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The Coronavirus Scare Has Created Potentially the
Single Biggest Investment Opportunity of the Decade…

Head Of Small Cap Research, Richa Agarwal, Shares
How A Tiny Company, Trading For A Little Over Rs 200,
Has The Potential To Generate Rs 1 Crore In The Long Run…

Dear Reader,

My name is Richa Agarwal, and I’m the Head of Small Cap Research, here at Equitymaster.

I have been picking stocks for almost 10 years now…and I can promise you I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Over the years, I have travelled to 18 cities, covered around 11,230 miles and met with hundreds of companies, in search of the best small cap investing opportunities for my readers.

In the last three years alone, my research has taken me to places including, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Rajkot, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kochi, Agra…

…Kanpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Erode, Nasik, Pune, Noida…and of course, many, many meetings here in Mumbai.

And I have, over the years, uncovered many profitable investing opportunities for my subscribers.

But this opportunity, which I believe has been amplified by the coronavirus linked sell-off, is unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

And in the next 10 minutes I am going to tell you all about my No. 1 small cap pick right now – a tiny company trading at just over Rs 200.

As you will realize over the next few minutes, this stock single-handedly has the potential to generate gains to the tune of Rs 1 crore or even more…in the long run.

Now, I have made sure each of my subscribers realize how powerful the potential within this stock is…

And how it could help one get rich, potentially generating Rs 1 crore, or more in the long term.

But I don’t want any of my readers to miss out on this incredible opportunity that has been triggered by the coronavirus crash...

Which is why I’m writing you this letter today.

Like I said, I’ve been picking stocks for almost 10 years now.

And my recommendations have guided my subscribers towards immense wealth, generating returns like 11.9X in 10.8 years on Eclerx Industries… 10X in 9 years with Balkrishna Industries, and even 76X on an open position I cannot disclose.

*past performance does not guarantee future results

But what I’m going to share with you today has the potential to be bigger than any of those opportunities.

The small cap stock I will tell you about today isn’t a household name like so many of its clients.

In fact, it is so overlooked by the media and investors that I can bet you haven’t even heard of it.

But if it wasn’t for this company…

Market giants like Asian Paints, Castrol and Kansai Nerolac wouldn’t have the brand recall value they do now.

In fact, the products this company makes are quite possibly the only thing that’s kept some of these giant brands alive in the minds of consumers for the last 30 years.

And they’re not the only ones.

Companies like Amul, Cadbury, Vadilal, Kwality Walls, Unilever and Heinz rely immensely on this tiny company’s product to expand their brand reach.

Not only is this tiny company the unseen force behind hundreds of big-name brands…

It is one of the most powerful niche innovators in the world.

And yet, this isn’t a name you would have heard in the media, or from other investors.

Here’s why…

One Stock That Could Make One Crores

The company I’m going to discuss today is one of the most powerful- yet almost unknown - niche innovators in the world.

This company is the unseen force behind some of the world’s biggest brands.

Brand-building, as you know, is an essential task for a growing company…

Companies spend billions on building their brands.


Because millions of people across the world buy their daily-use items - as well as luxury services - based on the trust they have on these brands.

Buyers tend to make a majority of their decisions based on their brand loyalty. An Apple consumer, for example, would not be caught dead with an Android phone…

Today, more than ever before - it's all about the brand.

Without branding power, big companies wouldn’t be able to convince and sell to millions of customers.

This is where brand positioning comes into play.

And this one little company I will tell you about today is playing a crucial role in the success of some of the world’s most recognizable brands… for example:

This Company’s Technology Is Used By:

Company'?'s Technology Is Used By

(Image for representational purposes only)

… and the list goes on.

The extent to which some of these companies rely on this one company’s products to position their brands is extraordinary.

This company’s products is the lifeblood that has kept some of these giant brands alive in the minds of consumers for the last 30 years.

It is a success story unlike any other…

This company serves many clients across the globe…

And its products are used by millions and millions of people every month.

This company is now the market leader in its product category…

And its profits are expected to multiply several times over the long term.

This alone should excite any investor who is interested in this stock.

Here’s one more reason why this stock could take off…

You see, this company has continuously stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and innovation…

This is the only company in the world to enjoy a unique backward integration in its niche… It even manufactures its own robots!

It’s latest cutting-edge technological innovation – is all set to change the landscape of FMCG businesses. In India alone – FMCG or ‘fast moving consumer goods’ is a Rs 4 trillion industry.

With almost no competition, my No. 1 Small Cap for 2020 is indeed in a sweet spot.

Before it lies an enormous opportunity to exploit.

In the last three years alone, its stock price is up by over 50%.

But this is peanuts compared to what we are going to witness in the future.

So pay careful attention to what I’m going to reveal today.

This company has just positioned itself to offer what may be one of the most brilliant opportunities of the decade.

It’s the type of opportunity no investor wants to miss out…

In fact, one will want to get in as soon as possible.

Within the hour if possible.

This stock currently trades for just above Rs 200. But I doubt it will stay there for long…

You see even as the fears surrounding the coronavirus abate, and abate they will, I believe this stock will be among the fastest movers.

This Stock Trades for Above:

Indian Rs.200 Note

Additionally, the company has been making announcements that could soon make it a market darling.

It has been signed by one of India’s biggest FMCG firms to help with the products and brand reach.

With this, more firms in the segment could follow and offer it a huge runway. Besides, one of the company’s biggest clients is going for substantial capacity expansion, and this could unfold a high revenue and profit generation opportunity for the company.

Once this happens and the coronavirus fears abate, there’s no telling how fast this stock could potentially climb.

If one gets in today, one can pick up shares for just over Rs 200… and watch it soar.

In less than 5 minutes, one could join a few privileged Indians who want to become ‘One Stock Crorepatis’.

The Potential Opportunity for One Crore
from Just One Stock

Now, I know this may sound unbelievable.

After all, this is quite contrary to what mainstream financial experts say.

Whether it’s TV, Radio, Newspapers, or Online, financial experts have been drumming the word “diversify” into our heads for decades.

They tell us it is not smart – or safe - to put all our money into just one stock.

Instead, spread your money out, they say. Invest in several stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

And no, I’m not saying they are wrong.

All investments carry some level of risk.

I would NEVER ever suggest putting all your money into one stock either.

What I am saying is that even a small stake in the RIGHT stock could make one a crorepati in the long term.

I would like to add that the actual returns on investments would vary depending on various circumstances. But what I am trying to show you here is the potential that the ‘crorepati’ stock has over the long term.

Take a look at a few wealthy, well-known individuals who have done this before.

Azim Premji’s stake in Wipro stands at over Rs 5,800 crore (December 2019)…

Azim's Premji Flueckiger

K.M. Mammen, along with Arun Mammen’s direct stake in MRF is over Rs 350 crores (December 2019)

Yes, they were the founders of these companies.

But that’s not the point….

When a company becomes a leader in its market, of course, it’s going to make its founders rich…

The Point is…

As the promoters become rich, so will every other minority shareholder, right alongside them.

If the promoters can make hundreds of crores – an average investor can make lakhs or even crores.

Look at Muhammed Anwar Ahmed, a regular investor…

Anwar comes from a small village in Maharashtra. In 1980, he invested Rs 10,000 - half of all he had - and bought 100 shares of a company and was wise enough not to sell a single stock.

That investment was estimated at Rs 500 crore in Feb 2016.

Not only that, it is estimated that the people in Anwar’s village hold more than 3% of the same company - worth about Rs 3,000 crores then.

Look at average investor Ravi – he sure knows the joys of being a ‘One Stock Crorepati’ as well.

In 2017, Ravi made headlines by calling into a leading business news channel with a surprising announcement – his grandfather had left him 20,000 shares, all of a single company.

And on the day of his call - these shares were worth Rs 130 crore.

And then, who hasn’t heard the story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a Chartered Accountant, who along with his wife, held a 1.57% stake in Titan back in 2002.

What was 1.25 crore shares of Titan - are estimated to have raked in over Rs 1,030 crores when Jhunjhunwala and his wife offloaded them in June 2018.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala karkhanis

If a villager, a small investor, and a chartered accountant can do it, so can you!

Folks like Anwar, Ravi, and, of course, Jhunjhunwala have each made crores on a single stock.

And if one acts quickly – before the market gets a whiff of this opportunity - he could be well on his way to becoming a ‘One Stock Crorepati’.

A Rare and Unusual Stock

I will stress that again: one must move on this opportunity created by the coronavirus meltdown soon.

Timing is crucial.

At just over Rs 200 a share, this stock is an absolute bargain - for those who are quick enough, and smart enough - to get in now.

Let me show you what I mean…

I used the examples of Wipro, MRF, and Titan just a moment ago for a reason.

These are well-known Indian companies.

And we all know they made investors rich.

But very few people remember these companies’ history… or know some interesting facts about their stock prices.

Do you recall the stock price of Wipro when it switched to IT services?

In 1991, it was valued at less than Rs 1 on an adjusted price basis.

If one had invested Rs 10,000 in Wipro in 1991, his investment would now be worth around Rs 2 crores.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

In Jan 2001, MRF was valued at Rs 1,200 – more than FOUR times the price of crorepati stock we are discussing today.

And today the price of one MRF share is more than Rs 66,300.

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

In July 2002, Titan share was valued at just Rs 4. But today the price of one stock is more than Rs 1,180.

 Titan Company

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

This opportunity is beyond ordinary. It is incredibly unique and life-changing.

Now, I can’t predict what a stock will do with 100% certainty. No one can.

But by taking our past winners… and distilling them through hours and hours of in-depth analysis… I’ve identified the three critical characteristics for zeroing in on individual stocks that have what it takes to make it a ‘crorepati stock’.

Wipro, MRF, and Titan exhibited these same three traits at the start of their climb.

And the ‘crorepati stock’ I’m here to tell you about today is now exhibiting those same three traits.

This Stock Trades For:

Indian Rs.200 Note

Once the fear abates, and the market comes to know of this opportunity, all bets will be off…

Here's why you should be interested:

As I said before, in recent years, this company has shifted its focus towards a new sector, which is a Rs 4 trillion industry in India and is growing at a handsome rate.

Source: Equitymaster estimates,

The exposure to this relatively new sector is expected to catapult this player into an elite group of high growth companies.

Few investors are aware that this company is piggybacking on this massive sector… though this won’t remain the case for long…

In the coming months, investors everywhere could soon be rushing to get in.

That’s why the time to get on board is now.

The shares of this company are still available for just above Rs 200…

However, once this news spreads, one might end up paying a much higher price.

As I said earlier, this stock has the potential to create India’s next wave of ‘One Stock Crorepatis.’

And if you move on this opportunity today, you could be one of them.

How can I be so sure?

Because the Equitymaster research team excels at finding unique, under-the-radar opportunities to grow your wealth substantially. For instance, one member of the team is the editor of Equitymaster's oldest stock recommendation service.

Tanushree Banerjee :: Research Analyst

Tanushree Banerjee

She is also the editor of Equitymaster’s most popular newsletter, The 5 Minute WrapUp, read by over 320,000.

One of her best recommendations, Larsen & Toubro, gave 3,309% returns in just 8 years.

Another member of the team is Equitymaster’s brilliant systems-guy – and creator of three incredibly successful market-beating investing systems.

Rahul Shah :: Co-Head Research

Rahul Shah

The kinds of returns his service has offered are unbeatable over the long term – but just one example was Titagarh Wagons, which gave 545.4% returns in less than a year.

He is also the editor of Equitymaster’s free newsletter, the Profit Hunter read by over 200,000.

Our team specializes in digging up investments capable of market-beating performances. Our dedication in finding these hidden gems has served our subscribers well for over 23 years.

As you can imagine, zeroing-in on these huge potential stocks takes time… and exhaustive research.

At times, we reject almost 10 ideas before finalizing the next small-cap stock, which could have enormous potential to generate multiple times gains.

Maybe for you, it’s a tedious task to do in-depth research, or to pore over dozens of annual reports and financial statements that could end up taking hundreds of hours…

But For us – THIS is our PASSION

We have recommended many small stocks with extraordinary gains. Some of which could have enabled people to retire early and wealthy.

For example, on our recommendation, Page Industries, one could have made over 7,544% gains in less than 10 years.

Page Industries

*Past performance does not guarantee future results
Source: Ace Equity

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here. Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

Had one acted on our recommendation, eClerx Services, he could have made 1,093% in 10.8 years. It means his Rs 1 lakh investment would have turned into Rs 11.9 lakhs.

eClerx Services

*Past performance does not guarantee future results
Source: Ace Equity

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here. Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.


If one had acted on our recommendation, Balkrishna Industries, he could have made 1,058% gains in 6.9 years… turning Rs 1 lakh into over Rs 11.6 lakhs.

Balkrishna Industries

*Past performance does not guarantee future results
Source: Ace Equity

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here. Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

For our recommendation Canfin Homes, the gains stood at 330%gains in 2 years.

Canfin Homes

*Past performance does not guarantee future results
Source: Ace Equity

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here. Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

And the recommendation on PI Industries offered 258% gains in just 1.5 years.

Page Industrie

*Past performance does not guarantee future results
Source: Ace Equity

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Return(s) stated above are chosen from among our best performers. Full details on how these returns were calculated is given here. Some of our losing recommendations and our overall success ratio is shared here.

So, you can see yourself just from this handful of examples… our recommendations could have multiplied one's invested money several times in a matter of a few years…

We are very proud of our track record and the gains our subscribers might have made by acting on our recommendations.

Now, of course, not every recommendation will be a winner.

When it comes to the market, nothing is guaranteed.

We have also made some mistakes which resulted in losses.

Some companies simply did not do as per our expectations. MIC Electronics, for example, was a 45% loss. Then there was Ahluwalia Contacts (India) Ltd - 60% loss), and Bartronics India Ltd - 32% loss.

Which is why I always say - you should never bet the farm when investing.

But the opportunity before you today is EXTRAORDINARY AND RARE.

Most of the stocks I have recommended so far had only one or two of these characteristics… but this one is, my No. 1 pick for 2020 is unique… it has all three signs of a crorepati-maker.

So what are these signs?

They are three characteristics that will show you that this stock could give those who invest today the chance to make an absolute fortune in the long term. But do understand that the best of the stocks could go wrong and turn into losses…so one should ideally only bet what he is prepared to lose.

Now let’s take a look at the three signs of a crorepati-maker stock…

3 Signs of a Crorepati-Maker Stock

#1 Unlimited Audience and Market Leadership
 Unlimited Audience and Market Leadership

The first indicator is by far the most important.

To have any chance of becoming ‘One Stock Crorepati’ from an investment, a company MUST have an ‘unlimited audience’ for its products.

Over and above, the company MUST be a ‘leader’ in that market, just like Apple in smart phones, or Microsoft in software.

MRF- the company that I talked about before – is a perfect example here.

What started as a rubber balloon factory with a funding of Rs14,000 way back in the ‘40s, MRF is now a multi-billion legacy that produces quality tyres used all around India and internationally.

When MRF ventured into the manufacturing of tyres in 1961, there were not even 1 million vehicles in India.

But MRF knew that the number of vehicles would continuously increase along with the people, and progress of the country.

Today the number of vehicles in India is over 200 million.

So, you can see that there was an almost unlimited audience of potential customers for tyres in India that MRF recognized.

Rapid urbanization and the rise of the middle class drove the demand.

MRF today is the undisputed leader in the tyre making industry. The company had a huge opportunity to capitalize on the rising vehicle population in India.

This is the power of ‘Unlimited Audience along with Market Leadership.’


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Being one of the pioneers of India's outsourcing story, Wipro has established itself as one of the most respected software service providers in the world.

With over 140,000 employees from 61 different countries, and present in more than 175 cities, Wipro is now the 4th largest Indian software firm, having hundreds of clients in:

It created an ‘unlimited market’ for itself when it shifted from hardware to being a software service provider.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Titan was already a leader in the organized watch segment, a sector with an unlimited audience.

But that didn’t satisfy Titan’s appetite. Titan wanted more.

As a result, it diversified into jewelry with Tanishq – another market with an unlimited audience. There has been a huge demand for wedding jewelry in India. And Titan has tapped this demand exceptionally well.

Titan then also diversified into eyewear with Titan Eyeplus – another market with an unlimited audience.

Titan continues to create new markets… the latest move being diversification into sarees… Again, a market with an unlimited audience.

 Titan Company

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

That is the power of an unlimited audience.

Now take a look at the company we’re talking about today…

As I told you earlier, this company is a back-door entry to betting on the FMCG sector – a Rs 4 trillion sector with almost unlimited opportunity size.

Food & FMCG is one of the fastest growing industries.

No person on the planet can live without food and consumer items. These products are part of our daily life.

Ice cream… dairy products… bakery… ghee… chocolates. You name it, most of the FMCG products have an unlimited audience.

As I said earlier, this company has been bagging contracts from marquee clients in the FMCG and Food industry.

HUL, Nestle, Britannia, ITC, Cadbury, and Procter & Gamble are some of the biggest companies that are continuously catering to the FMCG sector.

But this small company is probably smarter than any of these companies.

It is exploiting some of the companies’ networks and resources to reach the market.

Let me explain…

Suppose this company has 10 clients, each of them selling 1 million products each month.

Through these 10 clients, this company is selling 10 million products each month… a brilliant way to generate sales without the kind of advertising and marketing that FMCG companies do.

In short, this small company is using a shrewd strategy to enter the unlimited market worldwide.

Like I said before, in India, the Food and FMCG segment is estimated over Rs 4 trillion (Rs 4 lakh crore).

Potential size of the FMCG Market

Source: Equitymaster estimates,,

And this company’s revenue right now is less than a billion from this sector.

Before, I had anticipated that this company’s revenue share in Food & FMCG could double within the next year.

But now I see I had barely scratched the surface of what’s taking place.

In just the first few years of its foray into the segment, this company has outperformed my expectations and already bagged contracts from some TOP brand companies.

And it's is now positioning itself to dominate the ENTIRE niche.

Talk about an unlimited audience.

Every business… every household… every family… in the entire country—130 crore people—could soon be potential customers.

I’m sure in the next few years; the demand for this little company’s products could potentially explode 10 times…

UPDATE: I recently found out that this company also has plans to foray into the food delivery market, and is already in talks with some of the top online food delivery services in India.

India’s food delivery market is expected to hit Rs 2.5 to 3.5 billion by 2020, according to estimates by RedSeer consulting.

And if all goes well, this could be another huge profit trigger for my No. 1 small cap pick for 2020.

It’s clear this company - with a stock price just above Rs 200- has found an unlimited audience for its products.

That’s the first characteristic of a company that could be a potential ‘Crorepati Stock’.

Now moving to the second trait.

#2 Insider Ownership

The second trait to look for is Insider Ownership.

 Insider Ownership

Insider ownership is one of the most important things when it comes to investing.

I believe it is perfectly logical to keep tabs on what insiders are doing.

As Peter Lynch said, ‘insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise.’

If founders have skin in the game, it means they expect to make a fortune—and so can you…

When Wipro took off in 2001, insider ownership was over 80%.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

As you can see above that the stock price of Wipro has increased over 1800 times, so just imagine the kind of wealth founders have now with that much skin in the game.

In MRF, insiders own a 27.77% stake in Rs 28,130 crore business. So, insiders own a significant proportion of MRF Limited.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

So, you can see from the above chart that these insiders became rich along with the increase in the stock price of MRF.

And in Titan, when it took off, the promoter stake was 54.9%.

 Titan Company

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

You can see how this high stake helped the promoter create huge wealth.

What about my No. 1 Small Cap stock? Do company insiders have any real skin in the game?


The founder of this company - a Gold Medalist in Engineering and an IIM alumnus– is arguably one of the best businessmen in India.

After passing out from IIM in the early 1980s’, the owner, along with his uncle, started a small manufacturing company.

However, the owner soon sensed there was a bigger opportunity in this niche area and set up a new company with a small project outlay of around Rs 55 lakhs.

This little-known company generates sales worth over Rs 4 billion today.

The founder, along with the promoter group owns 35.18% stake in this company…

Now that’s significant skin in the game.

What is even more interesting is that the promoters have overtime increased the stake in the company, buying more of the company's shares.

In the last four years, they have acquired more than 3.5 lakh shares. For a small-cap stock with limited liquidity and low volumes, this is huge.

In fact, when I was looking at the insider trading data, I came across an interesting piece of information that supported my conviction in the future potential of this company.

You see, the insiders were buying from the open market even at the time when the stock was trading close to its lifetime highs.

As the stock price has come down since due to correction in small-cap space, what this means is if you get in now, you will get a much better deal than the promoters.

With this second indicator, we are well on our way to a crorepati-maker stock.

Now let’s take a look at the final indicator that drives the nail home.

#3 Profit Accelerator
 Profit Accelerator

The third indicator you should look for is what I call a ‘profit accelerator.’

What do I mean by a ‘profit accelerator’?

It is any big, recent, or upcoming event that will catapult a stock sharply higher.

It could be the company’s entry into a new market…

It could be the company’s tie-up with big brands…

It could be the unique technological innovation…

It could be a significant change in senior management with great execution skills and reputation…


It could be a significant restructuring step that cuts the costs and drive efficiencies…

In the case of Wipro, the profit accelerator was the swift transformation from a vegetable ghee-making company to a software services company.

It has indeed come a long way and is now one of the market leaders in software services.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

MRF got visibility after it acquired the award of being the best in Asia in rally circuits where it was pitted against the world’s best tyre brands.

Their sharp focus on R&D and technology gave MRF global recognition as a pioneer.

MRF had seen a meteoric rise since 2001 when it still traded below Rs 500 levels.

Since then, the stock has multiplied over 54 times, trading above Rs 66,300 per share today – making the purchase of even a single stock out of reach of many new investors.


Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Titan’s profit accelerator is the shift to jewelry market and of price in Indians’ capacity to spend on luxury brands– whether jewelry and watches.

So, in the case of Titan, the jewelry division was a significant growth driver.

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

That brings us to the company we’re discussing today…

My No. 1 Small Cap stock for 2020.

This company, in the past, had catered mainly to the consumer discretionary sector. But one decision changed its course, leading it to a bright future.

In short, after conquering the niche consumer discretionary market, this little-known Indian company is now looking at a…

Rs 4 Trillion Industry

The Indian FMCG market was valued at around Rs 4 trillion in 2017-18.

Source: Equitymaster estimates,,

It’s already the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy.

Due to higher purchasing power and a busier lifestyle, people now demand quick delivery and a large variety of food and daily use items.

Moreover, people are becoming increasingly brand-conscious.

That’s why many food and FMCG players are capitalizing on this growing demand by expanding into new geographies and categories, as well as by going online.

Coming back to our ‘No. 1 small cap pick’ - this company is playing a significant role in the food and FMCG boom.

As I mentioned earlier, this company was already a market leader in a niche consumer discretionary sector.

But the event that changed the focus of this company and accelerated its growth is an entry in the Food & FMCG sector, and its tie-up with a food giant - a very well-respected brand name in the Indian industry.

Bagging a massive order from this food giant, marked the company’s entry into the Rs 4 trillion Food & FMCG industry.

And now the company is already seeing its list of clients in the FMCG and Food industry grow.

The company started with dairy products and has now penetrated almost every food item you could conceive of, and every brand you could think of - Cadbury, Amul, Haldiram, ITC, MTR Foods and so on.

With all these efforts, large orders are on its way. Already the company is in talks with 5-6 MNCs for product development.

From consumer discretionary to food and FMCG, the company is continually expanding its addressable market.

The growing presence in the Food and FMCG industry is expected to be the catalyst for its future earnings growth.

Keep in mind, at the moment, very few people are aware of this stock’s involvement in Food & FMCG.

But it might not remain a secret for long…

Once this news spreads everywhere, one may have to pay a much higher price.

How much more?

Who can say?

We could see it soar like Wipro…

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Or like MRF…

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Or like Titan…

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

No one can say for sure. After all, nothing in the markets is ever guaranteed.

But if shares begin to surge the way I expect them to…

Only those who get in now will have a chance to become ‘One Stock Crorepati’ in the long term.

As I said earlier, the ‘crorepati stock’ must display these three characteristics…

An unlimited audience and market leadership.

Insider ownership.

Profit accelerators.

Wipro, MRF, and Titan displayed each of these three characteristics.

Each has become a well-known name in India.

And each allowed countless average investors to become ‘One Stock Crorepatis’.

And as you’ve just seen, this company is already showing these 3 indicators.

Plus it’s available at a very attractive price of just over Rs 200 due to the coronavirus crash.

Yes, this could be the potential next 'crorepati' stock.

That’s why now I’d like to talk about my report right now: One Stock Crorepati: How to Get Rich With This Little-Known Indian Stock.

This report contains full details on my No. 1 Small Cap Stock for 2020…and why it has all the elements of a ‘Crorepati’ stock.

A Well-Proven Company

Now, you may still be wondering if a stock, priced slightly above Rs 200, has the potential to make one a ‘One Stock Crorepati’… versus, say, a Rs 20 stock.

Well, let me ask you something…

If you only had Rs 1 lakh to invest, would you want to bet it on a small, unknown company that has no real history?

…A company with no guarantee that its products and services will beat the competition.

…A company whose founders and top executives haven’t invested their own money in it.

…A company that has nothing exciting to attract investors other than the fact that it’s a penny stock– trading at just Rs 20 a share.

Or, would you instead put your hard-earned money into an undiscovered company that is gradually capturing the entire market?

Where promoters have enough skin in the game…

A company that has displayed each of the 3 critical characteristics and has what it takes to offer crores … or more…in the years ahead.

I would go with the second company

Mohammad Anwar would probably say so too.

You remember Anwar, the villager I mentioned earlier…

Have you figured out which company made him a ‘One Stock Crorepati’?

It was Wipro.

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Anwar was born in a small village in Maharashtra. He and his four brothers used to work with their father on the family farmland.

One day, Anwar was sitting at a tea shop, where he met a stockbroker for the first time in his life.

The stockbroker told him about a new company, Western India Vegetable Products Ltd. The company’s plant was set up in Anwar’s village to manufacture ghee and Vanaspati.

Anwar invested Rs 10,000, half of all he had, and bought 100 shares of the company. He was wise enough not to sell a single stock.

His stake was worth Rs 500 crores last time, I checked.

It’s estimated that people in Anwar’s village hold more than 3% of the same company (that we know as Wipro today), worth about Rs 3,000 crores. Ravi would likely agree with your choice too…

Ravi – the small-time investor who had been gifted 20,000 shares of MRF by his grandfather in physical form. These shares were worth Rs 130 crores on the day he declared his gift on a news channel.

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

MRF shares have risen by over 5,300% becoming one of the most expensive stocks on the Indian market indices - making the purchase of even a single share out of reach of most new investors.

And let’s not forget about Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who is now a billionaire. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he, along with his wife, held a 1.57% stake in Titan back in 2002. That helped Mr Jhunjhunwala rake in over 1000 crores when he sold shares in 2018.

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

They’ve all had the chance to live life as happy, worry-free ‘One Stock Crorepatis’.

And now you can have that chance too!

This is one of the most promising and exciting opportunities to become a ‘One Stock Crorepati’ that I’ve seen in my decade long career.

It could be the key to ONE'S early and wealthy retirement.

Dear Reader, I will now be handing this over to my colleague Sarit.

He will tell you more about how my No. 1 small cap for 2020 could guide you towards greater wealth…and how you can claim your free copy of my special report, and the other bonuses, today.

Over to Sarit.

Dear Reader,

My name is Sarit Panackal…I usually communicate with readers like you directly, but today – I just had to let Richa take the stage and share her amazing discovery with you.

I don’t think anyone could have done a better job of showing you how potentially rewarding this opportunity is…and how it could change your future for the better.

Here’s how…

A ‘Crorepati Stock’ That Could
Support Your Retirement

Ask yourself, what would you do with one crore rupees?

Enjoy vacations you've always dreamed of?

Upgrade to a larger, more luxurious home?

Go out to 5-star restaurants as often as you like and order whatever you want?

Fund your child's education to get into Harvard, Oxford – the best schools in the world?

Give to your favorite charity?

In my view, investing in such stocks is one of the best ways ever created for the ordinary person to get rich.

To invest in these stocks…

You do NOT need a world-class MBA.

You do NOT need the fortune to start.

You do NOT need a lot of time (You can do it as part-time).

But, you DO need to know how to retire wealthy…

Many average people dream about achieving financial independence, but they have no idea how to do it. And then they go on to make the mistake of believing it's impossible. Many give up on their dreams.

But… with the right guidance, this doesn't have to be the case.

As Richa told you earlier, no one wants to share this secret with you.

But, at Equitymaster, we are committed to providing unbiased and honest research to our subscribers.

Basically, we want you to strike it rich.

That's why we created a service called Hidden Treasure to share stocks with our subscribers. These are the small, little-known, and little-discussed stocks that have the potential to make one Crorepati in the long term.

You see, the kind of research we do is not on the kind of useless information which you would see on TV or read in the newspapers…

We only concentrate on finding opportunities that could potentially make money, the ones that will allow one to travel along with his family all over the world…

This is the reason we now have over tens of thousands of subscribers.

And these members are already receiving recommendations from Richa and her team of brilliant researchers…

The result: our readers who acted on Hidden Treasure recommendations have got an opportunity to make more money than most people dream of.

Since inception, our recommendations have generated enough returns to help one retire early and wealthy… to live life on their terms… and spend more time with their families.

And we believe this stock has the potential to help you do just that.

Richa's new report – One Stock Crorepati How to Get Rich with This Little-Known Indian Stock – gives you all the details you need to make a fortune in the years ahead from her No. 1 Small Cap Stock for 2020…

And today I can send it to you free...

We’re not going to stop there though…

A Special Bonus for You

We’ve uncovered three more unusual stocks that could soon become multibaggers.

All three are laid out in detail in the second report we’d like to give you: One Stock Crorepati The ‘3 Multibagger’ Stocks Collection.

The first company, a market leader in its niche, is a great play on the farm mechanisation in India. Agriculture is one of the focus areas of the Modi Government, and this company could be a big beneficiary of the recent and potential policies in the farm segment.

The second company is an NBFC that I believe is going to defy all the adversities amid the ongoing liquidity crisis, and emerge stronger. This company is at an inflection point in its journey - moving from mainly a corporate lender to becoming one of the biggest in a niche retail segment with very attractive spreads, and a great management team at the helm of its affairs

The third company is a non-commodity player in an otherwise commoditized industry with healthy return ratios, and strong dividend payouts. … A market leader in its niche segment, this company also enjoys a strong parentage that allows it better pricing and access to different markets.

You’ll find all three of these stocks in our report, One Stock Crorepati: The ‘3 Multibagger’ Stocks Collection.

With both of my new reports in hand, one can easily learn how to become a ‘One Stock Crorepati’.

If we were selling these reports, they’d each be priced at Rs 1,950.

We want to send you both.

And we don’t want you to pay a single penny for them.

You can receive them both for free by joining our monthly publication…

Hidden Treasure

As Hidden Treasure report readers know, Richa and her team of experts do all the work for you.

They do all research and then select small stocks, investing in which one could potentially change his fortune forever.

Small-stock companies, owing to their size, have the potential to grow much faster than their big, less active counterparts. Further, because they are less tracked, small companies are more likely to be attractively priced.

But the road to small stocks is full of potential pitfalls.

Our experience in researching small-cap stocks tells us that one could be in for big trouble if you just look at the rosy returns.

That's why, when we shortlist stocks for the Hidden Treasure small cap stock recommendation service, we do a thorough analysis of the company's business model, financial health, growth prospects, profitability management, quality, and so on.

And when opportunities like today present themselves, when the world is gripped with fear, and really solid stocks are available for dirt cheap, we don’t hesitate to move in…

This strategy like we showed has worked wonders for our subscribers.

Today, we want you to gain access to some of our most exciting stock research… and many more of our top recommendations.

Stocks with the potential to hand multibagger gains. And some of them have had a chance to become a ‘crorepati stock’ just like Wipro, MRF, and Titan…

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Source: Ace Equity
(Closing price as on December 31, All share prices are on adjusted basis)

Remember, nothing in the markets is guaranteed, and any stock can experience volatility from time to time.

So, it’s crucial never to invest more than one is comfortable with.

Here’s Everything You Will Receive
When You Try a Risk-Free Membership

All Actionable Recommendations
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You will get your hands on everything - from our past records to our present recommendations of Hidden Treasure.

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Recommendations that could potentially generate multiple times return in the next 5 to 10 years… also like we have just shown you.

From our past recommendations, you can even cross-check everything - whatever facts we have mentioned in this report.

Returns like 7,544%, 1,093% and 1,058% and many more.

You can also see all of our current recommendations.

Monthly Recommendation Report

On or before the 15th of every month we’ll release a detailed recommendation report which includes:

Monthly Webinar

We record a webinar every month with updates on the open positions. With these updates, you will never be left in the dark.

Hidden Treasure's Archives

Once you subscribe to the Hidden Treasure, you will get access to all issues and recommendations of the Hidden Treasure shared in the past…

24/7 Access to a Members Only Website

24/7 Access to a Members Only Website

Any time, any day, you can log onto the website… read every report, every newsletter issue, review all the recommendations, or report a concern about your membership.

Equitymaster… On the Go!

Equitymaster… On the Go!

Now, you can access Equitymaster on your smartphone through our Mobile Apps as well.

Through the app, you can access the latest research reports, stock updates, all our Free e-newsletters, all other subscriber features…on the go!

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

If you ever have questions about your membership, send our customer service team an email. They will get back to you at the earliest and walk you through whatever you need.

So again, you'll never have to worry about missing any critical research from the Hidden Treasure or any of our other services you're subscribed to.

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Most important of all, though, once you join the Hidden Treasure, you will have access to all our research and analyses that can guide you to become a ‘One Stock Crorepati’.

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We say this because we have proven results.

Yes, our recently verified track record for more than ten years of service shows a 65.9% success rate for all closed positions between February 2008 and Sept 2018….

Is that good?

In small stocks space, of course, it is…

Because Hidden Treasure recommendations have beaten the BSE Sensex nearly 2.5 times since inception.

See this extract from our records:

For Hidden Treasure recommendations, both open and closed, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) since inception in February 2008 to February 2019 is 28.1%. The IRR for the BSE Sensex is 11.30%.

This makes us feel proud of our continuous best efforts toward our loyal subscribers.

And that's why we want you to be a part of our inner circle so that you can also get an opportunity to retire early and wealthy.

The company we’ve outlined in One Stock Crorepati: How to Get Rich with This Little-Known Stock is poised to turn the right kind of investment into crores in the long term.

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One Stock Crorepati: How to Get Rich with This Little-Known Stock


One Stock Crorepati: The ‘3 Multibagger’ Stocks Collection will arrive in your inbox within moments.

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I’ll even go one step further…

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If you sign-up today—through this special offer—we’ll also send you three additional bonus guides.

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You could start your journey to becoming a ‘One Stock Crorepati’ with the company we’ve told you about today.This company is positioned to profit from the Rs 4 trillion Food and FMCG market.

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Yes, I Want To Know What Richa’s No. 1
Small Cap Stock For 2020 Is

* Returns shown above are only to indicate the potential the ‘Crorepati Stock’ holds.
** Actual investments and returns may defer from person to person
*** Allocation of funds will vary from person to person. For something that works best for you, we recommend you talk to your investment advisor.
****Returns have been calculated with respect to the sell date for closed positions and 31st December 2019 for open positions.
*****The price of the stock mentioned is as on March 13, 2020.

PS: If you have any queries, do not hesitate to write to us. We will be delighted to assist you

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  • How are the returns calculated?

    The returns mentioned in the copy are calculated as the % difference between the price on the date of closure of the recommendation and the price on the date of the recommendation. Details of the calculation are as below:

    Stock name Price on date of Recommendation (Rs) Price on date of closing (Rs) % Returns achieved
    Balkrishna Industries 76 885 1058%
    CanFin Homes 429 1,847 330%
    PI Industries 134 480 258%
    Page Industries* 306 23,369 7544%
    Eclerx Services* 48 569 1093%

    Note: * for open positions, prices are as on December 31, 2019
    Do note that past performance is no guarantee for future results.

  • How much could I lose if you’re wrong?

    No investment strategy is 100% safe. And you should not invest anything more than you could afford to lose. With that being said, you should talk to your financial advisor regarding asset allocation and appropriate risk profile.

    Please remember that despite doing all the hard work we do every day, sometimes even we go wrong.

    For example – We recommended SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. at one point that ended with a loss of 71%.

    Then, there’s Bartronics India Ltd. which did not meet out returns expectations and closed with a loss of 32%.

    Having said that, the overall success ratio of Hidden Treasure is 65.9% for all closed positions since 2002-2018.

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