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Are You Too Busy Working
To Even Think About
Growing Your Money?

A "managed" investing service for professionals
and anybody without enough time and knowledge to
identify high-return stocks and constantly track them

(Based on the same investing approach that multiplied
one investor's wealth a whopping 5,869 times!)

Dear Reader,

Are you too busy working to think about growing your money?

Don't worry! You're not alone.

This is actually the case with a majority of working professionals out there.

Let's face it - for most people, the time spent in the office everyday is anywhere between 8 to 10 hours.

Then you can add to this another 2 to 3 hours for commuting to and back from the place of work.

So at the end of the day, you reach home tired and stressed out, have dinner, watch TV for a few minutes, and crash on your bed.

And weekends naturally get consumed in stocking up groceries, socializing with friends, and preparing for the coming week.

The result - amidst all of this, there's hardly any time to even think about how you're going to grow your money.

Sure, you might say you're investing in some stocks and fixed deposits.

But will these help you multiply your wealth in a way that you can lead a rich, comfortable and happy life?

Most probably, not!

For that you need a planned approach. Something which has worked brilliantly over time.

And that's what I'm writing to you about now...

The approach that turned ordinary investors
into millionaires - - now at your disposal!

Imagine converting...
  • Rs 20,000 into about Rs 11.7 crore, or...
  • Rs 50,000 into Rs 29.3 crore, or...
  • Rs 700,000 into Rs 411 crore!
Simply put, this is converting every Rs 1 into about Rs 5,869!

We realize that for most people something like this would seem impossible.

But this is actually the return that this approach has generated for one investor.

And there are a couple of very important things you need to know here in order to get the REAL picture...

First off, this return was not achieved overnight or in a couple of weeks or months.
No, it in fact took 48 long years for this to become a reality!

I think you'll understand that the possibility of making such BIG returns increases when the investment period increases.

Secondly, while the final return by itself might look extremely big, the fact is that the initial investment has only grown at the rate of 20% every year consistently.
But the key word here is "consistently"...

Because when your initial investment grows year after year consistently, the compounding power of money sets in and that is when the magic happens.

That is how Rs 1 is converted into Rs 5,869!

Now before we proceed, please understand that you may or may not make the same kind of returns.

But the above example clearly shows how effective this approach has been. Doesn't it?

And what worked so well over such a LONG period of time
can be expected to do the same in the future also. . .

For this reason, we want to tell you all about this approach in the letter below.

And more importantly, that implementing this approach will be easier than ever for you now.

Because through our "managed" investing service which is based on the exact same approach, we'll now tell you which stocks to buy, when to buy and even when to sell.
In fact, we will build a complete portfolio of stocks for you which could multiply your wealth significantly in the coming years.

And we'll also monitor this portfolio continuously so you can be completely relaxed and stress free.
All you need to do is invest in the stocks we tell you... when we tell you to... and wait for them to grow and make you money.

Simple, right?

And you will not be alone in this endeavor too!

Yes! You will join a small group of investors who will also be investing alongside you in the same portfolio in a bid to grow their wealth using this proven approach.

And in addition, even we at Equitymaster will invest Rs 1 lac in each of the stocks.

So if you make money, we make money. And if you lose money, we lose money too!

Simply stated, we have as much to gain or lose from this as you.

Sounds exciting?

Here are the full details...

An investing approach
suitable for all economic climates. . .

Before we tell you what the approach exactly is...

You must surely remember those good old days a few years back when India couldn't do a thing wrong.

» The software industry was booming and taking the economy forward
» People were able to afford cars and spend more on housing which led to growth in the automobile, real estate and other domestic industries
» India was the go-to destination for all foreign investors
Like I said, India could do no wrong at that time!

But then, things changed. And what followed was something a lot of people would have never expected...

The rupee value depreciated alarmingly. Industrial output fell to all time record lows. Growth slowed. There was policy paralysis.

And to make matters worse, rating agencies around the world also downgraded their predictions for India.

So you must be wondering...

How does one go about multiplying their wealth in a scenario where ups and downs happen every few months now?

And how do you plan your investments in a way such that your wealth keeps growing no matter how the Indian and Global economies turn out in the years to come?

We'll tell you how...

By investing in companies that will provide long-term investment value... rather than in fads or 'hot' themes that may be profitable in the short run, but are likely to run out of steam quickly.

This is the approach followed by
the legendary Warren Buffett himself!
And we all know how well he has done. . .

Yes, this is exactly what renowned investor Warren Buffett has done his whole life.

And how much has he made to show for it?

US$ 53 billion at last count!

That's right!

Warren Buffett achieved tremendous success with not one or two, but several stocks which have multiplied several times over the years.

For instance, he has multiplied his investment in stocks such as:

    ✓ Washington Post - 80 times in 40 years,

    ✓ Coca-Cola - 37 times in 25 years, and

    ✓ Gillette - 8 times in 16 years

All by following this very same approach.

And like I said, what's amazing about this approach is that it has worked exceedingly well over a long period of time.

1) For instance, Washington Post, the newspaper company, was the first to be acquired among the above 3 examples... in 1973.

As per the reasoning he later offered, Buffett bought Washington Post simply because the company, apart from doing good business, was selling at a much lower price than its true business value.

And till date the stock has multiplied his money a whopping 80 times!

2) Then the 2nd company to be acquired by Buffett was Coca-Cola... in 1988.

Among other reasons, the key factor that prompted Buffett to buy Coca-Cola (as he later clarified) was that he believed in the simplicity and sustainability of its business.

Coca-Cola too has grown about 37 times in 25 years.

3) And the last of the 3 companies to be acquired by Buffett was Gillette, the shaving products major... in 1989.

Buffett's simple reasoning to buy Gillette can be summed up in his own words, "It's pleasant to go to bed every night knowing there are 2.5 billion males in the world who have to shave in the morning."

So clearly, this was not any "fad" that would have vanished in a couple of years, but something with a long-term value.

And the stock also was selling at lower than its real value at that time.

For these reasons, Buffett decided to invest in Gillette and it multiplied his investment almost 8 times in 16 years.

But that's not all...

A more recent example. . .

At the end of 2004, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway had around US$ 44 billion in cash. And the value was same at the end of 2005, 2006 and 2007 as well.

Buffett had simply refused to buy any shares during all this time.

But when the recession hit in 2008, Buffett started acquiring shares in large quantities. And that too, shares of not just any companies, but top companies like General Electric, BNSF Railway and Constellation Energy.

And the important thing to note here is...

Normally, these shares would have cost a LOT more. But by waiting for the right moment, Buffett was able to get some of the best companies at almost half-off!

This shows that if you use Buffett's principles, you could make GREAT returns investing in some of the BEST companies... even when the economic situation may not be so good.

And it also shows that even today, Buffett's approach works as well as it did many years (or even decades) back.

It's for this very reason that YOU too should emulate Buffett's same principles while identifying stocks for YOUR portfolio.

Simply stated, you should identify companies that are doing simple businesses that can be easily understood, have consistent earnings history and sustainable growth path, are managed by honest and competent people, and whose stocks are available at attractive prices with an adequate margin of safety.

But this is where we've got something special for you...

The Opportunity to Build Wealth Buffett-Style
While Barely Lifting A Finger!

You see, if you go about implementing this approach on your own, you'd have to:

    » Dissect financial statements of endless number of companies

    » Read endless annual reports

    » Listen to the contradicting stock gurus on TV

    » Wonder 'which' is the right stock to buy for the long term and
      'when' is the right time to buy it

    » Sweat over the slightest price movements your stock undergoes

But the fact is, most people have neither the time nor the financial knowhow to do all of this themselves.

Then what's the solution to this problem?

Yes, I'm coming to that...

You see, we've got a service where we will actually do all of this for you.

That's right!

We will do all the time-consuming work, all the background research and uncover the best Buffett-style stocks for you.

And, we'll also monitor all our recommendations continuously... for a period of 10 years after recommending them, or till we give a SELL... whichever is earlier.

So if something unexpectedly does go wrong with a particular stock, we ourselves will tell you to get rid of it.

All you will have to do is invest in the stocks we tell you, when we tell you to... and cash in when these companies grow in the few years.

Believe me, there won't be an easier way than this to acquire a real wealth-building portfolio.

So allow us to offer you...

An Invitation To Be Part Of ValuePro:
The Easiest Way To Invest Just Like Warren Buffett,
The Greatest Investor Of All Time

ValuePro is our portfolio recommendation service, through which we handpick stocks and build an entire portfolio for you based on Warren Buffett's investing principles.

Our mission through ValuePro is to identify 12-15 stocks over a 2-year period based on Warren Buffett's time-tested principles, which could see their stock prices multiply 4 to 6 times over the next 5 to 10 years.

These stocks could belong to any stock category or industry. They could be blue-chips, or midcaps, or something else.

But the most important thing is that they should meet the certain criteria without fail.

These are...

Strong fundamentals: They should be simple and understandable businesses, having consistent operating history and favourable long-term prospects
Strong and able management teams at the helm: The management should be rational and honest with shareholders, and resist the compulsion to act just to prove a point
Stable financial history: The company should have stable high profit margins and return on equity, sustained growth in earnings, less capital requirements on an incremental basis, low or nil debt on the books
And be selling at attractive valuations: Keeping a strong margin of safety, the company should be available at a significant discount to its intrinsic values

So we will analyze potential investments as per Buffett's above criteria, and recommend only those that fulfill all the requirements.

Simply stated, ValuePro will be the 'next best thing' to asking Buffett himself whether you are making a good investment decision.

Join ValuePro and we'll take the entire
guesswork out of your investing!


You'll receive a monthly ValuePro newsletter from us on the first Monday of every month.

And the important thing to understand here is that we will be looking for the right kind of opportunity available at the right price.

So there may be months when we could recommend stocks in a bunch. And there may be months when we'll have nothing to recommend.

But our ValuePro newsletter will reach you every month without fail.

In the months when we have nothing to recommend to you, we will discuss a company which is not a good buy yet, but could become attractive if the price falls a bit more in the future.

In addition, the monthly newsletter will also include excerpts of our interaction with companies' managements, suppliers, competitors, and even customers.

So on the whole, we'll identify and recommend 12-15 stocks based on Warren Buffett's approach over a 2-year period to complete the portfolio.

And how much should you ideally invest in each stock?

Well, it is advisable that you invest an EQUAL percentage of money in every stock recommended to you as a part of the portfolio.

Because only such a concentration will enable these stocks to have a really meaningful impact on your portfolio.

Here's what one ValuePro subscriber has to say about it...

"Like any other retail investor I too was having all diseases like trading based on SMS-Broker-Internet-Friends Tips, 100+ stocks portfolio, momentum stock picking, seating in front of CNBC for whole day and above all listening to so called all animals seriously, whom we known as self declared stock Analyst. And Yes I was making losses too. Now, I am very thankful to EquityMaster for such an Innovative product, ValuePro, which transformed my investment life. Only now I understand true meaning of one of commandment of Investing, that is: "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get"

-- Rahul Kumar Paliwal, a ValuePro subscriber since 2009

However, there's one more thing
you have to understand. . .

Look, we don't want to get your expectations up TOO high.

As you may know, every Rs 100 invested in Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway turned into Rs 586,917 over a 48-year period.

Making that kind of returns may or may not be possible for you.

And at the same time, we at Equitymaster could also get our predictions wrong once in a while.

So what we can promise you instead is that by joining ValuePro, you could generate tremendous wealth for yourself over the next few years...
  1. By becoming an integral part of a process that aims to emulate Buffett's investing principles

  2. And taking advantage of good wealth-generating opportunities that are available here in India

  3. With hardly any effort from your side!
At this point, you might want to ask...

How Capable Is Equitymaster To Do
What Buffett Has Done?

To answer that, I'd now like to take you back to the year 2009...

You might remember that it was a year when investors were very, VERY skeptical about putting money into stocks.

Global economy appeared to be nowhere close to recovery. There was HUGE uncertainty in the markets worldwide. And the Satyam scam that occurred during the same year had dented the confidence of Indian investors even further.

Simply put, many people had almost given up on stocks.

But while millions were busy pulling all their money out of the market... or reducing their exposure significantly, a small group of investors was given access to a ValuePro portfolio that we started building in November 2009.

And in the next 3 years that followed, there were alternating periods of crisis followed by euphoria followed by crisis once again.

But despite everything that was going on outside, this portfolio continued to make handsome returns for its investors.

Now assume one has invested Rs 1 lac each in the stocks of our first ValuePro portfolio... and simultaneously Rs 1 lac each in the Sensex every time.

And then, the returns are calculated.

This way while the Sensex portfolio grew by 12% since November 2009, our ValuePro portfolio grew by 20%.

In other words, nearly 70% better than the Sensex!

Just take a look at the performance based on NAV...

ValuePro: Delivering much better returns
Note: Given that investments in the portfolio are made at different points in time,
we prefer to use the NAV method for calculating returns.
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The blue line shows you how the Sensex has performed during this time.
And the red line? How our ValuePro portfolio has performed.

As you can see, our ValuePro portfolio has outperformed the market consistently... regardless of the upturns and downturns that were going on outside!

That's why we want to YOU to become a part of ValuePro as well...

So that you too can continually grow your wealth amidst good, bad and indifferent economies alike!

Join ValuePro Now And Get
More Than 50% Off On The Full Price!

ValuePro usually costs Rs 15,000 per year. But for a limited time, you can sign up for it for Rs 7,450 for a year only.

That's more than 50% off on the regular price!

And we've also got a 30-day, 100% moneyback guarantee on this offer.

So you can try ValuePro without any risk for the next 30 days to see if you like it.

If you think ValuePro is not for you, just let us know before the 31st day from the start of your subscription and we will simply refund your FULL questions asked!

And you can keep everything you downloaded during these 30 days as a compliment from Equitymaster for trying ValuePro.

Sounds good?

Why you can trust Equitymaster. . .

See, we've been in this industry for a LONG time. In fact, we were the FIRST Indian entity in the finance domain to venture onto the Internet.

And now, we have completed over 17 years in the online space.

As of 8th April 2013, we have over 1,484,807 registered members in 71 countries worldwide!

But at the same time, we're NOT stock brokers. And we don't gain anything even if you buy the stocks we recommend.

However, it's extremely vital for us that the stocks we recommend make you money.

Because if you don't make money from our recommendations, you will simply not renew your subscriptions. Furthermore, you'll also tell your friends not to sign up for our services.

For this reason, we take extreme care while finalizing the stocks to recommend.

» All our recommendations are supported by thorough research - we list out the reasons to buy and also the investment concerns that we foresee
» We travel far and wide to meet companies before we put out reports on them
» For each stock, we clearly state the target price and also the time horizon for achieving the same

That's exactly why over 1,484,807 registered members (of all Equitymaster services combined) trust us!

Here's what one subscriber had to say about our research...

"It's been 5 years since I have been a subscriber to all the products of Equitymaster (EM).

EM's "power to people" approach is what made me to associate with them initially. EM's honest, independent and consistent research on stocks is worth appreciating.

In short, I must say it has been a "rewarding" experience."

-- S R Samratt, an Equitymaster subscriber since 2005

And talking of ValuePro,
we have our own money in it too!

Like we told you earlier...

To show you how confident we are about our research, we also invest Rs 1 lac of our own money in each of the stocks we recommend to you through ValuePro.

(Don't worry! To ensure you always have the first go at them, we buy the stocks 10 trading sessions after we recommend them to you.)

So you can rest assured knowing that we won't recommend some stocks to you and watch from a safe distance while you risk your money in them.

ValuePro is your (and also our) chance to practice sound investing principles and generate tremendous returns over the next few years...just like Buffett has done.

And now, you also have a chance to be a part of ValuePro... and at a HUGE discount!

But again, like I said, this offer will be available for a limited time only! And after it closes, you'll have to pay the full price of Rs 15,000 to sign up.

So I hope you don't let this opportunity pass and sign up right away.

And here's what else you get when you sign up for ValuePro...

Timely Updates and Detailed Analysis

To help you achieve your goal of building wealth in the long term, we will be sending you regular updates on every single stock in your ValuePro portfolio!

These updates will comprise of clear, concrete and actionable opinions.

Like I said, our aim is to grow this portfolio 4x - 6x in the coming 5 - 10 years.

As you would notice, this is pretty close to the 20% return per year that Warren Buffett achieved consistently over a period ranging as long as 48 years!

Since all our ValuePro recommendations are stable companies that you're expected to hold for a fairly LONG time, you won't have to worry about any near-term price movements that the stocks go through.

But we will still track the portfolio closely so that you can achieve this goal without any problems.

So if something unexpectedly does go wrong with a particular stock, we ourselves will tell you what to do with it.

The bottom line is - you will never be left to wonder how things turned bad all of a sudden.

And this feeling of security must have been one of the factors that made ValuePro even more appealing to its subscribers.

"In 2007, Equitymaster was probably the only research house which will give most of HOLD or SELL recommendations rather than BUY reports and everyone knows what happened after that. I feel to be proud subscriber of equitymaster seeing again that you still are not afraid of giving the right opinion irrespective of market moods. Great Job!!!"

-- Deepak Aggarwal, an Equitymaster subscriber since 2007

But that's not all too!

With a subscription to ValuePro, you will also receive for FREE...

A Ready-Made Portfolio Of 13 Stocks
Absolutely Free!

As I told you, our first ValuePro portfolio is now complete!

We have identified a total of 13 solid, stable, profitable, Buffett-like stocks for our subscribers.

In a volatile market, the entire portfolio is already up by 20%!

And going forward, we expect to see even more gains from the stocks in the portfolio in the long run.

So this is your chance to get a readymade portfolio of 13 stocks entirely FREE.

Tell me - isn't this a real steal?

But wait, there's more...

Even more stocks to build your wealth. . . Buffett style!

After completing our first portfolio, we are currently building our SECOND portfolio using Buffett's time-tested principles to make you even wealthier.

But this time, our second ValuePro portfolio consists largely of midcap & small cap stocks.

So if you are looking at investing in relatively smaller companies with the hope of making even bigger returns in the years to come, this second portfolio is just for you!

"Thank you Equitymaster for providing such a quality & in-depth stock analysis. Although, I have been subscriber only since January 2010, I am already sitting on some decent profit on the basis of your recommendations.

What led me to subscribe to all of your services is the quality of the research reports and so getting an opportunity to be a subscriber for life was not the one supposed to be missed. Getting all the financial ratios, outlook on management, industry as well as the risk / reward involved has been great. Add to it, quarterly reviews of recommendations, and you cannot ask for more.

I do not think any company would entertain individuals like me, who want to do own analysis, with details of their future growth & prospects. That is where equity master gives value for money by visiting the company and speaking with management.

ResearchPro has been bang on target with sectoral and company reports and with ValuePro, it feels great that I am investing in companies to which equity master has applied Warren Buffet's principles and that Buffet himself would had happily invested in them."

-- Parag Shah, a ValuePro Subscriber since 2010

But that's not all too!

With a subscription to ValuePro, you will also receive for FREE...

Equitymaster Portfolio Tracker

During your subscription period, while ValuePro will help you identify Buffett-style stocks, you can also use our Portfolio Tracker for free to manage the portfolio so created.

Portfolio Tracker is an online utility to help you track your stock (and even mutual fund) investments! It's online, and will be available to you 24 hours a day.

Portfolio Tracker is always updated with the latest stock prices...and you can also create a number of customised reports to understand your portfolio better.

The Portfolio Tracker usually costs Rs 330 for a year. But by signing up for ValuePro through this offer, you get it absolutely free.

To summarize, here's everything you receive
when you subscribe to ValuePro. . .

  1. A 1-year ValuePro subscription for a special price of Rs 7,450 only (Usual price = Rs 15,000 per year)

  2. Our first ValuePro portfolio of 13 high potential stocks absolutely free!

  3. Access to the NEW portfolio we're building right now

  4. A monthly ValuePro newsletter on the first Monday of every month

  5. Consistent updates on all ValuePro recommendations

  6. Free access to our Intelligent Portfolio Tracker (Normal price: Rs 330 per year)

Try ValuePro without any risk . . .

When you sign up to ValuePro, you'll have 30 days to test-drive this service and decide whether it's for you or not.

So you can sign up, check out the old and new ValuePro portfolios, download all the reports, and even invest in the stocks if you like.

If you don't like ValuePro for some reason... or if you decide that you want to research, pick your stocks and build your portfolio yourself... just let us know before the 31st day and we'll refund your FULL fee. No questions asked.

But we would personally like you to stay on, because like we said, ValuePro is one service that helps you build a portfolio suitable for all market conditions.

The proof of this is the fact that while the S&P 500 multiplied by around 75 times between 1964-2012, Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway's book value multiplied a whopping 5,869 times over the same period!

With ValuePro on your side, you will get plenty of peaceful sleep because you'll no longer need to worry about the everyday ups and downs in the market.

We will be monitoring the recommended portfolio every step of the way. So you can feel confident that your investments are safe, relax and enjoy your life.

Why delay any more? Act now!

This offer will be available for a limited time only!

Sign Up for ValuePro Today

To your wealth, always,

Warm Regards

Rahul Goel,
CEO, Equitymaster

P.S.: If you're someone who wants to become really wealthy investing in stocks... but without the ordeal of picking and monitoring individual stocks, then I suggest you sign up for ValuePro right away. As you can ask for a FULL refund up to 30 days after joining, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

P.P.S.: Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still keep the entire first ValuePro Portfolio as a thank-you just for trying out the service. So that's like getting an entire portfolio of 13 stocks... plus the stocks in our second portfolio... absolutely free!

But this offer will close shortly. So act quickly to avoid missing out!

P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

Sign Up for ValuePro At 50% Off
And Get A Readymade Portfolio
of 13 Stocks Absolutely Free!

*Returns have been calculated as on 10th May, 2013 or on the date of Sell recommendation, whichever is applicable
**Returns for ValuePro Portfolio calculated as on 10th May, 2013
***Berkshire book value returns are calculated up to 2012
****Past performance has no bearing on future performance

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