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Have You Buried YOUR
"Pot of Gold"
In The Field Yet?

Here's an Opportunity to Multiply Your Investments
Many Times in Years to Come...
Just Like The Gold Stored By Our Ancestors In The Fields Did!

Hi there,

Today, I want to talk to you about an old Indian tradition.

In the past... before banks... before stocks... even before money was created...

We used to convert a part of our savings in gold, fill up an earthen pot with it and bury it in our fields.

And that earthen pot wasn't dug out until and unless it was absolutely necessary.

The idea was that the value of gold would increase over time. And when you were in real need of money, this gold would come in handy.

Of course, this was a LONG time ago. But my point is that we have always been taught to save for the rainy day.

Whether it was in those earthen pots or whether it was in the first piggy bank gifted to us by our grandparents.

When we got ten rupees... we were taught to save four.

The rule was, 'Use what you need and save the rest'.

However, what I have noticed is that over time things have changed...

We want everything... and we want it now!

If you fall in that bracket, I thank you for your time and you can stop reading hereon.

Because this message is about earning huge returns, but over a long-term.

Returns like 2800% in 7 years... or 1900% in 6 years!

It is not about 'right now'... or even about the next couple of years ...

It's about 'burying your gold in your field'.

And letting it stay there till the time you have a need for it.

Now, allow me to show you why I think that this 'Pot of Gold' strategy might be the most profitable inheritance we have from our ancestors.

Yes, if you think that it was only good for those good old times you are dead wrong...

And here's why I believe so...

Let's say that you actually did decide to bury gold worth Just Rs 10,000 about 10 years back...

I'm not talking ages back... Just 10 years!

What would it be worth today?

Well, over 5 times your cost.

That's a return of over 500% over a period of 10 years!

Now, let's go back a little further... let's say you buried gold worth the same amount almost 30 years back...

Its value would have multiplied more than 22 times!

That's right, a return of more than 2,200% over 30 years!

Now, I could give you numerous other examples about how this Pot of Gold strategy is better than almost any other investing option. But that's not what we are here for today...

Today, we are here to help you bury Your 'Pot of Gold'... so that you can take care of all your future needs...

Now, the next question to be answered is... How and Where?

And I'll tell you everything you want to know about it, but allow me to share something else before that...

This Opportunity Is Even Better Than
Literally Burying Your Pot Of Gold!

Yes, it's even better than burying your gold in the field...

Because whatever said and done, the value of that gold in the field will only change as the price of gold rises, or falls.

And if we consider the risks involved... like it getting stolen overnight... this option is far, far better.

So without further ado... here is the 'Pot of Gold' strategy...

Your 'Pot of Gold' would be a portfolio of stocks that are handpicked from the stock market and are worth their weight in gold... These stocks would be picked using the Stock-Selection strategy of the world's greatest investor - Warren Buffett.

Sounds easy but take my word when I say that this could be the most profitable investment decision you've ever taken!

So, once you invest in this 'Pot of Gold' portfolio...

You could forget about it and let it multiply MANY times over... for years to come!

Just like the old times...

This portfolio of stocks could literally be your 'Gold in the field'.

Now, you must be thinking about how we could compare these stocks to a pot of gold.

See, we pick each and every stock for this portfolio after putting into practice the investing guidelines of Warren Buffet.

And once you take a look at how some of Buffett's own investments have performed over the years, you'll understand why stocks picked using his investment principles could easily be considered as a 'Pot of Gold'...

Buffett's 'Pot of Gold' #1: Coca Cola

Buffett invested in Coca Cola in 1988.

And today, he is still invested.

And over a period of 20 years, this 'Pot of Gold' multiplied by almost 20 times!

Buffett's 'Pot of Gold' #2: Washington Post

Buffett buried this 'Pot of Gold' in 1973.

This one multiplied a whopping 73 times in around 38 years!

Buffett's 'Pot of Gold' #3: Gillette

Buffett has got this 'Pot of Gold' buried for over 16 years now....

And it has multiplied 8 times already!

So, what is his strategy?

We'll discuss all that in detail, but let's come back to the main reason behind discussing all these multi-baggers here...

Today I'd like to invite YOU to bury YOUR 'Pot of Gold in the field'.

So, allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, I am Rahul Goel and I am the CEO of Equitymaster.

Equitymaster, as you may know, is a stock research firm that has been guiding investors towards creating wealth for over 15 years now.

We were the first financial website of India.

And today, we have over 907,500 members across the globe benefitting from our research. And we are proud to have earned the trust of so many...

Here's what one of subscribers has to say about his experience...

""I really thank you for starting something like Equitymaster and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ....but well ...certain things take place only when they are destined to."

-- Nishank Mehta, an Equitymaster subscriber since 2009

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to share that we are not backed by any Industrial house or earn any brokerage from any of our recommendations.

We are proud of our unbiased approach towards equity research and have consistently worked towards empowering all our subscribers through our in-depth analysis and profitable stock recommendations.

And today we are inviting you to join one of our most popular services called ValuePro.

ValuePro: Equitymaster's Portfolio Recommendation
Service that is based on Buffett's Investing Principles

ValuePro is one of our most popular services, through which your investments could multiply 4x-6x over the next 5-10 years.

Through this service we'll pick out the best, long-term, wealth-building stocks that meet the parameters of investment as set by Warren Buffett himself.

In short, stocks which are worth their weight in Gold.

ValuePro Portfolio could be your 'Pot of Gold'!

Now, there is no doubt in our minds that Warren Buffett is the world's greatest investor. And I'm sure we'll both agree when I say that his is one of the Most Effective and Most Profitable Investment Strategies ever...

After all Buffett has built nearly his entire wealth, about 40 Billion US Dollars at the end of 2011, by picking out his investments using this strategy.

So, do not take this opportunity as just investing in stocks... we're talking long term wealth creation!

We look out for fundamentally strong stocks of simple, wealth-building businesses that have a strong competitive advantage and could create immense wealth over long-term.

And as we pick out the best from the lot, each of these stocks could be considered a Gold Standard for its industry...

And the complete ValuePro Portfolio... Your 'Pot of Gold'!

Which could multiply your investments many times over the years, safely.

For ValuePro, we follow the same investing guidelines, as laid down by Buffett himself.
We've done it in the past ...

Yes, before you ask how capable Equitymaster is in picking out stocks that would meet Buffett's investing principles...

Allow me to share some of our past stock picks that have made our subscribers, who invested on our recommendation, really wealthy.

Equitymaster's 'Pot of Gold' #1: Voltas

In June 2003, we found that Voltas was looking extremely lucrative.

Add to that the simple business model and an excellent product portfolio, and we knew the company had immense potential.

But then Buffett has said, "Charlie and I avoid businesses whose futures we can't evaluate, no matter how exciting their products may be."

So, we evaluated its long-term business strategy, analysed its financial statements, studied the market competition amongst other things... and found it to be an extremely exciting company.

This stock met all the parameters for it to be considered our 'Pot of Gold'.

And when we found that the stock was trading at a mere 0.2 times its sales per share, we knew it was the right time to recommend it to our subscribers.

If you had 'Buried this Pot of Gold' in 2003 your investment would have multiplied almost 28 times, in around 7 years, before we gave a sell in August 2010.

Data Source: Trend

Equitymaster's 'Pot of Gold' #2: M&M

The next stock pick was M&M, an automaker we recommended in April 2003.

Now, this company was in distress when we recommended it to our subscribers. But we found market's sentiments to be unreasonable.

After all this company had everything going for it...

It was a strong and simple business, even though it had had a slip around that time, with an able management at the top and stocks selling dirt cheap.

So, as Buffett has said, "Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it."

So we recommended it...

And this 'Pot of Gold' would have multiplied your investments almost 19 times, in around 6 years, before we gave a sell in November 2009.

Data Source: Trend

Let's take a look at another one...

Equitymaster's 'Pot of Gold' #3: Infosys

Today, Infosys stock is a prized possession for any investor.

But, we recommended the stock on 19th August, 2002

At that time it was selling at a meager Rs 403.2.

The company was intelligently managed and we found it to be meeting all the factors we look for in a stock recommendation.

And this 'Pot of Gold' was priced at Rs 2,836.20 in January 2012.

So, it would have multiplied your investments more than 7 times in about 9 years!

Data Source: Trend

Not just these, here are a couple of other Multibaggers we have found for our subscribers by following Buffet's Investing principles...

Titan Industries - Multiplied a whopping 62 times over a period of 8 years, before we gave a Sell
Tata Power - First recommended in 2004, would have given you 295% returns today!

And we aren't done yet!

Now, through ValuePro we create a portfolio of 12-15 stocks which meets the investing guidelines of the World's Greatest Investor.

We started building our first portfolio in 2009, with a niche group of investors and here's how the portfolio has performed ...

Note: Given that investments in the portfolio are made at different points in time,
we prefer to use the NAV method for calculating returns.

Yes, our first ValuePro portfolio has certainly turned out to be a 'Pot of Gold' for our subscribers by consistently beating the Sensex.

And it's just the beginning...

These stocks have been picked for a time-frame of 5-10 years and have the potential to multiply manifolds.

So you see, Equitymaster has already put the Investing Principles of Warren Buffet into practice and the outcome has been extremely profitable!

So, How is ValuePro different from
Any other Stock Recommendation Service

ValuePro as the name suggests is all about Value Investing.

In short, it's like finding stocks which are worth Rs 100 and buying them when they are available at Rs 80, or even lower... and then just letting the stock reach its true potential and earn big returns!

Warren Buffett has perfected this investment strategy over the years and built his billions using this approach.

For ValuePro, we follow the same approach and as far as I know, none of the other recommendation services is implementing this strategy, this successfully...

So, with ValuePro...

- It's not just about investing in stocks... It's about investing in businesses!
- It's not just about current stock price... It's about long-term growth prospects!
- It's not just about technical analysis... It's about fundamental analysis too!

And, there's more...

- We don't recommend just any strong company. We recommend strong companies which are available at bargain price
- We don't just look at the growth potential of the stock and instead go on to actually analyse the prospects of the industry, the company's competitive strength and also the future growth prospects of the business
- We don't look at the market fluctuations in analyzing our companies as even the best of the companies might dip during bad times. We understand the business and invest in companies that we wish to own.

These are just some points that could give you a glimpse into what all goes behind each and every stock recommended through ValuePro.

And these are just a few amongst the various other aspects we test every stock on before we add it to our portfolio...and you've already seen how our first portfolio has performed...

Now you can get complete details
On each and every stock in this portfolio... and more!

Yes, as soon as you accept this invitation, you can access full details of each and every stock in this portfolio.

Yes, you'll have full access to Equitymaster's Market-Beating 'Pot of Gold'!

And, after the success of our first portfolio, We Have Already Started Building Our Second Portfolio on the same guidelines.

We'll follow the same stringent selection criteria and are confident of creating yet another market-beating portfolio.

This Second portfolio will again have 12-15 stocks which meet Buffett's Investment Guidelines and which could earn you huge returns over the long term.

So, if you are looking for long-term wealth growth... ValuePro is for you!

Here's what one of our subscribers has to say about ValuePro...

"First of all I would like to appreciate the stock selection mechanism of Equitymaster. I am a subscriber of Equitymaster since 2009. Also enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining Equitymaster in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision. I am happy investor and proud to be associated with Equitymaster. I encourage the Mid community of retail investors to join such an advisory services to be active participants in Indian Stock Markets and NOT to run after quick money."

-- Pankaj Deshkar, a ValuePro subscriber since 2009

And such kind words only add to our determination to find out the most profitable investment opportunities from the market.

But one thing you should take a note of...

See, Investing in stocks comes with an inherent risk and even the World's greatest investor doesn't have a 100% record.

For example, he sold out stocks of Nike at a loss!

Yes, even though we take due diligence in carving out the best stocks from the market, at times there are certain companies that don't live up to our expectations.

This could be due to a change in top management; some unforeseen change in business environment; change in the company's goals or maybe we expected more out of the company than it could deliver.

So, we aren't saying that we'll be right on Bulls-eye every time!

Nobody can be.

What we do promise you is...

Continuous Monitoring of All the Stocks
That form a part of your ValuePro Portfolio

Yes, we'll keep a constant tab on each and every stock that we recommend.

And on the first Monday of every month you will get an update on each and every stock covered in this Market- Beating Portfolio.

If any stock slips more than what we think is normal or if any company takes a decision that we think could be damaging in the long run... we would update you.

We don't believe in just recommending a stock and then forgetting about it.

Our goal is not just to create the portfolio but also to keep a tab on it. So that it could reach its goal of multiplying your investments 4x-6x times over the next 5-10 year.

And We're Investing With You Too!

Yes, just to reinforce how strongly we believe in our ValuePro Stock Selection strategy, we have decided to invest Rs 100,000 in each and every one of our ValuePro recommendation.

We've done it for the first portfolio and are doing it for the second one too.

And before you ask... As always we are committed to building YOUR wealth. So you get a chance to invest in our recommendations even before we do.

We will invest in our recommendations 10 trading sessions AFTER we recommend them to you.
So, Here's the Invitation...

ValuePro Subscription currently stands at Rs 30,000 for two years.

That's just Rs 1,250 a month! Just about what we pay for a family outing!


As you have been an avid follower of Equitymaster, this is a special invitation. So, you won't have to pay anything even close to that!

And to make this even better, for our First 200 subscribers who join through this offer, we would be sending across a Special Free Gift as well.

This Gift is something that even Buffett has confessed helped him shape his investing strategy.

And I'll also tell you how you could find out if you are amongst the lucky ones...

But we'll come to that gift in a minute...

Now, If you accept this invitation today...

You can join the ValuePro club for
Only Rs 10,950 for 2 Years

Yes, you read that right...

This is an unmatched offer to join one of our most popular services for nearly 1/3rd of its actual price!

I'm sure we'll both agree that this is as profitable as it can get...

For just around Rs 450 a month, you could bury your 'Pot of Gold'!

That's less than what we pay for a movie ticket!

And, as soon as you join in, you'll have an instant access to all the stocks of our first portfolio that we mentioned earlier.

And you'll also get instant access to full details of stocks we have already added to the Second portfolio and updates on all our future ValuePro recommendations.

We both know that the earlier you invest in a strong business, the better.

Now, The Early Bird Gift Which Even Buffett says
Changed his Life.

The special gift is a copy of Benjamin Graham's Security Analysis.

This book is considered the bible of value investing and has had a strong influence on Buffett in creating his investing strategies.

Though first published in 1934, the importance of the knowledge in this book can best be summed by what Buffett has said about it.

Buffett says that this book would still be of enormous value to him if he were to read it today for the first time.

'The wisdom endures though the pages fade'.

And today you have a chance to get your copy of this hugely popular book Absolutely Free.

This book, which also includes a CD of the classic Second edition of Security Analysis, usually costs Rs 895/-. But if you are amongst the first 200 subscribers to join ValuePro through this offer, you will get it Absolutely FREE.

Click Here to see if you are amongst the first 200 and join ValuePro Right Away!

Note: The Security Analysis book will be dispatched after the 30-day trial period... and it will be delivered to addresses in India only. So if you reside outside India, you can have the book delivered to a friend or relative's address in India, and then relayed to you from there.

And there's more...

You'll also get Free and Instant Access to Equitymaster's intelligent Portfolio Tracker that usually costs Rs 330 per year.

As you would be creating your wealth-enhancing portfolio over the next two years, Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker will help you scrutinize and analyze your portfolio just like a fund manager does.

This portfolio tracker is available on our website 24x7 and can even be accessed during market hours.

It comes with intelligent reports that you could use to analyse your portfolio scrip wise, sector wise, market cap wise and even see your annualized returns.

Then there are the Networth Report, Transaction Report, Point to Point Returns Report and even Daily Performance Report amongst other factors.

All these reports will ensure that you could analyse and dissect your portfolio on multiple factors and ensure that it meets your investment goals.

And its biggest strength is the ease of use! It's all available at a click of a button!

Here's what one of our subscriber has to say about this tool...

"Cool! I liked the new Portfolio Tracker updates. Especially intelligent reports for Annualised Returns with benchmark comparison. Keep up the good work!"

-- Prashant Shanbhag, a subscriber since 2007

And another one...

""Thanks a lot for implementing one of my suggestion of import of data. I could import my data of stocks from moneycontrol. It is fantastic. I did not have any problem. I could import all 110 entries without much difficulty. Great. Now I can use your portfolio tracker effectively."

-- S Raghunathan, Portfolio Tracker user since 2010

Yes, Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker is an organic tool which we keep updating and improving by implementing suggestions from our subscribers.

So, let's sum it up...
Here's all that you'll get when you join ValuePro

  1. 2-year ValuePro Subscription for only Rs 10,950 (Normal price: Rs 30,000)

  2. A Readymade Portfolio of 13 high potential stocks absolutely free

  3. Updates on all the new ValuePro recommendation for our second Portfolio, as soon as we release them

  4. Free access to Equitymaster's Intelligent Portfolio Tracker (Normal price: Rs 330)

  5. Free Copy of Benjamin Graham's Security Analysis book (Normal price: Rs 895) for the first 200 members who join through this offer. Click on the link below this message to check if you are in the lucky list

  6. A Monthly ValuePro newsletter on the first Monday of every month

And I have Saved the Best for the Last...

Yes, I know after that list of great benefits, you must be thinking what could be better...

So allow me to share the best news... This invitation comes with 30-days 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Yes, we're giving you Full 30 days to test ValuePro.

Read our past reports; see the details of our first Market-Beating Portfolio; access our Portfolio Tracker and try every aspect of the service.

And if any time before the 31st day, you think that service is not for you, though we're sure it'll be otherwise, just get in touch with us to unsubscribe and we'll refund every rupee you paid!

That's a promise.

However, we are certain that once you check out our first 'Pot of Gold' Portfolio, you would want to stay on for the second...

Now you have no reason not to try ValuePro and Start investing like Warren Buffett.

I repeat, through ValuePro you'll get access to fundamentally strong stocks, selling at attractive prices, with a stable financial history and with strong and able management at the top.

And I strongly recommend that you treat them as your 'Pot of Gold in the field'.

In other words, invest an amount that you can keep invested for a long term and not worry about short term fluctuations in the market.

As Buffett says, the ideal investment period for investing in good companies is Forever!

So, don't delay any further and Click Here to 'Bury your Pot of Gold'.

As the market is still swinging, we feel it's an appropriate time to invest in with a long term perspective.

Many 'gold standard' stocks are available dirt cheap and we've already picked out a few for our second ValuePro portfolio.

Now, this is a Limited Time Offer wherein the membership to this Exclusive club is open only till 11.59 PM today. I would strongly recommend that you make the most out of this opportunity.

Click Here to Start Investing like Warren Buffett.

I look forward to having you as a part of our ValuePro club and building your wealth for years to come.

To your wealth, always,

Warm Regards

Rahul Goel,
CEO Equitymaster

P.S.: Indians are known to have saved for the rainy day. One of our old traditions involved burying our wealth and digging it out only when we needed it. This invite is for you to bury a part of your wealth in 'Gold Standard Stocks' and join our Portfolio recommendation service at rock-bottom price! Click here to accept our invitation to Join our Portfolio Recommendation Service.

P.P.S.: If you are a serious long-term investor who believes in value investing and wish to follow the investing guidelines as laid down by Warren Buffett himself, this invitation is especially for you.

P.P.P.S.: We have already put Buffett's principles into practice and the results are extremely rewarding. Our first Portfolio of 13 stocks has beaten the market consistently since the day we started creating it. And we have started creating our second portfolio now. Click Here to Join our Portfolio Recommendation Service and get access to both these portfolios.

P.P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or Write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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* Returns have been calculated as on 9th January 2012 or on the date of Sell recommendation, whichever is applicable
** Returns for ValuePro Portfolio calculated as on 21st September 2011 *** Returns on Buffett's stock investments have been calculated as on 20th May 2011

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