Asad is his painstaking research.

Asad has his fingers on the pulse of the world and Indian economy, political conditions, trade agreements, analysis of central banks, market trends, debt default, the weather, war... all this and more!

This is what gives him the edge to be on top of the global markets and their dynamic movements. And since he's also been using his own money to trade, he is a sensible player.

But here's the kicker...

Asad has developed a unique system that leads him to pin-point profitable trades and mind-boggling returns with high accuracy.

In fact, it was his impressive mix of short and long term gains that got our eyes gleaming.

Hence we decided we just had to get him on board, so that he could share his money-making Derivatives strategy with serious investors like YOU.

Bringing You:
The Lucrative Derivative Report

This new recommendation service from Equitymaster will deal in Futures and Options specifically in Currencies and Commodities like gold, silver, oil, natural gas...

There will be absolutely NO intra-day calls.

Now, even we agree that derivatives can be risky...

But we have done our extensive homework on derivatives... and after weighing the risks and rewards, we believe that derivatives trading could actually be very profitable.

And if traded wisely, your wins can easily beat your losses.

Provided of course, that you have the right advice to guide you.

And that requirement too has been fulfilled now.

We strongly believe that Asad is the right person to lead you in your quest for making remarkable profits in Derivatives without taking unnecessary and uneducated risks.

We believe his methodology is in sync with ours, and have thus entered into an exclusive arrangement with him so that his services will be available only to Equitymaster subscribers.

So your dreams for big money could come true at last!

Any sound investment analyst will tell you that you should not have all your eggs in one basket.

With derivatives:
  • You can take control of a large holding in an asset for a fraction of what it'd normally cost to buy it

  • Your returns are also often bigger and quicker in comparison to stocks

  • You can make money when the market goes up, and down
And diversification also helps you reduce your risk and increase your risk-adjusted returns. Thus investing in derivatives can be an excellent way to complement your total portfolio.

Yes! Individual contracts can be risky, no doubt. But through proper diversification, risk management and a disciplined approach, you can achieve steady long-term returns.

For instance, here are just a few examples of double and triple digit returns on the winning trades Asad has made:
  • In May 2010, when global markets were falling, the volatility index for S&P 500 index options (VIX) spiked upwards. Knowing that the VIX usually does not stay at high levels for long, Asad took a short position in VIX futures from 6th - 22nd May and made a profit as the VIX futures fell by 12% over the course of the month. He used 5:1 leverage and the resulting gain was 60%!

  • Earlier this year when the Eurozone debt crisis took hold, the value of the Euro fell considerably. Asad was short the EURUSD from March 2010 until June 2010, right at the time the Euro had its largest falls. The Euro fell 11%, and having used 10:1 leverage, the gain was an impressive 110%!

  • Over the last two months, the value of crude oil has gone up for two reasons... First, stock markets in general have been rising giving way to a bullish tone in commodities. Second, the US Dollar has weakened, again making commodities more expensive. Asad took a long position in crude oil over this time period. Crude oil was up 6%, and with a 10:1 leverage, he made a 60% gain.

  • In April 2010, gold was on its way up (though nowhere near today's levels!). As a short term play, Asad was expecting gold to rise because of bad economic news coming out of the Eurozone. Sure enough this occurred, and a profit was made from taking long positions in gold call options. Over the course of the month, the option values increased, and Asad made a gain of 33%.

  • In May 2010, the UK was holding an election that at the time was too close to call. There was a high probability that no party would win a majority (which is what ended up occurring). Asad took a short GBPUSD position in the beginning of the month to take advantage of a potential fall in the pound as a result of the election. The pound fell by 3%, and with a 10:1 leverage, the gain was 30%.
Thus you can see how Asad with his overall knowledge of politics, economies and trade... has employed smart strategies to earn handsome profits.

And now, it's your turn to benefit from his expertise!

The Lucrative Derivative Report
was launched a few months back and here's the
performance review. . .

On the 19th of October 2010, we launched The Lucrative Derivative Report service to our lifetime subscribers, first.

And it was only after we got a wonderfully positive initial response during the BETA launch that we decided to open The Lucrative Derivative Service to our other subscribers.

The overall performance of the portfolio has been outstanding.

In fact, the returns on cash invested for the 4 closed positions are fantastic to the tune of 110.27%, 18.15%, 41.51% and 26.38%. That too, in just a few months!

Yes, 4 out of 4 closed recommendations have been winners, 2 out of 3 open recommendations are in profit, and overall they have earned an unbelievable average of 29.32% per trade!

Here's what some of our subscribers have to say about the service:

"Just writing in to say that Asad Dossani's Lucrative Derivative Report is an excellent guide to trading futures. Using this as a guide since November, I have already doubled my capital at risk in derivatives by shorting the Euro and Yen. This will pay for my subscription for more than a year. Thanks."

                                              -- Nalin K Nirula, A Lifetime Subscriber

"Analytical. Sounds good. First time I am going to enter currency market.
All credit goes to you for the initiative you have taken."

                                              -- T.R.Govindrajan, A Lifetime Subscriber

"Thank you for starting the derivatives Service. I am a happy member of your Private wealth alliance and am quite satisfied with the performance of the Value-pro Recommendations.

Always wished that you also had a shorter term Investment advisory service. The new Derivatives Service fulfills that need. Hats off to you for your efforts in investor education. I believe I am a much better informed investor now than I was a year ago when I had just subscribed to your services.

I like the simple and practical approach adopted by Mr. Dossani to draft his reports. Hope the pricing of this new service remains affordable to those of us who will be committing a small starting capital initially."

                                 -- Edward James Saldanha, A Lifetime Subscriber

Soon the good news got around.

Our regular subscribers who had heard of the gains earned by our Lifetime subscribers kept calling up to ask when the opportunity would be opened to them.

That's why, for a short time only, i.e. till 28th January 2011, we are accepting subscriptions for The Lucrative Derivative Report.

To make it even better, if you sign up right now, you can get in at our introductory price of half off straight away!

Plus if you get in through this Offer, you will have access to all the recommendations Asad has been making week after week since 19th October 2010.

(Psst... since only four positions have been closed and the others are still open, we suggest that you grab this lucrative opportunity while you can!)

Here are the details of three closed positions as recommended by Asad in The Lucrative Derivative Report:
  • On 2nd November 2010, Asad recommended a short position in EURINR, as the Eurozone debt crisis was expected to negatively affect the value of the Euro. At the time of the recommendation, the EURINR was trading at Rs 62. Asad closed the position at Rs 59.90 and when the contract moved in our favor, our subscribers made a fantastic return on cash investment of 110.27%!

  • On 26th October 2010, Asad recommended a long position in natural gas. He recognized a short-term fall in the commodity's price (due to a temporary increase in supply) as a good opportunity to establish a long position, as a reversal was very likely. Yes, the price of natural gas ended up rising - the contract gained 10.23%, and our return on cash investment was 18.15% by the time we had closed the trade!

  • On 14th December, Asad recommended a short position in gold. This was due to technical factors which indicated that a short-term reversal was likely. Asad's shrewd play paid off very handsomely and within four weeks, the contract had gained 1.65%, and our subscribers made a return on cash investment of 41.51%!
Now, here is an example of an open position in the Lucrative Derivative Report that has made money:

(Sorry we can't reveal the full details since they are still open but do read on to get a good idea of the performance of the recommendations.)
  • On 19th October 2010, Asad recommended a position in a currency as a short-term trade, believing that the currency would depreciate due to over excessive previous gains. The trade has fluctuated between gains and losses, and is currently showing profit. The currency has moved in our favor by 1.12%, giving our subscribers a return on cash investment of 27.84%.
But we are not satisfied.

For we are aiming for a return of 75% on this trade.

Thus you can see for yourself that there are lucrative double and triple digit gains to be made in Derivatives.

But of course, you need the right guidance.

And we are so confident of Asad's recommendations,
we too are investing!

To prove that we are confident of Asad's recommendations, Equitymaster too will be investing, alongside you.

Yes, we invest in every Derivatives recommendation Asad makes. We are willing to put the money where our mouth is and will be with you, every step of the way.

As you are aware, we believe in transparency and have irreproachable ethical standards when it comes to investing.

Therefore, we have opened a Derivative Trading account which is operated by a designated and responsible person at Equitymaster, and have already invested a certain sum of money in the Derivatives recommended by Asad.

We invest in one contract for each of his recommendations 1 trading day AFTER we make the recommendation to you. This is so that we don't have any unfair advantage and you get the first go at it.

And we are not complaining with the returns we've made so far!

So if you have any doubts about investing in Derivatives, take a deep breath and relax. You are in good capable hands.

But get this...

If you want to build wealth in a relatively short time,
derivatives are the way to go

The derivatives markets have grown in size and sophistication.

They are no longer just for the big banks and hedge funds - retail investors can make full use of what the derivatives markets have to offer.

In fact, the latest product to be introduced in India in the derivatives world is the Dollar-Rupee Option. Previously only Currency Futures were available.

That just shows the scope for Derivatives market in India is growing day by day.

So why should YOU add derivatives to your portfolio?

The answer is simple. Diversification! When you add other asset classes to your overall portfolio, you can reduce risk and increase your returns.

How will you know if Derivatives are for you?

Well, if you have a business with exposure to commodities and currency...

If you are the type of investor who doesn't mind taking calculated risks and using smart ways to amplify your returns...

If you can invest a few minutes of your time daily in understanding and playing this very exciting market...

Then yes, we wave the green flag and welcome you to the world of profitable Derivative investing.

Because, Derivatives are an excellent way to make money, and not just for the short-term.

The big benefit of adding Derivatives to your existing investment portfolio is that it can give you higher overall risk-adjusted returns.

And in case you are concerned that Derivatives sounds too new and technical for you, don't worry.

Asad will literally handhold you and guide you as you take your first steps into Derivatives so that you do not feel out of depth, ever.

Like he's been doing for hundreds of our satisfied subscribers who had previously never dared to dabble in derivatives.

But having said that. . .

While there is a lot of money to be made, please note once again that Derivatives are risky nonetheless.

You'll have to time the market and know when to call (the right to buy Options) and when to put (the right to sell Options), when to hedge (make zero profit-zero loss) and leverage (use borrowed money to fund your trades so that you put up less of your own cash)...

And even a good analyst like Asad can sometimes get things wrong. For it is difficult to predict the market 100% correctly at all times.

Below are some examples of Asad's not-so-good picks:
  • After the Euro had been falling until June 2010, Asad expected that this trend would continue and that Eurozone debt problems would continue to have a negative effect on the currency. In light of this, a new short position in the Euro was initiated. However, this turned out to be a losing trade, as the Euro has risen in the last few months. This was primarily a consequence of dollar weakness as a result of the Federal Reserve's policies (rather than Euro strength), but regardless the trade lost money.

  • On 19th June, as gold had crossed Rs 18,750/10g, the rise was short lived as by 28th July it fell back below Rs 18,000/10g. Again it started to rise in August and September and as it approached the previous high, Asad took a short position in gold. The rationale was that gold had been topping out around that price, and previously this had resulted in price falls. However, gold continued to climb and it rose above Rs 19,100/10g by the end of September, and he ended up with a losing trade.
In true Equitymaster style, since we believe in honesty and transparency, here are the details of an open position in The Lucrative Derivative Report that has lost money:
  • As recently as 10th January 2011, Asad made a recommendation in a commodity as a short-term trade. The commodity had experienced significant price movements recently, and the belief was that these were not fully justified fundamentally, and therefore a reversal was likely.

    But the contract value has moved against us by 1.36%, and our return on cash investment is -26.93%. However, we are aiming for a 75% return on this trade, which is still possible even though it is currently at a loss.
(At the time of going into print, there has been a silver lining! This trade has moved in our favour and is showing a positive return of 17.39%!)

Since you are a new to Derivatives, you must be made aware that the performance of open trades is changing, and we are holding them open in anticipation that we expect to make money from the trades.

As Asad himself says, "Now you and I both know that not every trade I recommend will be a winner. But let's say that the probability that any one trade will be successful is 67%. So two out of every three trades are winners. Now, if you adopt a long-term approach, and consistently make trades that have a high probability of success, you will make money over time. Sure some trades will win and some will lose, but overall you will be in profit

What I am going to do, through research and analysis, is find trades with a high probability of success. The more trades you then make, the better are your chances of coming out profitable.

So a word of friendly advice...

If you are close to retirement or already have some serious liabilities... please DO NOT read on.

Stick to investing in instruments you are comfortable with, and rely on solid no-nonsense equity recommendations like what we provide you at Equitymaster.

The Lucrative Derivative Report is now available for an
unbelievable price!

Here comes the part you've been waiting for...

Since you are our valued reader we are delighted to unveil this rewarding opportunity in Derivatives to you. At a very special introductory price.

While the normal price for The Lucrative Derivative Report is pegged at Rs 5,000 per Quarter, as our valued reader you pay only Rs 2,500.

But you must subscribe right away!

This Offer which ends on 28th January 2011 entitles you to receive one recommendation/report every week, so in all you will receive 12 recommendations/reports during the 3 month period.

Of these 4 monthly recommendations/reports that will come into your inbox every month, 3 will contain a new recommendation accompanied by a rationale and risks involved.

The fourth report will provide you an analysis of previous trades, and guide you on how to manage them, optimize your returns, limit your risks, etc.

You will also be advised on the stop loss and target price for every recommendation.

And please note that although derivatives are relatively short-term instruments, our investing strategy will still be long-term.

It is much easier to make money over a longer time period than a shorter one. And we believe you too will agree that regardless of the trade timeframe, the goal should always be steady growth.

But still, we will do our best in true Equitymaster style to see that the wins overpower the losses so that you can steadily make money both in the short term, and the long term.

To summarize. . .

We normally have an annual subscription for our services, but because we would like you to test the waters and experience the Derivatives service first hand, we have a special 3 month offer for you. At a special introductory price.During these 3 months, you will get a fair idea of whether Derivatives are for you or not. And whether you want to add it to your overall portfolio.

And that's not all...

If you subscribe now, you'll also get our exclusive Guide 'How to Trade Rupee Options' Absolutely FREE.

You must be already aware that as per recent RBI regulations, you can now invest in Dollar-Rupee Options. This is one more lucrative investment opportunity available to you.

Our exclusive guide: 'How to Trade Rupee Options' will help you understand how you too can profit from this opportunity.

As soon as you sign up, we will immediately email the guide to you.

A word of reassurance

Just in case you are wondering whether our venture into Derivatives will interfere with our core business...quit worrying.

While Equitymaster will identify strong talent to lead you into new and profitable investing territories, we will continue to stick to the business we know best.

Our focus will always be to guide you to long-term, well-researched and 100% unbiased equity picks week after week.

Because honestly, nothing makes us happier than seeing our readers make solid money on our recommendations.

Derive maximum profits - Sign up right now
for The Lucrative Derivative Report !

With Asad as your guide and the professionalism of Equitymaster behind this service, you can be confident that we will pick profitable derivatives for you, in a realistic and responsible manner; week after week, month after month... so you can maximize your profits and minimize your risks.

Even as we write to you, Asad is doing his homework and working shrewdly to identify excellent trades for you, so you can make mind-blowing returns.

Believe us, you will not be disappointed.

In fact, if you go by Asad's recommendations, you will soon be on your way to unimaginable derivative returns... with minimum risk.

Like we mentioned earlier, the 4 closed positions have made our subscribers 110.27%, 18.15%, 41.51% and 26.38%. In just a few months!

Here's what another subscriber has to say about Asad's reports:

"The 1 month trial of derivative trading reports were really a good eye opener.

I got to know more about derivative tradings. The hallmark of any Equitymaster material is that it is educative to the subscriber and enriches their knowledge. This report from Asad was also serving the same purpose."

                                              -- Mohan Sundaram, A Lifetime subscriber

And this is a NO-RISK offer too!

The Lucrative Derivative Report at Rs 2,500 for 12 recommendations/reports is really a steal.

But we want to make it even better. So we're going to give you full 15 days to test-drive this service without risk.

If after going through the 2 recommendations/reports during this period, you feel that The Lucrative Derivative Report is not for you, just let us know before the 16th day and we will give you a FULL refund.

No questions asked!

However, please note that one other benefit of becoming a subscriber of the Lucrative Derivative Report through THIS introductory offer is that you get this service at half-off for the other 3 quarters of the first year also.

So that's a saving of Rs 10,000 in all during the entire year!

Why delay more?

Click here to subscribe now!

To your wealth always,

Warm Regards

Rahul Goel
Chief Executive Officer

P.S.: The Lucrative Derivative subscription offer at our best price of Rs 2,500 closes on 28th January, at 5 PM sharp. So don't wait a minute longer. Subscribe now so you can get Asad's well-researched and profitable picks in your inbox, week after week.

P.P.S.: Please note we offer only a recommendation service; we are not a trading house. Since Derivatives Futures and Options are traded on the exchange, you will have to find a broker/bank to do your trading. And even though the rewards are high, there is also a certain risk involved in trading derivatives, so we urge you not to bite more than you can chew.

P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or Write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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*Returns calculated as per the closing price on 11th January 2011.
They have been calculated as follows:
% change in contract value: (Pc-Po)/Po (Po - opening price, Pc - closing price)
% return = % change in contract value * leverage ratio

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