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Dear Reader,

I'll not beat around the bush.

3 years is a long time!

And not many among us are buying stocks for that long an investment period.

Actually, many investors buy a stock thinking that it will shoot up tomorrow and then they'll book their profit.

If you fall in that bracket, you can stop reading this now.

Because this is an opportunity to invest in solid stocks with a long-term perspective and not just create profits but actually create wealth from the stock market.

This approach has helped us pick out multibaggers regularly in the past and in turn helped a select group of smart investors create long-term wealth, without worrying about the short term fluctuations in the stock market.

Now I can't put a number on how much that peace of mind is worth but as for the 3 years...

This Is What 3 Years Are Worth!

  Recommended in Returns as on 14th August
Multibagger # 1 Jan-09 162%
Multibagger # 2 Jan-09 199%
Multibagger # 3 Feb-09 302%
Multibagger # 4 Feb-09 403%
Multibagger # 5 Mar-09 264%
Multibagger # 6 Mar-09 174%
Multibagger # 7 Apr-09 114%
Multibagger # 8 Apr-09 251%
Multibagger # 9 May-09 84%
Multibagger # 10 May-09 221%
Multibagger # 11 Jun-09 132%
Multibagger # 12 Jun-09 71%
Multibagger # 13 Jul-09 106%
Multibagger # 14 Jul-09 102%
Multibagger # 15 Aug-09 60%
Multibagger # 16 Aug-09 268%

And I can list many more...

But I am sure you are more interested in the present opportunity than in our past performance.

After all, that is what earns you the profit you've been looking for so long.

See, the only reason I listed those stocks was to show you how the money-making potential of investing with at least 2-3 years perspective far overrides the short term trading strategy.

And now that you understand this important point...

Without further ado... let me come to the current opportunity.

This is an invitation to get full information on 5 stocks which we strongly believe could turn out to be the Star Performers of Your Portfolio by 2015.

And we would like to give you this information Absolutely Free of cost!

Yes, you read that right.

We've recently published full Information on these 5 Stocks in our Special Report titled: Equitymaster's Top 5 for 2015.

And we would like to send this report to you Absolutely Free of Cost...

Now I'll confess that I have my reasons.

But I am sure even those reasons can be very beneficial for you too!

However, before we get into details, kindly allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, I am Rahul Goel and I am the CEO of Equitymaster.

Equitymaster, as you may know, is the first financial website of India and we've been guiding smart investors make smart investments for over 16 years now.

We are proud to have 1,266,459 members from 74 countries worldwide join us in our crusade towards carving out Smarter and Profitable investment opportunities from the Indian Stock Market.

We are an equity research house that has purposefully stayed away from the brokerage business because it enables us to give our recommendations without any bias and completely fearlessly.

Now, allow me to introduce you to the 5 Strong Blue Chip Stocks which could give your Portfolio a much needed boost in just 2-3 years.

The fact that these stocks are available dirt-cheap, makes them even more exciting!

Stock # 1 for 2015

This company has proved its mettle by sustaining growth and profitability at a time when neither the economy nor the sectoral prospects were favourable.

Moreover its history of nearly a decade long double digit growth in top line has never been at the cost of margins.

Interestingly, unlike most of its peers, this company does not rely very heavily on Western markets for business growth. That makes it extremely resilient to crisis in the US and Euro zone.

Considering its robust performance in tough condition, quality management and well diversified business in terms of both service offerings as well as clients, we believe this company makes strong investment proposition from a long term perspective.

Stock # 2 for 2015

Despite the challenges that the economic slowdown has thrown up, this company's well diversified order book across various sectors namely infrastructure, oil and gas, power and construction makes it an entity to reckon with.

The company's biggest moat is the 7 decades of experience in handling some of the toughest projects within the country and outside. This has endowed it with one of the most skilled and experienced personnel in this sector.

Average annual revenue growth of almost 17% over the past 3 years has accompanied reasonable consistency in margins.

The management's ability to create value is evident from the fact that by participating in more complex projects it is creating a niche for the business.

No doubt these make the stock worth buying for one's portfolio from 2015 perspective…may be even longer.

Stock # 3 for 2015

This company is playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between the ability of banks to lend and the needs of the economy.

Unlike most other financial institutions, most of the clients of this entity are in some way or the other involved in creating the backbone of the Indian economy. It would therefore suffice to say that the company has its eyes set on a significant portion of the US$ 1 trillion outlay that the government has planned for the next 5 years (Twelfth Plan period, 2012-2017).

Being one of the most well capitalized and with one of the best asset qualities in the sector for a sustained period makes this entity a certain long term blue chip.

Investors may not want to miss out on the remunerative returns that shareholders of this company will fetch as the India growth story unfolds.

Stock # 4 for 2015

The consumption story for India is here to stay.

However, high inflation, stiff interest rates and slower growth have threatened to derail the prospects of some companies whose fortunes are tied to consumption growth.

Not for this one.

Despite lacking the support of parent portfolio enjoyed by its multinational peers, this homegrown FMCG company has chartered tremendous growth organically. The company's sales grew by an average of 20% in the past eight years.

Its moat is evident from the fact that rural sales account for half of its domestic revenues. And that it is planning to double its rural distribution in the next 2 years cements its growth prospects, since both income growth and affordability is growing at a faster pace in the hinterlands than in the urban areas.

What is more, shareholder's returns in excess of 30% makes it one of the most remunerative companies in the listed space.

The next three years could see the company dominate in the areas of health care, personal Care, home Care and foods.

Stock # 5 for 2015

Despite its formidable presence in the utility vehicles space and market leadership, this company has not rested on its laurels.

It has continuously looked to launch new models in the market.

The core strengths of the company are its distribution network and an established brand name in the price-sensitive rural markets.

Indeed, the company's sales and net profits have grown at average annual compounded growth rates of 22% and 33% respectively over the past 11 years.

The company's stable dividend history also inspires confidence in the management's intentions of rewarding shareholders.

Moreover, this entity has stakes in some very profitable subsidiaries which over time could unlock tremendous value for shareholders.

Having this stock in one's portfolio over the long term could therefore fetch returns from not just the company's own fortunes but also that of its subsidiaries.

Full information on these stocks 5 Stocks is available in our
Special Report titled: Equitymaster's Top 5 for 2015.

Right from Stock's performance over the last 5 years to the shareholding pattern; from our investment rationale behind recommending it to the investment concerns; from the background to the company to the future expected valuations.

Everything explained in simple and easy to understand language.

And we would love to send you your free copy right away...

But, Do you Want More?

If you are an avid investor, I am sure you would want more than just these 5 stocks.

After all, we all desire to have a well diversified portfolio with minimal risk.

And we have just the service that could help you achieve that...

The same service which gave out the list of Multibaggers I mentioned earlier...

Introducing StockSelect

StockSelect is our flagship Large Caps Stock Recommendation service that picks out 52 of the safest and High-Potential Blue Chip Stocks handpicked from the Stock Market, every year!

Released every Friday, StockSelect Report will give you 1 high-Potential Blue Chip Stock Buy/Sell/Hold recommendation.

And we are proud to share that 8 out of every 10 stocks that we've recommended through this service, have reached their target price within the recommended period.

All you have to do is read these StockSelect reports and we'll tell you when to buy, when to hold or when to sell out the stock.

A typical StockSelect Report will give you all the details required to make an informed decision like our rationale for investment, industry's future prospects, company's background, expected share price over the next 3 years, and our complete valuation of the stock pick.

All this information is made available in an easy-to-understand and simple language.

So, even if you have no prior financial knowledge, you can easily read these reports and could profit from our stock-picks.

We strive hard to ensure that StockSelect is a one-stop-service for all your Blue-chips information and recommendation needs.

And, we've had many subscribers writing back to us on how this service has helped them beat the market and create a strong portfolio as well.

Here's what some of our StockSelect subscribers have to say about their experience...

"First of all I would like to appreciate the stock selection mechanism of Equitymaster. I am a subscriber of Equitymaster since 2009. Also enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining Equitymaster in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision. I am happy investor and proud to be associated with Equitymaster. I encourage the large community of retail investors to join such an advisory services to be active participants in Indian Stock Markets and NOT to run after quick money."

-- Pankaj Deshkar, a StockSelect subscriber since 2009

"I have been following and investing in the markets for 9 years. I would follow all the hot "tips" coming out of the horses mouth only to see my capital erode. Ever since i have bought Equitymaster products, I BELIEVE I HAVE BOUGHT PEACE TO MYSELF. Trust me these days, I feel more happier when the stock market crashes, as i know i am buying into companies that are researched as "Fundamentally & Technically Strong".

To summarise " Sleeping pills are cheap.. but they come with a habit...
whereas mediatation is difficult but it develops a positive attitude"....
Equitymaster thou next name is Meditation."

-- Eisen Philip, a StockSelect Subscriber since 2010

So, this is an invitation to join us in picking out some of the safest and most-lucrative stock picks from the market.

To explain the service in one line...

StockSelect Gives You
Safe Stocks That Could Create Wealth!

One of the most common myths I have heard about investing is that you need to take High Risks to make High Returns.

And we've consistently proved that theory wrong by picking out some of the Safest Stocks which have gone across to give Huge Returns to our subscribers who invested in them.

So, what's the secret?

To tell you the truth, there's no secret...

The only thing required is consistent and in-depth research along with the promptness to invest when the opportunity arises.

Allow me to explain...

You see, even the best and the safest of the stocks on the Stock Market face short term fluctuations and could take a dip.

Now, I am not saying every blue chip stock that dips is a Buy.

Some of them dip because of valid reasons like management taking a wrong long-term decision, company expanding into unrelated and risky fields or anything else that could have a direct impact on shareholder's wealth.

However, when a Fundamentally Strong Stock with able management and a strong business takes a dip... is when it gets exciting.

And it is during these times that shrewd investors create strong and profitable long-term positions for themselves.

If you buy Safe Blue Chip Stocks when they are available dirt cheap, you are more likely to create wealth as soon as they clear the rough waters!

Of course this requires a constant eye on many safe blue chip stocks and to analyse that the dip they face doesn't have a long-term Impact.

This is what sets StockSelect Apart from most of the other services out there!

Through StockSelect, we recommend Safe Stocks which are Fundamentally Strong and are available at a Discount.

How have we performed?

Just take a look at these recent StockSelect Picks:

The first Multibagger I would like to share was recommended in February 2009 and has earned our subscribers, who invested in it, 302% in less than 3 Years...

MultiBagger Recommended in February 2009

Another Stock Pick from just about 3 years back could've given your portfolio a boost of 264%, had you invested in it when we recommended.

MultiBagger Recommended in March 2009

And the Biggest Multibagger from February 2009, would've earned you 403% today!

MultiBagger Recommended in February 2009

So you see, we have tried and tested methods in place which help us pick out some of the most lucrative and fundamentally strong stocks from the stock market.

In fact, we used the same tools and techniques to pick out 3 more Safe Stocks for another special report.

So, when you join StockSelect through this offer, you will also get our....

Recently Released Special Report :
"3 Money Doubling Stocks to Buy Now"

This report will give you 3 Sturdy, Safe and Lucrative Blue Chip Stocks which they could invest in during these uncertain times.

When you join StockSelect, you'll also get instant access to this report and full information on all these stocks.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to these 3 Strong Blue Chips now:

Special Report Stock #1:
The first company in this report manufactures a commodity that is seeing an ever-increasing demand now. From one of the Most Respected Corporate Houses of the country, this company has been in existence for over 100 years already and has diversified across the globe.

A sturdy stock which could hold its ground through any market crash!

Thus, should definitely be considered by any serious investor for these uncertain times.

Special Report Stock #2:
The second company is an indirect play on India's infrastructure and economic growth prospects.

With certain reforms expected in its sector in the near future and the company's diversification into newer, yet related fields… the company is on the right growth path.

A High-Potential Stock for any investor looking to invest in, and profit from, India's Growth!

Special Report Stock #3:
The third company is in a league of its own when you consider the quality of its management and the track record of shareholder wealth generation.

And this company is truly a global giant with operations across countries like India, US, China, Australia, UK, Japan amongst many others.

A strong foothold in its industry... Global Presence already... And An Astute Top Management... they don't come any better than this!

A Strong Buy for any investor looking to create long-term wealth from Safest of the Safe Stocks!

We Accept That We've Made Mistake Too. . .

Now, before you assume that every stock we pick out performs exactly as we expect it to, allow us to confess that we've made mistakes in the past as well.

You see it is Practically Impossible to have a hundred percent record when it comes to investing in the Stock Market.

So, when we say that 8 out of every 10 stocks we have recommended have met hit their target price... there are 2 stocks out of every 10 which missed their target.

Now this could be due to multiple reasons...

- Maybe the Industry prospects changed.
- Maybe The company made some decisions that impact its long term growth prospects
- Maybe the management changed and thus impacted the company's growth prospects
- Or maybe we expected more out of the company than it could deliver!

So, a friendly word of advice...

Investing in stocks comes with intrinsic risks and you should invest responsibly and across a diversified set of stocks to minimize your risk.

But we want you to rest assured that...

We'll Track and Keep You Informed on Every
Stock That We Recommend Under StockSelect

We do not believe in recommending a stock and then just forgetting about it.

Every recommendation is made after thorough research and thereon is tracked continuously till it reaches its target.

And through the time it takes to meet its target, we publish two quarterly reports that cover its current status and future prospects:

Quarterly Performance Review Report
This report covers all the stocks which we have recommended under StockSelect and which haven't reached their target as yet... i.e. Stocks we have an Open Position in.

Published every quarter, this report will give you details like how has the stock performed since it was recommended, the target price we are moving towards, and also whether we maintain our initial view on the stock.

This report is extremely vital for our subscribers as any long-term investment requires a consistent watch.

Quarterly Results Analysis
In addition to publishing our views every quarter, we also analyse the quarterly reports released by all the companies we have an open position in.

These findings are then collated into a report and published Exclusively For StockSelect Subscribers.

So you see, we'll track your investment for you and ensure that they stay on track!

And You Could Track Your Wealth Through
Free 'Intelligent' Portfolio Tracker Too!

We understand the need of every investor to track his/her investments to see if they are treading on the right track.

It is for this purpose that we would like to give you Free Access to Equitymaster's 'intelligent' Portfolio Tracker for the entire duration of your subscription.

Worth Rs 330 per annum, Equitymaster's Portfolio tracker is one of the most advanced trackers in the market today.

An organic tool that is consistently updated on the feedbacks/requests we receive from our valued subscribers.

Equipped with one-click intelligent reports like Daily Scrip Performance, Transaction Report, Stocks Nearing 52 Week high/low, Annualised Returns, Net Worth Report and Market Capitalisation report amongst others... it will help you scrutinize your portfolio, just like astute fund managers do.

And There's More. . .

Yes, in addition to our recommendations, there are numerous other benefits you get to enjoy as our StockSelect subscriber:

» Free Asset Allocation Guide:
We have always emphasized the importance of allocating your investments across different instruments to minimize the risks. This hugely popular guide titled "How to Plan Your Equity Portfolio" will assist you in designing your portfolio so that it minimizes your risk.
» Free subscription to The Daily Reckoning:
The Daily Reckoning is e-newsletter written by Bill Bonner, 3 times New York Times Best Selling author and an authority on global economic analysis. This newsletter is read by thousands of avid investors across the globe. And as soon as you confirm your membership to StockSelect, you will also join this group of informed investors.
» Subscriber's Only Feature:
At Equitymaster, we are in constant touch with various company's managements... Meeting them personally, discussing their future plans through conference call and even analyzing various market changes on our end.

All these efforts are shared Exclusively with our valued subscribers through our website section called S-Features. This is a members-only area of the website wherein we publish hundreds of articles and reports every year.

As soon as you join us, you will have instant access to all our past published articles and reports and all the reports we publish during your subscription.
And Here's an Unbelievable Surprise Gift. . .
2 Yrs of Absolutely Free Access to StockSelect!

Yes, you read that right.

StockSelect, as a service, is priced at just Rs 5,000 per annum.

If you ask me, Rs 5,000 is rock-bottom for the amount of research that goes into finding out these high-potential recommendations for you!

Effectively, it comes down to less than Rs 450 per month for a service that could earn you many times that amount.

But, when we were researching for these 'Equitymaster's Top 5 for 2015'...

We wanted to ensure that Equitymaster is with you right till the time these 5 Stocks could reach their Target Price!

So, if you subscribe through this offer, you pay...

Just Rs 4,950 for 1 Year Subscription and
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That's an Instant Saving of Rs 10,000!

Yes, this could be one of our most lucrative offers ever for StockSelect!

Effectively, Our Most Popular and Best Performing service will cost you Less Rs 140 per month!

And the only reason we are doing it is because when we decided to publish Equitymaster's Top 5 for 2015, we wanted to ensure that you have Equitymaster's Research Team track you investments for you right till the time they could reach their target price.

But, this is a Limited Period Offer.

This offer is valid only for the next few days!

You see we cannot keep this offer open for long... as the amount of resources that go into providing you this service are much higher than what we are offering it to you at.

However, you have been a keen follower of Equitymaster, and we wanted to do something Extra Special For you!

So, don't miss this opportunity!

Join Today and Have Our Research Team
Track All Your StockSelect Picks Till 2015!

When you join StockSelect through this offer, you will have the confidence of having a dedicated research team tracking all the stocks recommended under StockSelect, uninterrupted, for the next 3 years!

As all our StockSelect recommendations are for an investment period of 2-3 years, this fits in perfectly with your investment plans.

Over the following 3 years you will not just get 156 Blue-Chip recommendations, but could also have many recommendations from 2012 reaching their target prices!

So I am sure you agree that this is one of the most comprehensive and target-oriented investment solution for any smart investor.

And You Get To Try It Absolutely Risk Free!

Even though we would want you to be a part of The Equitymaster Family for a long time to come, we don't want you to join a service which you don't like.

So, This offer comes with Equitymaster's 30 days, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Refund Promise!

Join Right away and you will have Full 30 days to try every aspect of our service delivery at Zero Risk.

Over this 30 days period you will get 4 New StockSelect Recommendations, Instant access to all our past recommendations, full access to Equitymaster's Intelligent Portfolio Tracker and much much more!

If at any time before the 31st day you think that this service is not suitable for you, please get in touch, and it's our promise that we will refund the full amount... Right to the last rupee!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This. . .

So, here is all that you get when you subscribe through this Unbelievable Offer...

  • 156 well researched and High Potential Blue Chip Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations over the next 3 year!

  • 2 Years of Absolutely Free Subscription: Pay for 1 year and Get 3 years of StockSelect Subscription

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We've had many subscribers write in to us sharing their experiences... however if there could be only one experience I could share with you, it would be this one:

"I really thank you for starting something like Equitymaster and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ....but well ...certain things take place only when they are destined to."

-- Nishank Mehta, a StockSelect subscriber since 2009

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To your wealth, always.


Rahul Goel
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P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or Write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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*Returns have been calculated as on 14th August, 2012 or on the date of Sell Recommendation, whichever is applicable.
** StockSelect Track Record calculated from 2002 to 2010.

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