This does not constitute investment advice. Returns mentioned herein are in no way a guarantee or promise of future returns. Stock market investments are subject to market risks.
5-Years of Picking Out
High-Potential Small Caps
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Dear Reader,

On 15th February, 2008... i.e. about 5 Years back, we picked out our first Small Cap Stock.

After much deliberation, in-depth research and testing it across multiple factors... we found it to be an excellent opportunity.

So, we recommended a select group of investors to Buy it and tracked it for them over the coming months.

Keeping them updated on its performance.

Ensuring that our assumptions were right and the company was strong on its growth path.

The efforts paid off!

On 12th October, 2008, we sent out an Urgent Email to our subscribers, asking them to Book their profits!

Our First Small Cap Stock recommendation gave our subscribers an impressive 87%.

Yes... a stock which we had picked out for an investment period of 3 - 5 years (as we do for all our small cap stocks) gave a big boost to our confidence, and big returns to our subscribers who invested in it!

We had been doing research for 12 years at that point in time and we knew we had the experience and caliber to start picking out high-potential stocks from these under-researched stocks.

So, over the year we picked out more....

2008 stock picks gave our subscribers returns like:

Returns Booked Investment Period
250% 2 Years & 1 Month
177% In Just About 2 Years
100% 1 Year 8 Months
217% 3 Years & 11 Months
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

So, over the coming months...

» We saw many more smart investors joining our small cap recommendation service and benefitting from our research.
» We saw our research team spending hours scrutinizing obscure but fundamentally strong small caps.
» We had teams visiting various cities across the country, meeting various management teams and picking out even more profitable stock picks!

Then came the 2008 market crash...

But we were confident of our research process and we knew that small caps which were handled by able management, had strong fundamentals, were already leaders in their niche market segment and had met all our research parameters would come out as winners in the long run!

So we kept faith in our process and continued to research and recommend more stocks.

The next year, 2009 saw stock picks which gave our subscribers Triple Digit Returns even though the complete market came down in one of the biggest ever crashes!

Yes... it took longer for most of these stocks to multiply than it took for our first stock pick... but then, we always recommend our subscribers to invest with a long-term perspective.

So, even from our 2009 picks, we saw exciting returns like:

Returns Booked Investment Period
288% 2 Years & 5 Months
124% Just about 7 Months
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Our subscribers were ecstatic!

The Market was exciting.

But then. . .
The Stock Market showed its flipside!

The next year, turned out to be the worst year for our small cap service.

2010 saw our stock picks dwindling down and, rightly so, we even got letters from our subscribers complaining to us.

Now, the reason we entered this industry is to provide quality research to individual investors, like you, and we take this responsibility extremely seriously.

So, we went back to the drawing boards; looking to make further improvements in our processes and spending that much extra time to ensure that YOUR investments do not suffer due to any avoidable reasons.

We strongly believe that Huge Profits should NOT come with huge risks... and wealth creation from stock market investments is possible, safely!

So, we made THE INVESTMENT which is PAYING DIVIDENDS now...

» We Invested Knowledge: To ensure that each stock pick is scrutinized on even more parameters and our recommendations are exhaustively researched before being sent out to our valued subscribers... We expanded our research team.
» We Invested Time: Earlier, we used to research a company, meet its management and recommend it if the parameters were met. However, now we invest even more time in tracking a company before we put out a recommendation. Many stocks, even though they appear to be a good buy, stay on our 'Watch List' for many months and even years so that we can track whether the management is putting into practice what it has promised. Once the company passes this test, then we consider making the final recommendation.
» We Invested More Resources: Yes, communication can and does play a big role in helping you realize your expectations from our small cap service. So, we invested resources to ensure that we proactively keep our members posted on all significant developments - Good and Bad. This change in our service delivery makes sure that our subscribers are completely in sync with what we are thinking about the stock. And it can help them in closing out losing positions early, and also booking profits in stocks that appear to have run their course.

To sum up, it was a tough learning experience for us but these investments paid immediate dividends...

And then...

The complete service bounced back and today it's One Of Our Most Popular Services!

With thousands of subscribers and a solid track record... we can confidently say that our research processes have worked!

So, you must be thinking, how was 2011?

Or even 2012 for that matter...

I'll tell you all about it! Right to the latest stock pick...

But keep in mind that all are small cap stocks are picked out for an investment period of 3-5 years and the ones from last year could take some time to reach their true potential...

But before we come to details, allow me to introduce myself and my team to you.

Hi, I am Rahul Goel and I am the CEO of Equitymaster.

Equitymaster, as you may know, is an independent equity research house based out of Mumbai, India.

We have been in the industry for over 17 years now and are proud to have 1,484,807 readers across 71 countries worldwide.

We were the first financial website of India and have many individual investors benefitting from our research.

We are not backed by any industrial house or sponsored by any broking house. Our only source of income is what our valued subscribers pay for our services and the advertisements on our website.

This approach has allowed us to be brutally honest and completely unbiased in our recommendations.

And these are the values that have helped us earn the trust of our readers like you.

Here's what one of our subscribers wrote across to us...

"It's been 5 years since I have been a subscriber to all the products of Equitymaster (EM).

EM's "power to people" approach is what made me to associate with them initially. EM's honest, independent and consistent research on stocks is worth appreciating.

In short, I must say it has been a "rewarding" experience."

-- S R Samratt, subscriber since 2005

Now let's come back to what we started with....

The Last Two Years and our
'Back-To-Booking-Profits Story'

As I shared earlier... after many of our stock picks plummeted in 2010, we further fine-tuned our stock selection process and came out with a 'New Improved' service that has performed really well...

2011 was our turnaround year.

After implementing new processes and with even more researchers spending hours scrutinizing each and every stock pick... we got back on track.

Our stock picks started making substantial returns for our subscribers again.

From our 2011 stock picks, we have already booked profits like:

Returns Booked Investment Period
139% Just about 7 Months
105% 1 Year & 1 Month
82% 1 Year & 2 Months
85% 1 Year & 6 months
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

So, we knew we were on the right track and the service's turnaround story had begun.

But we knew that by making one more change to our research process we could lay the foundation for an even better performance track record in the years to come...

So we went ahead and introduced...

"Buy at a Lower Price."

This new stock rating allowed us to recommend stocks which are fundamentally strong but are not available at a discount right now.

As we shared earlier, we strongly believe in maintaining a margin of safety in all our recommendations.

Thus, these 'Buy at a Lower Price' recommendations gave our subscribers certain stocks which they could track, along with us, and invest in when it hits the 'Buy Price' that we clearly state in.

As Warren Buffett puts it, "We do not get paid for activity, just for being right".

So, you can rest assured that whenever you get a recommendation from us, it is our honest & completely unbiased view.

Also, this proactive approach towards consistent improvement is what differentiates us from any other service out there.

We are proud to share that our subscribers appreciate our efforts, as one of them wrote back to us sharing his experience...

"First of all I would like to appreciate the stock selection mechanism of Equitymaster. I am a subscriber of Equitymaster since 2009. Also enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining Equitymaster in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision. I am happy investor and proud to be associated with Equitymaster. I encourage the Mid community of retail investors to join such an advisory services to be active participants in Indian Stock Markets and NOT to run after quick money."

-- Pankaj Deshkar, a Hidden Treasure Subscriber since 2009

The Year when all our Investments Paid off!

Then came 2012... that saw each and every stock we recommended, picking up and earning big returns for our subscribers who invested in it.

At the start of 2013, all our stock picks from 2012 were in Green.

However, the recent market carnage has crushed the small caps segment pulling many of our own recommendations into the red. Still, we're confident of our stock-selection process and maintain our view that each and every one of these has the potential to pick up once the market revives...

...and meet their target price within the recommended investment period.

Thus, our current stock picks could still create a lot more wealth in the years to come.

The only position we've closed from 2012, gave us 123% returns in just 3 months.

Yes... we are extra-cautious about a stock if it picks up far too fast.

Now we don't want you to get the wrong picture.

Not all Small cap stocks will jump up this much... this soon!

In fact, from our experience, you could expect 3 of every 5 small cap recommendations to perform well over time.

And if you pick your stocks well, even this success ratio could do wonders for your portfolio!

Now, we shouldn't even be looking at the stocks we've recommended in 2013 because there's still a long way to go for them... but I would like to share one pick that has started on a strong note.

This small cap stock was recommended on 15 May, 2013, and in just over 3 months it is already giving 26% returns.

And we're delighted to share that many of our subscribers are already benefitting from this services!

Here's what one of them wrote to us...

"Your Hidden Treasure is a beacon of light in these troubled times. I am happy I took the right choice."

-- P. S. Sathyamurthy, a Hidden Treasure Subscriber since 2008

And today, we have something Extra Special for you.

We understand that due to the current market volatility, you might not be investing in stocks right away.

Even though none amongst us can say with certainty when the market will revive... we both know that strong small caps could create solid wealth when the market reaches its true potential.

This is why we wanted to make it extremely easy for you to join this service and at least stay updated on the opportunities that the current market offers and create long term wealth...

Thus, we have an Annual Subscription Plan that allows you to subscribe to this service at More Than 60% Off!

So, even if you aren't investing in the market right now, you could benefit from this service over the following year...

Of course I will give you full details on this Plan and would also invite you to join us in our endeavor to pick out some of the best Small caps by becoming a part of this exclusive investors group....

However, before we come to that, allow me to share all the things that make this Small Cap Recommendation service unlike anything out there!

Allow me to introduce you to the service behind all these stock picks...


Hidden Treasure
Equitymaster's Extremely Popular
Small Cap Recommendation Service

With thousands of subscribers, a long list of high-potential stock picks, experienced research team and backed with over 17 years of Equitymaster's experience in equity research ... this service is the ideal solution for any investor who wishes to invest in small cap stocks.

» Small caps... that are fundamentally strong and have the potential to become the leaders in their respective industries.
» Small caps... that have already shown their caliber by being the specialists in the niche they operate in.
» Small caps... that could give your portfolio a much needed boost in the coming years.

All the returns we had shared with you earlier were booked on stocks recommended under this service.

When you join Hidden Treasure, you will start getting one Buy/Buy-at-a-lower-price recommendation every month!

In other words... 12 high-potential small cap opportunities over the year.

We release our Hidden Treasure report before the 15th of every month.

This report, typically, will give you all the information you need to take an informed investment decision.

Right from our investment rationale behind making the recommendation, investment concerns, the background of the company, key management personnel, complete risk-analysis and the complete valuation of the stock... amongst many other factors.

Now, this is Exclusive Research available only for our valued Hidden Treasure subscribers.

And as mentioned above... we do not just recommend a stock and forget about it.

We will track and send you a Monthly Update on
All our Open Hidden Treasure Positions

Every month, we will release a Monthly Performance Review Report that will cover latest updates on all our open positions.

How have they performed since our recommendation and also whether we maintain our views on the company...

So you can be rest assured that once you invest based on our recommendations, our research team will do everything possible from our end to ensure that it's profitable for you in the long run.

It is because of this commitment, that thousands of current Hidden Treasure Subscribers trust us and invest based on our recommendations.

Then there is Quarterly Result Review too.

In this report, released every 3 months, we analyse the results released by the companies under our coverage.

Together, both these reports ensure that you are updated on all our open recommendations throughout your subscription.

"I really thank you for starting something like Equitymaster and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ....but well ...certain things take place only when they are destined to."

-- Nishank Mehta, a Hidden Treasure subscriber since 2009

And in addition to keeping you informed through these reports, we'll give you Free Access to an online tool, wherein you can track your portfolio yourselves as well...

Free Subscription To
Equitymaster's Intelligent Portfolio Tracker

Equitymaster's Portfolio Tracker is an online based tool that allows you to track multiple portfolios, Mutual Fund Investments and even create your own Watch List for stocks which you wish to track.

This indispensible service for any smart investor will help you analyse your portfolio across various factors, just like a portfolio manager does.

Intelligent reports like -

» Is your Portfolio construction ideal?
» Are there any stocks in your portfolio that need your attention?
» Are you heavily invested in one sector?

These reports could bring out invaluable insights about your portfolio and help you analyse it in detail, just like any smart investor should.

We would like to share that Portfolio Tracker is an organic tool that has gone through various upgrades in the past based on feedback & suggestions we've received from our valuable subscribers.

Making it a Portfolio Tracker that is, to a large extent, designed for and by investors themselves!

Equitymaster's Intelligent Portfolio Tracker service is priced at Rs 330 per annum.

However, with your Hidden Treasure subscription, you will get it Absolutely Free!

Now, before we go ahead and invite you on board...

A Friendly Word of Advice

As I am sure you're aware... Stock Market investments come with inherent risk.

So, we would recommend that you do not put all your eggs in one basket!

In our view, not more than 5-10% of your total portfolio should be invested in Small Caps and even this portion should be diversified across multiple stocks.

Even if just 3 out of these 5 companies turn out to be successful, they could more than make-up for the losses you could've incurred from the other 2 and still leave you with a profit.

And just imagine if even one of them turns out to be like the star performers I discussed earlier, your portfolio could get a great uplift!

So you see, Small Caps, even though they hold high-potential, require smart and reasonable investments.

After all neither of us want one wrong pick to eat into our investments... right?

In fact, even after our years of experience in Equity research, tried and tested processes and an experienced research team... we've seen stocks missing the mark as well.

There could be many reasons behind this:

» Maybe the Management becomes too greedy and takes short-term oriented decisions that affect long term prospects.
» Maybe the company doesn't adapt fast enough to changing business environment.
» Maybe the company loses focus altogether and starts sliding.

However we both know that Small Caps hold immense potential in them...

In fact in 2012, Small Cap index gave higher returns than Large Caps in the Sensex... nearly throughout the year!

Small Caps Outperform Mid Caps & Large Caps
small cap index gave higher returns than Large Caps in the Sensex... nearly throughout the year!
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investment Note: If you are only investing in Large Cap stocks... you are missing out on some of the most exciting money-making opportunities in the current market. Large caps add stability to your portfolio but high-potential small caps can give your earning a big boost!

So, even if you have a strong Blue-chips portfolio, we would recommend that you diversify across different market caps to further bring down your risk and improve your earnings.

However, in any case, you should not have more than 5 - 10% of your money in small caps.

Now we'll confess that...

We've Made Mistakes in the Past too. . .

Take MIC Electronics for example.

We had recommended the stock in July 2009 because we saw immense potential in their business plan and a huge opportunity in the industry.

They had performed well in the past and the industry was offering a huge opportunity.

But then things changed for bad.

The company missed out on an important contract and the stock price started sliding. The management's refusal to step-in and explain their stance further worsened the situation. Then there turned out to be some issues with the company's disclosures too...

So, we were forced to recommend our subscribers to stop their losses and sell the shares at 45% loss.

Here's another example where things changed for bad...

We had recommended Ahluwalia Contracts Ltd in August 2009 because we saw immense potential in their business plan.

Making 'landmark' buildings was this company's niche. It had a dazzling list of high profile and sophisticated buildings, a strong order book, remarkable financials and one of the best operating parameters in the construction industry.

But then things changed...

High competition pulled down the revenue, time & cost overruns increased the costs, company came under the scanner for CWG project and they even had an issue with the Provident Fund Department... And things were not going too well in its core business either.

So, we recommended our subscribers to stop their losses and sell the shares at 60% loss.

And then there was SREI Infra Finance where we incurred a 71% Loss...

However, over the years, our stock-selection process has improved a lot and the biggest credit for it goes to our proprietary risk-assessment tool...

ERMTM: Our Proprietary Risk-Calculator

ERMTM, or Equitymaster Risk Matrix, is our proprietary tool that we have developed after scrutinizing and researching the Stock Market for years.

A tool that looks into the financial health of the company; the past track record and even factors like how equipped is the management to take this small cap on its right growth path?

In short, in addition to the testing the growth potential of a business, ERMTM helps us minimize the risk taken as well.

All our Hidden Treasure recommendations are tested on ERMTM to ensure that they meet the parameters required to be strong investments.

So, after all this, what we can confidently state is this....

Fundamentally Strong Small Cap Stocks
Hold Immense Potential. . .
If You Invest With A Long Term Perspective!

As we shared earlier, the money-making potential in small caps is big! But, it needs smart investments diversified across many small caps.

It needs constant tracking to ensure that the company is on the right growth path.

And it needs exhaustive research to ensure that the company's fundamentals are strong enough to withstand the harsh business environment.

And when you invest in such a company... you could generate a good amount of wealth in long-term.

Just like our current subscribers....

Here's what one of them wrote back to us sharing his experience...

"Equitymaster has made me more and more richer every year since my association with them. It has given me more wealth than my professional career. Convey my best wishes to all 52 members at Equity Master."

-- Dr C V Ajmera, a Hidden Treasure Subscriber since 2011

So, we will reiterate... diversifying across multiple small caps will further bring down the total risk of your investments.

And if even one or two of your small cap investments turn out as our winners below, your portfolio will get a big boost...

And to help you in creating a well diversified portfolio, we'll also send you our extremely popular...

Asset Allocation Guide - Absolutely Free

As we have already emphasized earlier, allocating your investments across various market caps is extremely important to minimize the risk.

This guide titled "How to Plan Your Equity Portfolio" will help you allocate your investments across different market caps.

Covering aspects like the importance of Asset Allocation; understanding the difference between small cap, mid cap and large cap stocks with their respective risks and opportunities and hand-holding you into creating your own well-diversified portfolio... this guide is extremely important for any smart investor.

In addition to all this, you will also get....

Easy-Access, Installable Version of
Equitymaster's Stock Market Yearbook

Every year, we publish the latest and exhaustive data on Top 300 companies. Plus, a wealth of information on over 20 sectors, the Indian economy, mutual funds... all, in one place.

This invaluable information serves as a ready-reckoner for any smart investor.

Available in an easy-access installable version and a PDF version as well, this Yearbook provides the latest data that could help you make smart investment decisions.

Priced at Rs 750 each, you will receive the 2013 downloadable version right away and the 2014 Edition as soon as we release it.

This is a Special Gift from Team Equitymaster, worth Rs 1,500... Absolutely Free!

And here's something to ensure that you do not miss out on even a single recommendation report we release...

The Equitymaster Research Digest

This is a new feature that we've introduced based on a feedback we received from our valued subscribers...

Released every Saturday, this one report will give you a roundup of all the research we've published over the week along with a Special Note written by our research team, highlighting an investment idea as well.

Within weeks of launch, this report has been highly appreciated by our subscribers and many have even shared their experience with us...

"The Weekly Digest started by you is very appreciating as it helps investors like me to understand things easily (thanks a lot to the simple & lucid language being used). I hope you come out with more such stuff."

-- Hemen Shah, an Equitymaster Subscriber

"Some people are throwing their money in the 'Equity Market' without knowing the real status of the companies and later they will feel sorry for that. I honestly appreciate "The Equity Master Research Digest" and I feel that people who are watching this 'weekly digest' will surely have immense benefit out of it."

-- S. Sridharan, an Equitymaster Subscriber

And there's more.

As soon as you sign up, you will get...

Instant Access To Full Information on
3 Small Cap Stocks You Could Buy Today!

Small caps have always been associated with capital growth potential.

In other words... the price of the stock could multiply over the years and generate long-term wealth for its investors.

However, we have zeroed in on 3 "Rare" Small Cap stocks that could not just create long-term wealth for you but will also pay you regular dividends on the way.

In fact, one of these stocks has paid dividends for more than 100 years now!

Full information on these stocks is published under a Special Report titled "Steady income Small Caps".

And you'll get this report Absolutely Free as well!

Here's a glimpse into these 3 rare small caps stocks:

Company # 1

This company enjoys a near monopoly status in a highly niche segment. Its products find use in automobiles, mostly in diesel engines.

The company enjoys 30-40% market share in the industry and is the sole supplier in the organized market in most of the segments it operates in.

The company has a high level of technical and technological brilliance that leads to a very high degree of value addition. Being a capital intensive business with high technical and technological capabilities and low turnover, it largely remains insulated from any serious competitive threat.

What's more, it is available for dirt cheap now compared to its real value.

Besides giving high returns on capital, it also pays dividends that add to shareholder's wealth.

Company # 2

Many investors may have never even heard about this small private sector bank.

What impressed us about this bank is the management's faith in its conservative business model.

The bank consciously chose to stay away from risky financial products like personal loans and credit cards...

And instead focused on its main strengths - which are rural reach and long relationships with some of the best-known business houses in the region.

This approach has helped the bank differentiate itself and also grow at the same time.

And believe it or not, this bank has issued dividends nonstop for over 100 years now!

Company # 3

This company has a presence in multiple industries.

First off, this company is at the forefront of what we can call a second revolution in India's agriculture.

And then, it also leads the market in some categories in its chemical business.

In fact, some of its best-selling chemicals find key usages in the mining and pharma industries.

And like the previous two companies, this company also pays dividends consistently.

So, in all the 3 cases, you could not just make big returns but also earn steady dividends and grow your investment in two ways at the same time.

Now that you understand the risks and the returns potential from small caps, I'd like to extend this invitation to you...

I Invite You to Join Hidden Treasure
And Benefit From Our Research. . .

Hidden Treasure is priced at Rs 5,000 per annum.

And, if you look at the potential that lies in these stock picks, this price in itself seems appropriate...

However, as we shared earlier...

Right now, you we have something Extra Special for you!

Join Now and Get One Year Subscription to Hidden Treasure, with 12 High Potential Small Cap Opportunities, at Just Rs 1,950 (Normal Price Rs 5,000)...

Yes, that's more than 60% Off!

In fact, Rs 1,950 for 1 year comes to just Rs 162.50 per month! This is nearly the price of a cup of coffee at one of these new age cafes...

And for such a low price, you can get 12 High-Potential Small Caps over a period of 12 Months... in addition to all the other benefits I mentioned above!

So, make the most of this opportunity and invest in fundamentally strong small caps that could create long-term wealth for you...

We're sure that this is an extremely exciting offer for any smart investor...

Here are some of the small cap stocks we've picked out in the past and the returns they've generated for our members who invested on our recommendation:

Stock Recommended Change
eClerx 247% in 5 months
Nitin Fire Protection Ind Ltd. 139% in 7 months
Elgi Equipments Ltd. 250% in 2 Years 1 month
KPIT Cummins Infosystem Ltd. 288% in 2 years & 5 months
V-Guard 123% in less than 3 months
Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd 118% in 2 Years 5 months
NIIT Technologies 177% in just about 2 Years
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd 105% in 1 year 1 month
Nitco Ltd 124% in just about 7 months
Micro Technologies (India) Ltd 100% in 1 Year & 8 months
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

As you can see... the money-making potential in strong small caps is immense. However, you need to invest smartly and with a long term perspective.

What To Do If You Aren't Planning to Invest in Any Small Cap Stock In Near Future. . .

See, we understand that the current market uncertainty has led many investors to completely stop buying any stock... leave aside a small cap.

In such a scenario, you might ask... "Why should I subscribe to your service at this point in time?"

And to tell you the truth, we appreciate if you do!

Because it shows that you are serious about your investments...

Yes this Rs 1,950 is an Investment in itself!

An investment that could help you pick some of the best Small Caps that the market has to offer.

And our new Stock Rating "Buy at a Lower Price" ensures that you keep getting fundamentally strong small caps which you could track along with us and invest in as soon as it hits the Buy price (We clearly mention the Buy price in all our Hidden Treasure recommendations)

So, even if you aren't planning to buy any small cap right now, joining Hidden Treasure will keep you updated on some of the Best Small Caps that we recommend under Hidden Treasure. PLUS you will also get small caps which you can track along with us, and invest in as soon as they hit the Buy Price!

So, we would recommend that you do not postpone taking this decision and join us today in picking out some of the most solid small caps from the market.

And here's another reason you should join Hidden Treasure right away...

Joining Hidden Treasure could be...

The only Investment that comes with Zero Risk

We accept that we told you that there are no investments with zero risk.

However, subscribing to Hidden Treasure comes with our 30 Days, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-back Policy!

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about...

Join us through this offer and experience Hidden Treasure yourself for the next 30 days before you make up your mind.

You will get instant access to our Hidden Treasure Report archives; access to download our Special Report - 3 Steady Income Small Caps; access to download our Asset Allocation Guide; try out our portfolio tracker with all the various intelligent reports it creates for your portfolio and also get one New Hidden Treasure Stock Recommendation.

If any time during these 30 days, you feel that this service is not for you, just give us a call and we'll refund the whole amount you paid!

Right to the last Rupee.

That's our Promise!

And you can also keep anything you download during this time as a thank-you gift from team Equitymaster for trying our service,

Sounds unbelievable... right?

However, we're here for the long-run and we would not want you to subscribe to a service that you aren't benefitting from.

So, let's sum it up...

Here's all that you'll get. . .

✓    12 well researched and High Potential Small Cap Opportunities over the year!
✓    3 'Steady Income Small Caps' that you could invest in right away and see them grow while enjoying consistent dividends as well.
✓    Quarterly Results Reviews of all our open Hidden Treasure recommendations.
✓    Monthly Performance Review of all our Open Hidden Treasure recommendations.
✓    Our Hugely Popular Asset Allocation Guide. Absolutely Free!
✓    Free access to our "Intelligent" Portfolio Tracker worth Rs 330 per annum.
✓    Equitymaster's easy-access Installable Stock Market Yearbook 2013 edition right away... and 2014 edition as soon as we release it. Worth Rs 750 each, this is invaluable data on top 300 companies of India.
✓    Free for life Subscription to globally acclaimed financial newsletter 'The Daily Reckoning' by Bill Bonner, 3 times New York Times bestselling Author and an authority in analyzing the global economic trends.

So, if you're interested in investing in small caps... THIS is the best investment you can make!

Our research team will not just pick out some of the strongest small caps, available at a discount, but also track them consistently for you and keep you updated.

And the current subscription plan makes it a perfect time to join this exclusive club of investors!

Click Here to Join Equitymaster's Hidden Treasure at Just Rs 1,950...

Okay, one thing I missed out on sharing...

Our Star Performer that's giving
1,239% returns today!

We had recommended this stock on 15th January 2009.

Yes, we haven't given a Sell on it yet....

So, I'm sure you'll understand that I cannot share the name of the stock here...

However, today, this stock stands at a profit of 1,239% in just over 4 Years and 6 months.

Had you invested just Rs 10,000 in this stock when we recommended it, your investment would be worth Rs 133,900 today!

This is the money-making potential in small caps!

At this point, price should not even be a factor because the money-making potential in these stock picks is such that even a single stock turning into a winner could pay for the subscription and earn you huge returns as well.

So, don't delay...

Click Here to Join One of our Most Popular services at Just Rs 1,950!

I look forward to you joining us and creating long-term wealth from some of the most-lucrative small caps out there.

To your Wealth, Always,

Warm Regards,

Rahul Goel
CEO, Equitymaster

P.S.: 5 Years of researching in and picking out high-potential small caps has taught us many lessons. Lessons that set us apart from any other service out there and lessons that are already proving out to be profitable for our valued subscribers. However, don't take our word for it... Click Here to Try Hidden Treasure without any risk through our 30 Days Money-back Policy.

P.P.S.: Here's what one of our subscribers shared about his experience with Equitymaster...

"Until last year I was skeptical in spending money to avail financial services. Somehow, I did not trust anyone after 2008 crash. But then I decided to take the services of Equitymaster for two reasons:

Firstly, there are not just "BUY" recommendations. Subscribers are also advised when to Sell. It takes guts to advise readers to sell the stock for which buy was recommended, even if it means selling on loss. This speaks a lot about the commitment of Equitymaster towards the financial well-being of its readers and subscribers. Secondly, for every service that you offer, there is also an advice on who should really take this service. This shows the commitment of Equitymaster towards giving best services to its readers.

And today after subscribing for StockSelect, Hidden Treasure and ValuePro I don't regret the decision to avail financial services from Equitymaster. I now have a healthy portfolio and am confident that I will achieve my financial goals in due time."

-- Gaurav Srivastava, a Hidden Treasure Subscriber

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