This does not constitute investment advice. Returns mentioned herein are in no way a guarantee or promise of future returns. Stock market investments are subject to market risks.

11:59PM, 28th JANUARY

I’ll propose to you the best bet of your life:

The Double Income

No matter how much you earn per month… I’m going to show how you could
potentially make much more than that in a reasonable period of time

If you make Rs 50,000 a month, you could potentially receive Rs 75,000 …
or maybe even Rs 100,000 per month over time

And with a little time and patience…the number could be much higher

If you make Rs 200,000 per month…imagine the
chance to potentially increase that to Rs 400,000 per month

Hello, I’m Rahul Shah, Co–Head of Research at Equitymaster.

If you give me a few minutes of your day today, I’ll show you how to add other sources of income to your bank account.

And in what I think is the earliest possible time.

All you will need to do…is follow my simple strategy to dramatically increase your income over time.

Maybe even double your monthly income…

And since you’re an Equitymaster reader – and have given our research a try…

You will have the chance to claim free 12–month access to Double Income…

My colleague Trupti will show you how, later.

But let me make something clear first.

If you are expecting your income to double overnight, then this is not for you. No one can make that happen.

But if you are willing to follow my strategy with discipline, and give it the time that it requires, keep reading…

I will shortly show you a way where in a matter of a few short years, this could be achieved.

Now, I will not touch your money. It will stay with you, entirely under your control.

And I’m not going to earn any commission on what you could make over the next few years. Zero.

If you find my strategy is not working for you, and not showing you how to increase your income, you can stop whenever you like, with no obligation.

Because I want you to have the chance to apply my strategy and experience the life you could have.

If you find my strategy is working for you, and you succeed in drawing a substantially higher income, then I win the bet.

I’ll explain exactly how this will work.

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Over the long run you can draw a number much higher than your salary, practically every month …And for as long as you like.

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And I don’t care if you’re 18 or 80 years old.

I don’t care if you earn Rs 10,000 a month…or Rs 100,000.

I will show you how my strategy will work.

And then you can decide whether you want to adopt it or not.

But what’s important is that you understand the risk we are taking on here…

For you, it is a win–win situation.

If my strategy guides you towards dramatically increasing your income in the years to come and helping you live a better and richer life…you win.

And if you find it doesn’t, we will take full responsibility, and you will be under no obligation to continue.

I’ll now show you how you can create a whole new source of income…to spend as you please.

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Applying the Double Income Strategy

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And then you’ll be able to decide whether to work for pleasure…slow down…or even retire (although I wouldn’t recommend it myself)

And I’m not talking about applying my strategy today to become independent of your income in 20 or 30 years.

This strategy is unique because it allows you to achieve results in a much shorter time…just a few short years.

And with time, a little effort and patience…

You will be amazed at the regularity and ease with which your income could potentially start to increase and even multiply…

In an easy, do–able and most importantly, relatively safe way.

With other sources of income to spend as you wish, you will have peace of mind to direct your time and attention to what really matters.

Like spending quality time with those you love the most…

Travelling to other countries with your family…flying business class and staying at the finest hotels in the world…

Enjoying a beautiful glass of wine and food prepared by the best chefs…

And also to build a rich pool of savings, that you can rely on after retirement.

Or just to have more financial freedom.

So my strategy was set up with the aim of…

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Giving my readers more peace of mind to spend their time and money enjoying life the way they please.

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And why do I feel so confident in proposing this to you?

That is a very important question.

Now obviously, you understand that I wouldn’t jeopardize my reputation and my position as Co-Head of Research at India’s biggest financial publication, just on a whim.

I have no patience for risky investment strategies.

I have always believed in growing money in a way that avoids my Double Income strategy.

And I really believe that my strategy has the potential to increase your income because…

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My strategies and research have already given over 30,000 people the chance to increase their income

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Look at some of the emails I receive from my readers…

"I am Mayank V. Trivedi and I am a subscriber of Microcap Millionaires. I am very impressed with the strategies of Mr. Rahul Shah and have been following him from the last three years.

I have strictly followed his strategy and have made good–quality returns as compared to others, so I am happy and will keep following his strategies.

I have been with Microcap Millionaires for the last 3 years and I have invested in stocks like Renaissance Jewellery, Polyplex Corporation, Puravankara and Maharashtra Seamless.

And I am very thankful to Mr. Rahul Shah."
– Mayank Trivedi
"I have been a customer of Equitymaster since 2003 and have been very happy & satisfied with their services, commitment and passion to give value to their customers."
– Ramachandran Venkataraman, Bangalore
"I have been with equitymaster for nearly 20 years – happy to have made a lot of money – Really investor friendly and independent analysis. Compliments to Research team."
– Dildar Singh, Thane
"Very good unbiased recommendations. All the reports of recommendations are in depth and very good. Overall when one see the site one can easily understand the fundamentals of investing. Very useful. The main thing is equitymaster can be trusted. Overall my experience has been very good."
– Raghunathan Srinivasan, Mumbai

I could be receiving a letter just like this one from you next.

Before we continue, I’d just like to make sure you have everything you need to benefit from this strategy:

Great. We can continue.

With these 4 questions you’re ready to start learning about my strategy and see how you could increase your income…

Maybe even multiply it…


If you would like to have a whole other source of income to spend as you like…

To potentially receive much more than you earn today, every month and forever…

Easily, affordably and most important, relatively safely…

Pay close attention to what I will tell you now.

In my view, this could be a sure–fire strategy to increase or even multiply your income.

Something that could free you from your regular salary and job.

So let’s begin…I hope you’re taking notes.

Let’s say you start from zero, okay?

And your aim is to double your income.

Let’s consider you save 20% of your income every month.

I will show you exactly how this works.

My strategy includes injecting this amount (20% or however much you can spare) into income–generating assets.

It is a specific group of assets that will aim to create regular income for you – just like a salary.

This group of assets could work for you by multiplying your extra income dramatically in the years to come.

Now let’s compare the income–generating assets I have chosen with conventional saving instruments, which is where most Indians store their money.

The average return on such instruments is around 7%.

Whereas, the income–generating assets I chose for my readers have the potential to generate an annual return of 25% per year in the long run.

Let’s see how long it would take you to double your income with these income–generating assets if you set aside 20% of your income every month for my strategy.

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Conventional Savings Instruments

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 27 years

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That’s 27 years of your life!

That’s a lot of effort and time lost.

But the income generating assets I chose for my readers could have done the same…in just 6 years.

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Active Income Generator 1

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 6 years

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Note: All calculations are derived from extensive back–tests performed to test the strategy.

Let’s say your monthly income is X.

In about 6 years, your income from these assets alone could be X.

Which means your total take–home could be 2X.

That’s double the income in just 6 years.

This would have been entirely possible for anyone who invested in my income generating asset #1.

You could have doubled your income nearly 5 times faster than you would with the conventional savings instruments, with a similar risk–profile and with the exact same starting amount.

Want to see another example?

Take a look at this…

The second income generating asset that I picked would have generated an incredible 148% gain in 2017.

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Active Income Generator 2

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 4 years

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Note: All calculations are derived from extensive back–tests performed to test the strategy.

That’s almost 7 times faster than the way most Indians are doing it.

I believe this will offer you a chance to change your life.

What’s more – you do it simply, quickly and relatively safely - with a very clear idea of the risks you’re taking.

Here’s one more example…

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Active Income Generator 3

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 4.5 years

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Note: All calculations are derived from extensive back–tests performed to test the strategy.

Now if you’re thinking…

The 3 examples I gave you are isolated cases.

All income–generating assets might not generate gains like those – and may even lose money.

You’re right.

There are no guarantees in investing, and no one can promise you a gain with 100% certainty.

In fact, if someone did, they’d be lying to you.

But if implemented properly, my strategy could potentially generate big gains in a few years.

What I showed you earlier were examples of individual income–generating investments.

I am not recommending that you invest in individual recommendations, or pick and choose.

My strategy is to divide one’s investment across a group of assets – to achieve the best possible return in a relatively safe way.

So I would recommend that you follow the strategy as a whole…

Now, let’s see how my strategy could perform on average…

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Double Income Strategy

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 7 years

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Note: All calculations are derived from extensive back–tests performed to test the strategy.

With my strategy you would still be able to double your income 2 to 3 times faster than conventional savings instruments.

And even if my strategy did not work as well as expected, you’d still be able to double your income 2 times faster than with conventional methods.

That being said, let me clarify once again: past returns can never be a guarantee of future gains.

And I am not promising or guaranteeing you a return – far from it.

But I will promise you one thing – if you follow my strategy you could have a very strong shot at increasing, or even doubling your income in what I believe is the shortest amount of time possible.

It could take 8 years…

Or 5…

Or even 4.

But it could happen in what I believe is the shortest amount of time possible – without taking on unnecessary risks.

But if you’re skeptical, let me propose something even more conservative.

Let’s assume my strategy only works half as well – after all, there are no guarantees in investing right?

Assets can perform worse than they have in the past, and they can also perform better.

But for the sake of this argument let’s say my strategy didn’t work as well…

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If My Strategy Doesn’t Work As Well As I Expected

Initial contribution: Rs 0.00
Monthly application: 20% of monthly income
Desired goal: 100% increase in monthly income
Time to goal: 12 years

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You’d still have the chance to double your income in 12 years.

So with a much more conservative and safer approach, you could still double your income over a period of time.

And if my strategy works as well or even better than I think it will – you could double your income much faster.

Of course, this is also up to you.

I suggested using 20% of your income for this strategy as a starting point – but you don’t have to stick to that.

The more you put in, the faster you could double your income.

This allocation will of course vary from person to person. For something that works best for you, we recommend you talk to your

investment advisor.

I have guided many of my subscribers towards increasing and multiplying their income – and leading richer, happier lives.

I’d like you to hear from some of them…subscribers to one of my other services, Microcap Millionaires.

"Multiplied my money with Microcap Millionaires"

I’m a long–time member with Equitymaster and recently have renewed my Microcap Millionaire service two months back. I’m pleased to say that I have multiplied my money from Microcap Millionaire.

Excellent and unbiased reports. Also good in terms of professionalism.
– Bimal Sud, Pune
"Satisfied with the service and performance"

Let me congratulate on the success of Microcap Millionaire service.

I am very much satisfied with the service and by the performance of the stocks in the portfolio.

Keep up the good work.
– Priyank Upadhyay, Mumbai
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Double Income in Your Account Every Month?

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Let me be clear: the aim of this strategy is to increase your income as safely as possible.

Whatever you decide to do – you will have the financial freedom to decide.

Once you reach your goal, you no longer have to keep money aside for the strategy.

Or you could keep using it and multiply your income even further.

It’s up to you.

And once you think you’re there, you can use your extra income to do whatever you like…

You could take a trip around the world with your family…

But my strategy is to continually seek out the best of these income generators for my subscribers.

You could pay off all your loans.

You could plan a lavish wedding for your child.

But my strategy is to continually seek out the best of these income generators for my subscribers.

And that’s not all.

But my strategy is to continually seek out the best of these income generators for my subscribers.

What I have shown you here were just 3 examples of income generating assets.

But my strategy is to continually seek out the best of these income generators for my subscribers.

nd if you decide to join me, you will have the chance to multiply your income as many times as you like.

Does that work for you?

Because I have 5 other reasons you could consider applying the double income strategy as soon as possible.

The first is…

1. You could have an opportunity to increase your income as often as you like.

The decision is yours. The aim of this method is to relatively safely create other sources of income for you.

You can keep going until you double your income.

And then stop. Or you can take it further and multiply your income over and over as many times as you like.

Just by applying the strategy. It is up to you to decide when to stop applying the strategy and withdraw the additional income to spend.

The second reason is…

2. You could do this even if you’re not a financial expert.

You don’t need to be one, or even have a degree in finance to be able to apply my strategy.

That is because I’ll do all the work for you – that’s my job.

I’ll find for you the best possible assets to put your money in and tell you when to buy them.

The third reason is…

3. You could start from zero.

You can start applying this strategy even if your account has zero balance right now.

What is important is to start saving from right now.

So you can use your next salary to start applying my strategy, as I showed you in the examples I shared.

But if you already have some money to spare, that’s even better. This could greatly reduce the time required to double your income.

The fourth reason is that…

4. You do not need to spend hours tracking this strategy.

Just 40 minutes a month – that’s all you’ll need to put this strategy into place.

Can you spare that time in exchange for the chance to double your income in a few years?

The last and most important reason is that…

5. You could try this strategy out at no obligation.

Let’s say you join my service, apply my strategy diligently and follow every step I recommend.

But you find it isn’t working for you.

I will make sure that you get to stop whenever you like – and with no obligation.

So there you have it: that’s what I propose.

And the reason I can do this so confidently, is that I have a huge degree of faith in the potential of my strategy.

If this failed, I and our company would be liable to pay lakhs of rupees in refunds to our subscribers – and I would never do something like this if I thought we ran that risk.

Honestly, after having worked in the financial markets for over 15 years, I know that traditional methods and complicated financial strategies are not capable of uniting all the elements of my strategy and delivering what the Double Income strategy has the potential to deliver.

Now you may be thinking, if this strategy is as effective as I say, why have you never heard of it?

You see, the financial system in India is corrupt and skewed in favor of the big guns.

Banks and big financial institutions only have their own interests at heart – they don’t care about the average investor.

I should know – I worked at a big Swiss investment bank myself, where I realized that the stereotype of a greedy investment banker is true.

I quickly became disillusioned working for the ‘financial establishment’…

And left to join Equitymaster, where I guide millions of readers towards profitable and safe avenues of investing every day.

You see, the average Indian has probably been brought up to believe that the only way to make money is to work a regular 9 to 5 job until you retire. And that gains like what I showed you, are impossible to make.

Which is why the financial establishment finds it so easy to take the average investor for a ride – and keep the biggest chunk of profits for themselves.

The small investor just ends up paying endless commissions and fees – and missing out on big profits.

The financial establishment restricts their best investments and guidance to the elite.

Which is why you’ll find most Indians have their money stuck in savings accounts.

That’s great for banks – which is why your bank manager wants you to leave your money there, where they can keep charging you exorbitant fees without giving you a decent return on your money.

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You Can Turn the Tables on The Financial
Establishment Today

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My strategy will give you an opportunity to potentially increase your income faster, maybe even several times faster, than any conventional method out there.

And if you want you can use it to be free of your regular job and salary.

All this with minimal risk – in an easy and relatively safe way.

Within the comfort of your own house – and without having to learn any complicated systems.

To give you one more example of how my strategy is about a revolution, let’s compare it to one of the oldest forms of investing Indians believe in: real estate.

Considering that if you own property in any of India’s major cities, you’re probably getting a rental yield of 2% or less.

The average of my strategy would still beat this by about 10 times or more.

And if you want to double your income, it would take 10 times longer to do it this way.

And that’s without even taking into account:

I have no doubt my strategy will guide you towards showing you how to increase your income, maybe even doubling it if you want – in a low–risk and easy way.

The truth is – income generating assets have always existed.

They’ve just been inaccessible to the majority of people because of the poor financial education most Indians get.

I was lucky that way – my father, a successful investor and businessman was my first guru, and I received a sound education in investing right from the beginning.

And since then I’ve worked at a Swiss investment bank…

Picked profitable stocks for over 30,000 subscribers at Equitymaster…

And regularly share some of my investing insights in a newsletter with over 300,000 readers.

Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing much about the strategies that really work. Most Indians don’t.

Or didn’t…until now.

I want to share my strategy with as many people as I can – because what’s more important to me than creating wealth is leaving behind a legacy…

A legacy of having made my subscribers’ lives richer and more rewarding.

And that’s why I decided to take on this bet today.

But if you decide to ignore the information I’m sharing with you today – it is entirely on you.

I will explain to you exactly how to apply my strategy…

Guiding you towards increasing your income in what I think is the shortest time possible…

And I won’t ask for a cut of your potential gains either.

All I ask is that you hear me out today.

If you want – you can become completely independent of your regular income in a few years.

Once you start increasing your income you can apply this strategy for as long as you like…

There’s no reason to stop.

Think about it…

Have you ever thought of having an additional source of income?

Something that pays as much as 50%…80%…even 100% of your regular income?

Many people are using some of the methods involved in my strategy to grow their income…

You may even know someone like that.

And today, YOU have the chance to dramatically increase your income, without working longer hours, asking for a raise and without cutting spending.

And you won’t even have to wait for years and years.

With your goal in sight, you’ll be able to decide when to stop doing this…

And enjoy the wealth you could have accumulated.

When that day comes, what’s the first thing you’ll do?

You could take your wife away on the vacation of a lifetime.

You could plan a lavish wedding for your child.

You could pay off all your loans, fund your children’s education and put away a considerable amount as savings.

Do you see how close the goal is?

All of this could be yours, and soon.

So pay close attention now…

I will show you how this works.

As I explained to you – no one can guarantee future gains or promise you a specific result.

Past earnings are no guarantee of future returns. And all investments – even the safest ones – come with some degree of risk.

In fact, some of the income generating assets I tested, have shown losses like – 25% and – 31%.

However, I have only shown you examples – as conservative as possible – to outline the potential of my strategy.

Income generators that help in increasing your income in as few years as possible.

But here’s the clincher:

You won’t have to wait all those years to see if my strategy works for you.

If it didn’t work, you’d end up wasting a lot of time and effort, right?

I don’t want that for you.

So before you commit to anything – you can take the next 30 days to access my full strategy, try it out for yourself, and make a decision.

Over the next few years, I am going to work hard towards ensuring that my strategy yields the best possible results. I will be with you every step of the day, working to ensure that you get the chance to potentially double your income in the earliest possible time, according to me.

Now you may still have some questions about my strategy.

For instance:

1. "I have never bought any income generating assets in my life. Is that a problem?"

That is not an issue at all. I will give you all the tools you need to start applying my strategy and teach you everything you need to know.

2. "Does this strategy involve risks?"

Yes, like any other type of investment, this strategy comes with some risk. And past returns can never be a guarantee of future gains.

But you must keep in mind that market fluctuations do not change my double income strategy. Income generating assets continue to generate returns even when the market fluctuates.

The income that falls into your account may vary – some months it could be lower and some months it could be higher.

But my strategy is designed to ensure that the return is almost always positive over the long term.

Your next question may be…

3. "Can I do this if I have no investing experience"

My goal is to guide everyone, regardless of their investing knowledge. This strategy is suitable for both laymen and experienced investors.

It is the only way to generate a considerable income without having to rely on your bank and without having to spend hours in front of a computer.

In fact, you don’t even need to get out of your chair.

I told you, all you need is 40 minutes a month, a working internet connection and the will to double your income.

4. "How much money do I need to get started?"

This is up to you. You have to decide.

My calculations assumed that 20% of the income was being deployed every month. You could choose to start with 5%…10%…or even go upto 40% or 50%.

In that case, you could begin to see results much faster.

This allocation will of course vary from person to person. For something that works best for you, we recommend you talk to your investment advisor.

Anyway, now let’s get to the part you’re waiting for…

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How to Access My Double Income Strategy

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Once you join me and claim your 12–month free access, you will have exclusive access to my double income strategy, including all the income generators I recommend.

I will be by your side 100% of the time to guide you towards our shared goal: doubling your income in the shortest amount of time possible.

I will communicate with you directly through monthly updates, videos and emails.

40 minutes a month – that’s all you need.

It is important that you remember that I will not be getting anyone’s money to invest.

Your money will stay with you and you can decide which of my income generators you want to invest in.

I would recommend spreading your money across all of them – and not picking and choosing – for best results.

But it is up to you.

I will now hand this over to my colleague, Trupti, who will explain the rest of the details to you.

Hi, I am Trupti David – Head of Customer Service at Equitymaster. Let’s first talk about everything you get when you subscribe to Rahul Shah’s Double Income.

12–Month FREE Access to Double Income

When you join Double Income today, we will add an additional 12 months of access to your subscription for FREE. I’ll show you how you can claim your free year – but please remember, this offer is valid only until 11:59pm, 28th JANUARY.

The Full Set of Assets Rahul Recommends

When you log in to your subscriber area, you will be able to access Rahul’s full set of recommended assets, including his latest income generators.

Monthly Report

Every month, you will receive an issue of Double Income, in your inbox. Part A will have Rahul explaining his Double Income strategy in detail – so you know exactly how to set yourself up to increase your income.

This report will also include Rahul’s latest Income Generator, which will be covered in Part B of the report.

Income Generator of the Month

Part B of the report will include the income–generator of the month. Rahul will tell you about the latest wealth–generating asset he is recommending – what price to get in at, and when to exit.

Now keep in mind that our team never forces a recommendation when there’s none…so if there isn’t an opportunity that makes it through Rahul’s checklist, he won’t force one on you.

On the other hand, if he finds more than one opportunity to share with subscribers, this report could also include 2 or more income–generators.

You will also receive some special free gifts.

Premium Report: Rahul Shah’s Top 2 Income Generators (Worth Rs 2,950)

As soon as you join Double Income, Rahul will share with you his Top 2 Income Generators to increase your wealth with.

You can consider investing in these right away.

These income generators could offer huge potential gains in a few years – and guide you towards doubling your income.

When you sign up for Double Income, you get Rahul’s special report containing full details on his Top 2 Income Generators, normally worth Rs 2,950 – for free.

Financial Worksheet

Rahul will share with you a specially designed worksheet where you will be able to track your progress with the Double Income strategy.

Income Supervisor Map

Everything you need to start creating an additional source of income.

The whole system, step by step. This map contains all the details you need to know to start applying Rahul Shah’s strategy.

Free Ebook: 100 Greatest Essays (Worth Rs 1,950)

A compilation of the best research ideas published at Equitymaster – put together by Rahul Shah.

This e–book is worth Rs 1,950 but you will get it for free, on joining Rahul Shah today.

Q&A with Rahul Shah

You will be able to write in with any questions you have, directly to Rahul Shah.

And in every monthly report, Rahul publish the questions you send in, and his answers to them.

Any doubt, any query you have – whether it is about the service, the strategy or your own progress with Double Income, Rahul will answer all your questions for you.

Monthly Podcast with Rahul Shah

Once you join Rahul Shah’s Double Income, you will have access to regular podcasts from Rahul where he will share updates on his recommended investments, any new market developments, urgent opportunities for readers, and much more.

Private Briefing

This is a VIP service that we offer our valued subscribers, to help you keep track of all our latest research and updates.

You will hear directly from the CEO of Equitymaster, who has access to every bit of information our team digs up on various stocks.

So every week he sifts through the mountains of reports, press releases and reviews our team digs up, and sums up the key details for you.

In plain English – no "analyst–talk" here.

Equitymaster Investor Hour Podcast

Every week, the smartest investing minds from across the world, will share their investing secrets with you in this premium podcast.

You will get a chance to go inside the minds of the gurus of the investing world and ask questions that the mainstream media ignores. You will hear directly from them about their best recommendations, how they found them, where they’re investing now and much more.

Latest Edition of Equitymaster’s Secrets (Worth Rs 1,950)

Secrets and investing lessons from over 20 years of successful stock picking. This book costs Rs 1,950 on Amazon, but when you join us today you will get a soft copy absolutely free.

You’ll also get access to Rahul’s income generators that you could consider investing in right now…

Since inception, Rahul has recommended 9 stocks to Double Income subscribers, and 8 of them are a strong ‘BUY’ right now.

Once you join, you could log in and consider investing in these income generating stocks right away.

Now before you take up one of the few spots we have, the most important question…

What happens if this strategy doesn’t work?

Once you join Rahul’s service and unlock your access – you will have 30 days to review everything and give it a try.

If you decide Double Income isn’t for you, just email us at our customer service ID, and I will make sure you are refunded your subscription fee in full.

You keep everything you’ve downloaded. No hard feelings.

If you decide to stay, your subscription will be confirmed and auto–renewed at the same price every year based on the standing instructions, unless you decide to cancel.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like, and the auto–renew payments will stop.

We will also send you a reminder notice before every charge, in case you want to cancel your subscription.

You will always be in control of your subscription to Rahul Shah’s Double Income.

But please remember, this offer is valid only until 11:59pm, 28th JANUARY

I know some people will join just to find out what Rahul’s top 2 income–generators are – and then unsubscribe.

That’s unfortunate – because they won’t receive his monthly updates sharing when to get out of those investments.

And they won’t receive access to the future income generators he recommends.

Let’s come to what I know you’ve been waiting for…

The price.

For the chance to join Rahul Shah’s Double Income today, for access to his top 2 income–generators and all future income generators he recommends, you would normally pay just Rs 6,000 a year.

That comes to Rs 500 a month – much less than what you’d spend on dinner for two.

And for that small payment you get the chance to dramatically increase your income, maybe even double it, in a few years.

But Rs 6,000 isn’t what you’ll pay us today.

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(You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final)

(You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final)

Warm regards,
Rahul Goel
Rahul Goel
CEO, Equitymaster

PS – The 3 stocks I told you about? They’ve been on Tanushree’s watch list for a while, and there’s no telling when they could run up. You don’t want to miss out on blockbuster gains just because you were too slow to make up your mind, do you?

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