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The Shocking Truth The Media Will Never Tell You… The 2,000-Note Secret: Why This Will Never Make News

Dear Reader,

The crisp 2,000-rupee note you see up there…

You probably heard all the rumors…

Zee News said it might have a chip in it, to track your every move… claimed it's radioactive…

The Hindu said it crumbles in your hand…

Then there were unverified WhatsApp forwards that did the rounds, claiming that the note was printed in invisible ink that would fade over time…

But the real truth is much more incredible than these conspiracy theories…

There is more to this pink slip of paper than meets the eye.

Though you won't find mention of it on WhatsApp, social media or in leading newspapers.

What most people don't know is that this new note, under the right conditions, has the potential to create vast sums of wealth…using the secret I'm going to share with you.

Let me show you what I mean…

How a Single Rs 2,000 Note Could Potentially Turn Into ₹1.6 Lakhs In A Few Years…

Like I said, this isn't something you will ever find splashed across the news, or featured in major newspapers.

In fact, most people will live out their entire lives without ever finding this out.

But people in the know have been using what I'm about to share to effectively exchange 2,000 rupees, in different instances, for 12k, 23k and even 1.6L in one astonishing case…over the course of a few years.

And it isn't just those with powerful connections…young professionals, shopkeepers‥ even housewives are doing it! (Like Mrs. Khanna who built herself a corpus of 200 Crores… but more on her later). 

Imagine turning just a few of these notes into a small fortune…

Imagine being able to retire as early as you like, send your kids to the best colleges in the world, or take your wife on a luxurious vacation round the globe…and still have enough left over to leave your children a sizeable legacy.

Now keep in mind this technique doesn't work instantaneously. In fact, you should be wary of any 'get-rich-quick' scheme that promises to multiply money right away.

The technique I'm going to show you, is nothing like that! It could take months, sometimes years to work.

But the money-making potential is spectacular!

I'm going to show you how to apply this simple technique, that could let one effectively exchange these pink notes for potentially much larger sums…12,993…20,414...31,000 or even more…on different occasions within a few years.

In fact, these amounts are the very tip of what one could potentially end up collecting, once the key to this technique is unraveled.

And all this in just a few years…sometimes months!

In one instance I uncovered, it was possible to turn just 2,000 rupees into 1.6 lakhs…in just over 9 years!

Anyone who masters the basics of this special technique can use it to collect frequent sums of money over a period of time, as I'm going to show you in a minute.

Take, for instance, Mrs Khanna…

How A Housewife from Chennai Made
₹200 Crores Using This Secret

Chennai based homemaker Dolly Khanna and her husband, Rajiv, ran a small milk-products business in the 1980s…

Hailing from a humble background, Rajiv Khanna was a chemical engineer from IIT Madras.

He worked as a research analyst for a very modest salary until 1986, before quitting to start a dairy in Kanchipuram. 

But when the husband-wife duo discovered what I'm about to share…

Miraculously, they saw their wealth growing day by day…

Until soon, they had more money than they knew what to do with!

Today, Mrs Khanna and her husband are worth more than 200 Crores…

How did they do it?

They used this intriguing technique that I'm soon going to tell you all about…

Can One Really Generate
₹27,618…₹48,172 Or Even ₹1,66,582…
Using This 2,000-Note Secret?

Remember standing in line for hours to exchange your old 500 and 1,000 notes?

The worst four hours of my life.

You'll be glad to hear this secret involves none of that.

There's no standing around in any lines…

No carrying around a million different documents to prove your identity.

And no dealing with curt cashiers and bank officials.

This secret could let one potentially collect sums of 1,66,582…27,61848,172…without even stepping out from the house, in just a few years, or even months…

And what's more, it doesn't require risking huge amounts of money!

In fact, one could start with a single 2,000 rupee note…and ultimately claim it back, as I'm going to show you in a minute.

After that, it's all you can do not to check your bank account again and again…watching the potential profits roll in!

You see, what I want to show you has to do with an overlooked investment secret…

But don't worry. It has nothing to do with trading or risky stock options.

It doesn't involve any insider 'tips' or illegal trades.

You don't need any special accounts, passcodes or tricky codes to get started.

You don't even need a degree in finance; in fact, this requires no financial know-how at all! Even a ten-year old could learn how to do it – it's that simple.

Allow me to explain how‥

So What Exactly Is This
'Money-Multiplying' Secret?

As you've probably figured out by now, the key to this 'money-multiplying' roadmap is an overlooked group of stocks. 

But it doesn't perform anything like the kind of regular stocks you read about everyday…Tata, Infosys, Reliance…

These big companies have already had a huge runup in price, and it's unlikely they can now deliver the kind of life-changing gains I'm talking about…

You very likely won't even have heard of these 'secret' stocks…

This group of stocks moves and grows faster than most big-name stocks.

The stocks I'm talking about let fast moving investors make returns of 1,482%…1,053%…2,399% sometimes in the space of a few months.

None of these were ever recommended by us and also these are extraordinary returns – I'm just showing you how profitable this technique can be.

For instance, one of the best performing stocks in this little-known niche soared 577.01% just over the last year.

Rain Industries

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

That's the power of these little dynamos.

One of our own recommendations in this unique stock segment, zoomed 8,229% since we first recommended it in 2009.

Imagine turning a small 2,000 stake into 1,66,580.

Or…10,000 would have turned into 8,32,908 in 9 years.

Remember, this is not some hypothetical play… this is a real-life stock we recommended to a select group of people.

Now I know what you're thinking here…

If these stocks offer high-flying returns, they're bound to be fraught with risk.

And normally, you wouldn't be wrong…

The fundamental rule of every investment is that the higher the potential gains, the more the risk.

High risks are just the price investors have to pay for high returns…or so we've always been told.

But not in this case.

That's because we've discovered a way to zero in on stocks that could potentially generate blockbuster returns over a period of few years and are potentially safer than some of the boring old big-name stocks…

Because these small cap stocks, you see, are…

Proven to Outperform Large Stocks
By 95.55%

Large Caps vs Small Caps

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

You've probably heard of small caps before…

They're smaller companies with the tendency to shoot up (or down) in value easily…

As opposed to bigger companies, that are slower to move…

Now when I say certain small caps are a faster way to multiply money…that's not just my opinion.

It's a FACT – albeit little known.

You're sure to have heard that small caps are riskier than bigger, well-known blue-chip stocks…

A lot of people believe that.

What no one will tell you though, is that not only are certain small caps actually SAFER than some large caps…

…they've outperformed the large cap index in the last five years and longer!

In 2017, the S&P BSE Large Cap Index – an index that tracks the returns of large cap stocks in India, showed annual returns of 31.50%.

In the same year, the S&P BSE Small Cap Index showed annual returns of 62.10%.

That's nearly double the gains…

But you won't hear this fact proclaimed by the mainstream media.

In fact, you probably won't hear about this anywhere but here.

Mind you, I don't advocate investing in any random small cap…

That wouldn't do at all.

You see, there are certain small caps that have the potential to beat index returns by a wide margin.   

In fact, some such stocks have offered gains like 3,196%…1,058%…even 8,299% in a few years. These stocks were almost unheard of until they bagged such returns and became famous …

It's these kind of stocks that I'm going to show you how to tap in to…

How ₹2,000 Could Have Turned Into
₹1.6 Lakhs In Less Than 9 Years

Amazing though it sounds, this really happened!  

Anyone who'd been in on this secret a few years ago, could have turned a small stake of 2,000 into over 1.6 lakhs…all in a little over 9 years!

Of course, it's highly unlikely you would've made the exact same plays I'm about to show you and seen similar results. This is just an accelerated example to demonstrate how powerful this maneuver could be.

There's a considerable amount of chance and timing involved here and this isn't something I would recommend…

Having said that…

These stock booms actually happened.

So while this is highly improbable, it sure is possible and could happen to anyone…

Like it happened here…

₹2,000 Turns Into ₹49,235 In 7 And A Half Years…
Cera Sanitaryware

Past performance does not guarantee future results.
*Not An Equitymaster Recommendation

On July 27th, 2010, each share of Cera Sanitaryware was trading for 130.33. A small stake of 2,000 would have bought one about 15 shares of this fast-growing company.

In a little over 7 years, by March 15th, 2018, the stock had gone up 2,362%, handing investors over 24 times their money. That's enough to turn a tiny 2,000 stake into ₹49,235.

The equivalent of about five of these pink notes invested would have grown to 2.46 lakhs in over 7 years.

Not bad for the few minutes 'work' it takes to put on a trade, is it?

₹2,46,200 is a lovely windfall, but mere change compared to what'll come at the end.

This is just one of the many ways to turn a few 2,000-notes (or the equivalent) into a small fortune using this secret.

But let's see where the next real-life example takes us…

(Full disclosure – Although impressive, this stock wasn't an Equitymaster recommendation. But these next two are.)

An Easy ₹65,920 With A Mega Gain Of 3196%
eClerx Services

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

This fateful day of March 14th, 2009, investors had the opportunity to buy shares of eClerx Services at an amazingly low rate of about 50 a share…

By December 2017, each share had grown to 1,371 with skyrocketing gains of 3,196%.

Investing 2,000 in this company at the right time would have put an astounding 65,920 in the bank within 9 years! Free and clear!

And a slightly larger investment of 10 thousand, would've deposited 3,29,600 in the bank!

3.2 lakhs in ready money! That's nothing to scoff at! And in less than 9 years!

In this next real-life example, I'll show you how one could've collected over ₹1.6 LAKHS…in just over 9 years!

(Psst…By the way, this was an Equitymaster recommendation.)

The Story Of The ₹1,66,582 Jackpot
Page Industries

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Now things are REALLY going to heat up…

We've gone from a mere 2,000 to pocketing sums of ₹49,235… ₹65,920

But this last real-life example could have put 1.6 lakhs into one's pocket…

1.6 lakhs of PURE PROFITS…to spend on anything at all!

Here we go…

Between Jan 15th, 2009 and Dec 2017, each share of Page Industries shot up from 305.7 to 24546.7.

That's a 8,299% gain…

(And I'm proud to admit, this again was an opportunity one of my own analysts spotted!)

A gain that could've turned 2,000 into 1,66,582…5,000 into 4,16,455…15,000 into 12,49,365…

Which means if one had originally invested JUST2,000 into this stock in Jan 2009…he would be sitting on a SMALL FORTUNE of ₹1,66,582 in Jan 2018…

It took less than 10 years to make that kind of money.

Risking nothing more than a small 2,000 stake as one did it‥

Now, if one were to have invested that same ₹2,000 in a savings account, it would've grown to 2,846…

An SIP scheme would've made one about 7,035…and that's on the optimistic side.

Even investing that amount into the BSE Sensex would only have made one about 7,000 over 9 years.

Rs 2,000 Invested 9 years Ago Wourld Now Be...

Past performance does not guarantee future results.


But with the special technique I just showed you, one could have turned that same ₹2,000 into ₹1,66,582.

Rs 2,000 Invested 9 years Ago Wourld Now Be...

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Of course, this is an extraordinary return and one can't expect to see gains like this on every stock.

As long as you realize that – we're good.

Then again, you don't have to start with 2,000.

Really, one could pick any amount he is comfortable with.

If one had put 20,000 into the last real-life example and pulled out at the right time, one's stake could've grown to ₹16.6 Lakhs in the same amount of time.

An initial 50,000 would've netted one 41.64 Lakhs.  

Imagine never having to work another day…spending your days golfing on an 18-hole course, holidaying in exciting parts of the world and buying expensive presents for your grand-kids…

Now of course, not many people would have made these exact same trades.

But it was possible in each of the instances I showed you.  

If It's So Easy…
Why Isn't Everyone Doing This?

The reason you won't have heard about this is…well, it's sort of an investing conundrum.

There's an interesting little Catch-22 like situation that prevents the big players entry into these stocks.

Small caps, you see, usually have a market worth of 80 billion or less.

The 'big guys' who invest crores into a stock at a time, can easily send share prices skyrocketing with a single order.

This cuts into their eventual profits.

And investing smaller amounts isn't worth the effort…it hardly moves the needle for them.

Small caps are like flies to the big players.

But they're a great way for 'the common man' to play the market and turn a small stake into a sizeable fortune!

However, because the big players ignore them, the mainstream media does too.

Small cap stocks just don't get the media coverage stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google…or even Bitcoin do!

But it's better this way…

This way the small investor gets to make his money on them, while the majority of the world never stumbles on to these exciting companies until they're much bigger, and early investors have already made a killing…

What Would YOU Do
With This Kind Of Money?

Imagine having put a small 50,000 into each of these opportunities at the right time…

And cashing out at the right time…

One could have had a cool 70 lakhs just sitting in the bank…

Free, clear and clean…yours to do with whatever you like‥

Think of all the possibilities…

You could quit your job…

Hand in your notice and waltz away a millionaire, while your grumpy boss looks on…

You could buy a Mercedes…

Surprise your wife with a romantic getaway to Paris…first class all the way!

Buy a cozy little vacation cottage in the hills…

Join the most exclusive of country clubs…

And still leave your family a sizeable nest egg!

Like Mrs. Khanna…remember her? She began with a modest stake, and used the very secret I want to share with you to create a fortune of over 200 Crores! 

But why am I telling you this?

By the way, I'm Rahul Goel…

Rahul Goel

Rahul Goel

I'm the CEO of Equitymaster – but of course, I didn't start off like that.  

I first joined Equitymaster as an intern in 1995…fresh out of college.

Since then, I've learnt all there is to know about value investing.

I've spent the better part of my 22 years as an analyst studying the stock market – its ups and downs…what makes it tick.
But I can honestly say – I've never met someone like Richa.

Who's Richa, you say?

Richa Agarwal works alongside me at Equitymaster, and one of the reasons I'm writing to you today is to introduce you to her…

You see, when it comes to zeroing down on the kind of super-profitable small caps I told you about, Richa is an absolute genius!

Richa is the editor of Hidden Treasure, our hugely popular small-cap recommendation service.

In fact, she has a special knack for hunting down extremely promising small cap companies – Hidden Treasure's recommendations have produced returns of 8,299% in 9 years…3196% in 9 years1058% in 7 years…550% in 6 years…and so on.

Many of Hidden Treasure's past recommendations have handed big returns…
Returns like…

Past performance is no guarantee for future results

Every month, Richa and her team set out to track down the next most promising gem in the small cap universe.

Each potential find is carefully scrutinized, investigated and subjected to as many as 14 risk-analysis checks.

After Richa is thoroughly convinced as to the potential of a stock, it is recommended to readers of her newsletter Hidden Treasure…(I'm going to show you how you can get a sneak-peek at this newsletter in a minute).

Richa Agarwal

Richa Agarwal

Richa also ensures our subscribers know just when to cash out, with top-priority special reports that are published as soon as she believes a stock is ripe for selling.

Having started out as an equity research analyst at a multinational corporation, Richa soon realized that recommending companies sitting millions of miles away, with little to no on-ground research was not her style…

She increasingly grew jaded with an environment where words like 'independent' and 'unbiased reporting' were just hot air…

An environment where what is called 'armchair analysis' was rife…

Richa longed to get her 'boots on the ground'…

To meet managements of companies…to grill them on their methods and see where the most potential really lay.

That's why in 2010, Richa joined Equitymaster…

Today, Richa leads a team of analysts that scour the small cap universe for potentially great small cap finds!

At Equitymaster, armchair analysis is out of the question!

Oh, we do the fact-checking, the number-crunching…all of it.

But what's more important, is the on-ground research Richa undertakes…

Richa and her team are always out trawling the country in search of promising, solid small caps…meeting with management teams, conducting on-ground checks and investigating until they're thoroughly satisfied.

And that's how you get Hidden Treasure – a small cap recommendation newsletter that's consistently out-performed the market by nearly 3x over the last 10 years!

Of Course, We Aren't Always Right…

Over the years, Hidden Treasure has had an audited success rate of 66.7%…which means, over 6 out of every 10 recommendations have achieved their target price.

We've beaten the market by nearly 3X in the last 10 years…

The average yearly returns of Hidden Treasures picks have been 32.1% since inception…

When you compare that to the market, that's an impressive record, given that the BSE Sensex has only averaged annual returns of 11.6% in that time. 

Of course, we've fallen flat on our faces too‥

On 15th August '08, we recommended Shanthi Gears‥a subset of one of India's leading business conglomerates, Murugappa Group. By 11th Oct '13, the company was down 28%…and we issued a SELL recommendation.

We've had other losers over the years too…HEG Ltd (down 24%)…Tree House (down 29%)‥Muthoot Capital (down 25%) and a few others…

The point I'm trying to make here is…not every recommendation can be a big winner…some end in losses too.

And if you expect every recommendation to hit it out of the park, investing probably isn't for you…

You see, investing isn't about having a stock never go down…

It's about riding the ups and downs of the stock market, and coming out on top.

Like Hidden Treasure's subscribers do…year after year.

"But I always thought Small Caps
were for risk-takers…"

Now, I'll be the first person to admit – not all small caps are potential goldmines.

A lot of these smaller operations don't really know what they're doing…and can go to zero very quickly.

In fact, I would strongly urge you NEVER to try investing in small caps without expert guidance.

That's a risky game – and you shouldn't even try it.

At Hidden Treasure, we don't just recommend ANY small cap.

If that were the case, we'd be no different from so-called 'investment gurus', self-proclaimed investing geniuses and brokerage firms…

Richa's technique is entirely different from anything you've seen before.

There's no guesswork, no wild predictions and no hunches.

We never act on 'hot tips', hyped-up emails or rumors.

Hidden Treasure discovers and pinpoints small caps with immense potential…using a very precise matrix to determine the potential returns, risk and growth associated with each small cap stock.

In fact, we believe we've hit upon…

The Secret To Making
Small Cap Investing 'Safe'

Now, you may not have heard of them, but I know of many unscrupulous folks who claim to be 'experts' in the small cap space and use their clients' money to gamble with…

Investment advisors, brokers, agents…

All they care about is making high-ticket gains…because when their clients make big gains, they get their cut too…

But do you know what happens when a stock crashes…?

These unscrupulous agents still get their commissions!

And that's why they usually don't care how risky their picks are…or how much money their clients lose.

But as someone who started off small… I realize how valuable one's hard-earned money is… 

And how important it is to keep is as secure as possible…

That's why I insist my team does its due diligence on every stock it recommends… so that the risk is reduced…

How do we do this?

Well, amongst other things, there's our trademarked Equitymaster Risk Matrix®…

A precision tool designed to scan, pinpoint and minimize the key risks associated with a business…

The ERM®, as we call it, carefully scans not just the balance sheet and financials of a company, but industry risk and management quality as well …sniffing for red flags…

It then gives a score to the company based on its relative risk profile.

Only stocks that pass this rigorous 14-parameter check are then recommended to our subscribers…

Every single stock at Equitymaster passes through this stringent check.

Over the years we have refined and fine-tuned the ERM®…

Ensuring that we only recommend the best of the crop.

That's why our subscribers place immense trust in us…

We've been in this industry a long time, you see…

In fact, we're India's first financial website…

We have more than 20 years' experience online and around 1,764,790 readers across 72 countries worldwide…

But what really keeps us going are the wonderful, warm letters our subscribers send us…

In fact, I just have Mrs Shelar's letter open on my desktop and it says…

"I have started understanding the market in greater detail and make good profits on a regular basis…"

Our readers find our research invaluable. And with returns such as these, why wouldn't they?

Past performance is no guarantee for future results

But truth be told, these numbers don't mean anything to me unless they're helping Equitymaster readers to live happier, wealthier lives. That's why even more exciting than Richa's track-record, is the incredible letters I get from Richa's readers. For example…

"After my association with Equitymaster I have started understanding the market in greater detail and make good profits on a regular basis. Not only is the success rate on your calls very good, you are also approachable and helpful regarding any doubts about the market."

--Manisha Shelar

"I have changed from a passive spectator in the investment market, to an active investor, thanks to Hidden Treasure. HTR were instrumental in teaching me about the market. These reports are the most exhaustive, and manage to educate and guide without being overwhelming with information. Anybody serious about investing in the market would be missing out on significant information, if not aware of Hidden Treasure. I will recommend this service to everyone. Keep up the good work!"

--V. A. Sridhar

"My entire portfolio is doing very well and I am very happy with your recommendations. Equitymaster has worked for me. Give it a try!"

--Pankaj Varma

"I subscribe to 3 Equitymaster services, including The India letter and Stock Select [apart from Hidden Treasure]. I am earning good profits from your recommendations that are always based on solid research. Would recommend to all my friends."

--S. R. Prusty

Now, perhaps you're wondering how you can join them?

Your Free Bonuses Enclosed…

Now, as I told you, Richa manages a recommendation service that we send out to a select group of subscribers every month…

It's called Hidden Treasure…and it includes details of all those exciting, profitable stocks I told you about.

I'm going to show you how you can get a subscription to Hidden Treasure, in a while‥

With a subscription to Hidden Treasure, you'll be at the forefront of discovering little-known, lucrative opportunities to take advantage of…and potentially grow one's investments many times over.

Here's everything you get:

Hidden Treasure Benefit #1
Monthly Stock Pick

Every month, you'll get a very important email from Richa.

This email will contain every single detail of the hot new profitable stock Richa's recommending that month.

Now keep in mind that I never push my team to force a recommendation when there's none…so if there isn't an opportunity that makes it through Richa's stringent 14-point checklist, she won't force one .  

When you will receive one, however, it will be a thoroughly researched stock play, backed by some of the best brains at Equitymaster.

You don't have to worry about watching the market…or worry about any events that may affect the stock. Richa and her team will do all of that .

She'll also tell exactly what price to consider buying a new stock at, or selling off any open positions, which brings me to the next benefit…

Hidden Treasure Benefit #2
Specific 'Buy' and 'Sell' Prices

Think of Hidden Treasure as an investment guru guiding you through the market…

Not only will Richa tell you which stocks to grab and which ones to avoid, she'll also tell you exactly when and at what price to buy.

And every time she feels a stock is ripe for booking profits, she'll send you an email alert right away…

…so you'll never have to guess when to enter or exit a stock.

You can sleep in peace every night, knowing someone's looking out for your interests.

Hidden Treasure Benefit #3
Free Monthly Performance Reviews

Forget scanning the business pages every morning looking for red flags!

For every stock that we recommend at Hidden Treasure, you'll receive a free monthly performance review.

Richa will distill every key factor likely to affect the performance of these stocks, and share them with you in these performance reviews.

You'll also receive access to our ongoing research on open recommendations under Hidden Treasure, so you can keep tabs on how these stocks are performing and get all your info in one place.

Hidden Treasure Benefit #4
Quarterly Result Reviews

In addition to the monthly reviews, you also get quarterly result updates. These contain in-depth analyses of the stock performance and returns.

Think of these as a thorough background check on a company – conducted every quarter by our experts!

Hidden Treasure Benefit #5
Confidential Special Reports

Now this is a special privilege only subscribers have access to.

Our analysts keep a hawk eye on the market…and are quick to spot signals and opportunities that others often miss.

Sometimes a unique buying window will open up…or other times they'll hear of important developments that could impact a stock's price massively…

Any time one of these unique signals crops up…an urgent, detailed report will be put together – and rushed to the Hidden Treasure subscribers immediately. Once you've signed up to Hidden Treasure, you'll be part of a tiny group that'll have access to these confidential reports.

Keep in mind this info may be crucial – I urge you not to share these reports with anyone else. 

These reports are not available anywhere else – at any price. This is a premium service that is offered to subscribers only.

Hidden Treasure Benefit #6
24/7 Access To A Members-Only Website

24/7 Access to a Members Only Website

Any time, any day, you can log onto the website… read every report, every newsletter issue, review all the recommendations, or report a concern about your membership…

Hidden Treasure Benefit #7
Access To Archives

Once you subscribe to Hidden Treasure, you will get access to all the past Hidden Treasure issues on the website. You can go through these reports and check out all our past recommendations.

Hidden Treasure Benefit #8
24-Hour Mobile App

Equitymaster… On the Go!

The Equitymaster app has been specially designed to provide a place you can check on stock market updates, charts, news, analysis and everything else…right at your fingertips!

The app is jampacked with super useful tools that will help you keep track of stocks and never miss a buying opportunity!

And as a member of Hidden Treasure, you'll also be able to access all the monthly issues, special reports and updates that will be published under Hidden Treasure. 
The app is available for Android and IOS.

Hidden Treasure Benefit #9
Dedicated Customer Service Team

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

If you ever have questions about your membership, simply send our customer service team an email. They will get back to you at the earliest and walk you through whatever you need.

PLUS…you'll also receive
all these exciting free bonuses!

Bonus Gift #1
Private Briefing (worth Rs 60,000)

This is a VIP service that we offer our valued subscribers, to help you keep track of all our latest research and updates. 

You see, as the CEO, I have access to every bit of information my team digs up on various stocks.

And I want you to have all of that crucial info too.

So every week I sift through the mountains of reports, press releases and reviews my team digs up, and sum up the key details for you.

In plain English – no 'analyst-talk' here.

Private Briefing normally costs Rs 60,000 a year, but Hidden Treasure subscribers get it for free.

Bonus Gift #2
Portfolio Tracker (worth Rs 330)

This valuable tool lets you organize and track your investments – all in one place!

And that's not all. You can also use the Tracker to generate customized intelligent reports for your stocks or portfolio to understand how a certain market event could affect them.

Now, we normally charge Rs 330 for the Portfolio Tracker, but as a Hidden Treasure subscriber you get it absolutely free.

What's more, its available to you 24/7.

Please Note: Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker is an online stock and mutual fund tracking tool. It is NEITHER a Portfolio Management Service NOR does if offer any personalized opinions whatsoever. Additionally, all the user data is strictly private and in no way used for making recommendations. Equitymaster does not offer portfolio management service and is not registered as a portfolio manager or investment advisor.

Bonus Gift #3
Asset Allocation Guide(worth Rs 950)

It's not always easy knowing how much of your capital to put into various stocks.

The Asset Allocation Guide helps you plan ideal mix of stocks in a portfolio.

A mix that can help one minimize losses and maximize small cap returns.

Please Note: This allocation will of course vary from person to person. For something that works best for you, we recommend you talk to your investment advisor.

You will get this guide worth Rs 950 absolutely FREE when you subscribe to Hidden Treasure now.

Imagine how different your life will be as a Hidden Treasure subscriber…

Every month, you'll wait for Richa's recommendation to arrive in your inbox…

You'll spend maybe ten minutes going through her detailed report on the stock…and another five making up your mind.

You can choose to act on all of her stock picks – or choose your own favorites.

Acting on her suggestion will take just a few minutes – once you have your brokerage account set up, it's as easy as making a few clicks.

That's all you have to do.

A few minutes 'work' every month…knowing that its making you richer every time.

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Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

It's not actually. It's well within the realm of probability…

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But you have to ask yourself…

How Much Would You Pay
To Own A Fortune?

I'm sure you're wondering how much it costs to be a member of Hidden Treasure.

Well…it's not cheap.

Secrets and stock picks like these come at an expensive premium in most inner circles…

I believe, many equity research firms charge upwards of thousands of rupees a year for a subscription…

Basically, many of these firms just help the rich get richer…

When you've a net-worth of 5 Crores…10 Crores…50 Crores…a few thousands or lakhs fees each year in advisory services hardly matters‥

Even when these over-priced research firms make you poor returns…or no returns at all!

Of course, that's before they charge their hefty cut!

It's all very well for the big guns…but for the little guy? Not so much.

That's why, at Equitymaster I've made it my mission to help the little guy, the 'aam aadmi' if you will, to grow his wealth…

By providing unbiased, independent research to our subscribers.

Research that guides them to book big gains, without taking any unnecessary risks…

And we're able to do that because Equitymaster is entirely independent.

That means we aren't paid by any company to promote their stocks‥

We don't earn any 'commissions' or 'fees' to recommend a particular stock‥

All of our revenue comes from our subscriptions and the website‥

Which is how we can boast of a 66.7% audited success rate for all closed recommendations since the service was started…

And a more than 30% annual internal rate of return on our stock picks… …

Despite all that‥

An annual subscription to Hidden Treasure normally comes at just Rs 6,000 a year…

A sum our 12,468 subscribers consider a steal…they have the potential to make back that amount many times over on a few plays.

But that's not what I want you to pay‥

If you act soon, you can…

Subscribe To Hidden Treasure Now
For As Little As Rs 8 A Day!

In order to encourage you to take the first step towards multiplying your wealth, I'd like to make you a special deal…

I'll knock a full 50% off the price of this subscription!

So you get a full year of Hidden Treasure recommendations, research and all our special reports under HTR…

…for as little as  Rs 2,950 a year!

Which works out to about Rs 8 a day!

How much do you spend on your mid-morning chai break every day? Rs 10…20…probably more.

Imagine…for less than what you'd spend on a cup of chai at any roadside thela, you're getting a look at invaluable research that helps to grow money and retire rich!

And you get a total value of more than Rs 60,000, including all the premiums, features and free goodies you get with your subscription.

What's more – Both the premium reports you get with your subscription to Hidden Treasure are yours to keep lifelong even should you decide to terminate your membership.

But Fair Warning…

In order to take advantage of this opportunity…

You need to be able to move fast.

If you're looking for stocks you can park your money in for years on end…and never worry about it, Hidden Treasure is not for you.

We don't recommend stodgy, slow-moving blue-chip stocks…

Instead we focus on the most promising, cutting-edge smaller companies… opportunities that often fly under the radar – but could have the biggest profit potential.

Think of us as the lucrative 'inner circle' of the stock market…

You won't hear our recommendations being touted on TV channels, investment magazines or by your broker…

All our plays tend to be undiscovered, lesser known gems…that often have the potential to multiply many times over in a few years.

If you don't have the time to check your email a few times a week…and consider acting quickly on our buy and sell recommendations, I would suggest giving Hidden Treasure a miss.

But if you're willing and keen to invest in tinier, niche stocks…with unlimited potential, I am convinced you won't find a better opportunity to take advantage of…

But there's a catch…

These plays, you see, can move up rapidly…sometimes hundreds of percentage points in a few months, and frankly, that's a bit too much excitement for some people.

It also means that any delay, and you could miss out on potentially big gains…double, triple, even quadruple your money…

So I'd urge you to act fast…if you're really serious about using this opportunity to build up a nice little nest-egg…

You Didn't Think That Was All, Did You?

Now, before you delve into the world of stocks…

I'd like to give something else…

You see, I don't want you to enter the stock market unarmed with information – that could be risky.

And I want you to make money, not lose it…

That's why, as soon as you sign up for Hidden Treasure, I'm going to rush over these invaluable special reports and guides to you, FREE OF COST!

Small Stocks, Big Profits – 4 Rules For Finding Multi-bagger Small Caps

The Only Guarantee
Where You Get MUCH MORE Than
Just Your Money Back!

I know you're going to love Hidden Treasure and its recommendations once you've tried it. Our readers are always writing in to tell us what a difference Hidden Treasure has made to their lives.

Just yesterday I was looking at a letter from Mr. Anil M. Panat that said –

"I was lucky to acquire both money and knowledge, in my association with Equitymaster. More than 90% of picks have resulted in gains. I earnestly advice all my friends to subscribe to Equitymaster."

But I want to go ahead and make it as easy as possible for you to subscribe, which is why I'm also offering you the chance to test drive Hidden Treasure for a full 30 days, at no risk!

When you click on that subscribe button, you're going to get immediate access to the Hidden Treasure archives, stock recommendations both open and closed and all our research on those stocks.

You're also going to receive a FREE special report and FREE guide, access to our PREMIUM PORTFOLIO TRACKER, our ASSET ALLOCATION GUIDE and a free subscription to PRIVATE BRIEFING.

If you're anything short of delighted with our services, you're free to cancel your subscription anytime during your 30-day unlimited access FREE trial!

Every rupee you paid will be cheerfully refunded to you, no questions asked!

And of course, you get to keep all the special reports you get, as a Thank You for giving us a try.

If you'd like to keep being a part of Hidden Treasure (as I'm sure you will), you don't have to do a thing! Your access to all of our research and archives will continue uninterrupted for as long as you like.

Better still, we'll lock in this highly discounted rate for you- for as long as you wish.

That means unless you tell us otherwise, your card will be charged for Hidden Treasure at this rock bottom price of Rs 2,950 per year for as long as you want.

You don't have to deal with the hassle of filling in your card details every time you want to renew your membership…

Because every year, as per your standing instructions, your membership will be automatically renewed for another year at just Rs 2,950.

And if at any point in time, you do not want to continue…

Just write to us or give us a call and we'll cancel your standing instructions right away!

In fact, we'll also send you a reminder email before we charge even a rupee on your credit card…just in case you wish to change the card or even cancel.

But I must warn you…

The small cap space moves extremely fast.

I've known stocks to move up and down by as much as 82% in a couple of days…

The longer you wait, the higher your chances of missing out on roof-busting gains.

If I were you, I'd act NOW.

Just click on the 'Subscribe' button below and all this is yours!

Subscribe Now!

To your wealth,
Rahul Goel
Rahul Goel,
CEO, Equitymaster

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PPS – If you have any queries, do not hesitate to write to us. We will be delighted to assist you.