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Investing in India

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Dear Reader,

The events across the world, the US-Eurozone crisis, the slow growth in India... is worrying me. And I'm sure, it's worrying you too.

Because no matter how hard you work, and how much you invest, your money is not going to be enough.

I would even go on to say that in today's scenario, having money is not enough.

If the double-digit inflation continues, tough times are ahead. Even if you are a millionaire, right now.

And the only safeguard is to not just work hard at making more money.

It is learning how to protect your money. Learning how to add to your income. How to grow your wealth. Safely.

In fact, it is quite clear that the future will belong to investors who are rich in knowledge.

It will belong to investors who are not dependent on a money manager to devise their investment strategy, but know how to ask the right questions.

To investors who are not content with just stocks and mutual funds in their portfolio, but are intelligently diversified in newer avenues.

It will belong to those who are willing to invest not just their money but also their time in learning how to become smarter, shrewder.

Having said that, let me welcome you to the newest initiative from Equitymaster - Investor Education.

Why Investor Education?

Let's take a look at the world.

In fact, because of the government-led crisis, people are going back to the classroom. Whether it's an e-class or a brick and mortar classroom.

Besides upgrading their job-related skills, they are investing their time in learning more about money.

How to protect themselves from inflation. Finding out new ways to make their money grow.

Simply put, they are spending hours learning about how to become more independent in their financial decisions.

Because honestly, people today have stopped trusting their agents and brokers. And in many countries, people have stopped trusting even their governments.

Now coming closer home...

While the outlook for India is not as pessimistic, inflation coupled with poor governance is hitting us like never before.

And if we are not careful about how we invest every rupee, we could be in the poor house in the years ahead. Well, maybe not exactly that...

But imagine not being able to afford to send your child to a college of their choice because your funds haven't been able to keep up with the times.

Imagine counting your pennies after retirement and living on your son's generosity.

So a word of advice...

Don't just blindly believe what people recommend to you. It's time you learned the secrets of protecting yourself and your loved ones from volatile market conditions. Learned to take profitable financial decisions independently based on hard-nosed facts. Learned the art of protecting your wealth and making it grow.

No more being taken for a ride. No more excuses.

We Are Already Ahead Of The Class!

You may remember that in 1991, the economic situation in the country was frightening. (Yes, we were quite close to being a Greece, back then.)

But while Liberalisation helped the turn-around, there were problems.

There was little credible information in the mass media on companies.

Possibly, the only source of information was annual reports of companies; which no one really knew how to read or interpret.

As a result, people invested based on gut feel and misguided tips from brokers and well-meaning friends. And lost money, every few years.

In 1996, we stepped into the online space with a very clear objective.

We wanted to empower every Indian investor with professional, independent and unbiased investing opinions.

To introduce him to research-based knowledge and recommendations and help him build a portfolio that would create long-term wealth. Safely.

Over the years, our desire to enlighten, educate, and empower got stronger.

In fact in 2002, Equitymaster conducted classes at the prestigious H R College, Mumbai, to help Commerce students get the right picture about equities. (At that time, the industry had been wounded by the bursting of the Technology-Media-Telecom bubble).

Our efforts at impartial investor education have always been on. With our regular webinars on topics that range from - Where the Stock Market is Headed, Gold, The Trade of the Decade, Investment Opportunities for the Future...

Plus, we publish regular FREE newsletters from the likes of J Mulraj, Bill Bonner and Ajit Dayal....

You get the gist of it.

Yes, we've always believed in empowering our readers with unbiased knowledge so they can take well-informed financial decisions. Thus as a natural extension, we are now adding Investor Education to our portfolio of services. By tutors who are the best in the class.

"I would want to acknowledge the fact that Equitymaster is ACTUALLY REALLY GENUINE in its research, SELFLESS and not giving recommendations with a HERD mentality !! Like some magazines and news channels do..."

-- Nishank Mehta, a subscriber since 2009

Learn The Secrets Of
Growing Your Money... Safely

The Course we have developed will take you step by step into the wonderland of investments. And teach you how to grow your wealth smartly. With minimum risk.

It has been designed by a group of our top-notch analysts who have the knowledge, experience and the ability to decode complex ideas and put it across simply.

No bookish knowledge here, but practical knowledge that you can use in the Marketplace to build lasting wealth.

The first Course we have outlined will introduce you to an investing idea that has been under-rated by the retail investor but has big potential.

Every newspaper today devotes a fair amount of newsprint to this opportunity.

But you've possibly stayed away from it, thinking that it is only for corporate investors and not for you. That it is complex. That you'd rather stick to what you know best. Which is the conventional old way of investing.

But all this is going to change now.

For when you sign up for this Course, you will learn the ropes of investing in this relatively new but huge opportunity that is SEBI-regulated. That has a lot of potential to make quick and fast gains.

Let me give you an example...

Suppose you buy Investment A and next month it goes up by 5%...

How would you feel if I told you that you could invest in the same Investment A over the same one-month period but earn more than 100%...

Sound incredulous, right?

But it's not impossible.

There is a group of smart investors who are making regular profits like this.

Besides, the trades are cheap, easy to execute and you can decide whether you want to take a small stake or a large, depending on your risk profile and the money you have.

You've probably guessed what I'm talking about.

Your first Course under the Equitymaster Learning banner will be on Derivatives and is called DeriVantage.

Because we realize that Derivatives is a relatively new earning opportunity with many myths surrounding it.

So what we plan to do is demystify it, and reveal to you trade secrets so you can develop your own trading strategy and create short-term and long-term wealth.

With DeriVantage, you will learn:

» How to read between newspaper headlines
» How to make the most of market movements - the ups and the downs
» How to zero in on the right commodity, currency or stock index
» When to buy, when to sell
» When to get out of a winning or losing position
» How to go for the big gains
» And importantly, how to manage risk.

Yes, when you sign up for the DeriVantage course, the advantage is all yours!

Learn From The Best In The Business!

In November 2010, we introduced our subscribers to Derivatives under the guidance of Asad Dossani, leading authority on Currency and Futures.

To those of you who are new to Asad, here's a brief introduction.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Asad has been a part of the Derivatives team at Deutsche Bank for 2 1/2 years.

He has been leading Equitymaster's The Lucrative Derivative Report, a subscription based service on Derivatives, for well over a year now, with an impressive track record. 105%, 94%, 90%, 87%, 81%, 62%, a few months. In fact, as we write this, 24 out of 38 of Asad's recommendations have posted double-triple digit profits, giving him a fantastic strike rate of 63%!

Recently, his videos in which he describes profitable Derivatives Trading ideas have had maximum downloads.

The immense popularity of his videos and columns, and the feedback that came pouring in told us one thing.

There were thousands of our readers who were hungry to know more about this exciting money-making opportunity called Derivatives. They wanted to be educated about this relatively new investing area.

But did not know whom to ask and where to go.

Of Course, There Are Other Courses Out There!

When we did our homework, we realized that there were many classes out there, but their course structure and material content did not excite us.

They were either complex and full of jargon. Or they were very basic.

Besides, most were exorbitantly priced! Imagine paying Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 for a 3 to 6 month course. Some were ridiculously priced and charged by the hour!

That's when we decided to step in. Because we felt it is time you, our dear reader, learned more about this lucrative opportunity to grow your wealth. Straight from the horse's mouth, as it were.

With the right knowledge in Derivatives, you can:
  • Diversify your portfolio so that you avoid overexposure and are protected against risks.

  • You can make money whether the market goes Up or Down.

  • Your returns are also often bigger and quicker in comparison to stocks.

  • Unlike stocks where you pay the full money upfront, with Derivatives you can take control of a large holding in an asset for a fraction of what it would normally cost to buy it.

  • Your portfolio can enjoy both short-term and long-term gains.
Yes, irrespective of whether the market goes Up or Down, if you trade smartly, with Derivatives you can profit from a High or a Low, unlike the stock market, where if Mr Market is down, you go down with it.

And who better than Asad with his knowledge, experience and phenomenal track record to show you the 'whys' and 'whats' of Derivative Investing.

Yes, who better than Equitymaster with a 15 year track record in overall Investor Education to bring this tremendous opportunity to you. Literally to your home. Where you can learn on your own time, at your own convenience.

Learn And Earn At The Same Time With DeriVantage

DeriVantage is an online course on Derivatives brought to you by Equitymaster and Asad is the Lecturer.

When we signed up Asad for the DeriVantage Course, we made it very clear to him that it would be exclusively for Equitymaster.

Which means that what you learn here will not be available on any other website or platform.

With DeriVantage, you will be privy to the secrets of picking profit-making Derivatives in Currencies, Commodities and the Stock Market.

You will learn how to analyse trends and use them to your advantage. You will learn how to pick up winning trades. Create your own trading strategy and minimize your risks. So that you can earn regular double-triple digit profits.

In fact with DeriVantage, what you learn in the Classroom, you can put into practice in the Market place. Within just a few weeks of signing up, you will learn the knack of turning your knowledge into solid money.

Here's what a subscriber has to say about the service:

"Very well structured slides and voiceover. Few people here may already have a prior knowledge of concepts mentioned here. Still the course contents look promising for new and old investors as the course matures."

-- Ninad Deshpande, a DeriVantage subscriber

Advantages of the
DeriVantage Course

» Convenient Online Course
No scheduled log-in time. It's available on our site 24x7. You can stay on as a member of this Course for as long as you want... the longer you stay, the more you learn!
» Simple and easy-to-understand video lectures
No jargon. The lectures will be for about an hour each, with audio, graphs and charts to explain the concepts.
» No exams
Regular quizzes will help you gauge your performance.
» Online Forum moderated by Asad
Besides learning directly from Asad, you can enrich that experience by participating in the Online Learning Forum. You are welcome to post queries about Derivatives (sorry, no investing related tips). For e.g., if you read an article that needs explanation, the DeriVantage Forum is the right place for you to get your questions answered by your classmates and occasionally by Asad himself. The more you interact, the better your knowledge, the wiser your investing decisions. (You can continue being a part of the Forum for as long as you wish).
» No placements
We are sure you are not job-hunting but rather profit-hunting.
» Easy Monthly Payment
Since it is payable by Auto Renew, you can pay for the course, month after month, rather than pay a lump-sum price. In case you do not wish to continue the course, you can stop payment anytime.
» Exclusive Proprietary Information
Because it is our intellectual property, and has inbuilt strategies and secrets for growing your wealth, it's not downloadable. Sorry about that, but we hope you understand that it can't go into the hands of people who don't want to pay for their knowledge. Importantly, what you learn here will not be available on any other website.
» Price
Surprise! Only Rs 495/- per month till 31st January. Post that, Rs 995 per month.

Yes, you read that right! This immense wealth of knowledge and guidance can be yours for just Rs 495 per month if you act before 31st January. A pittance when you consider that even a dinner for two in a small restaurant would cost much more. Why even skating and dance classes for your child cost an arm and a leg today!

Why have we priced it so low - only Rs 495 per month till 31st January, and Rs 995 after that?

We have to confess...

Seeing the prices of other courses, we were tempted to price DeriVantage higher but our deeply ingrained philosophy stopped us from getting greedy.

We did not want price to be a barrier and stand between you and an empowered future, where you can trade in Derivatives with complete confidence. And make a lot of money, in the short and long run.

Are You Eligible To
Enroll For DeriVantage?

While there is no age or education barrier, to benefit from the Course, you have to be committed. Like we said earlier, there is no specific log in time but to get the most of it, you should attend the Course regularly.

Besides devoting one hour per week to Asad's lecture, you will have to update yourself with additional reading. (Don't worry, we'll provide you with links and other reference material). For the more knowledge you have, the more mock-practice sessions you are exposed to, the better equipped you will be to invest smartly in Derivatives.

So in short, the DeriVantage Course will empower you to make strong research-based decisions. You will learn how derivatives work, how to trade in them, what are the macro trends to look for in Currency and Commodity Markets, how much risk to take, and how to pick out the winners. While minimizing your risks.

But please note, there are no guaranteed returns in Derivatives and trading in them could be risky. As risky as investing in equities. Or walking down the road, for that matter. That's why you need to learn about it from a top-notch tutor with hands-on experience, who is willing to show you how to avoid the losers, and share the secrets of his winners.

With DeriVantage, what we offer you is:
» The backing and professionalism of Equitymaster.
» In-depth video lectures and regular guidance by Asad himself who will personally answer your queries.
» Simple yet detailed course material which you can log on to at your convenience. From the comfort of your home. (To begin with, the lectures will be released every Friday evening, so you can use the weekend profitably).
» A well-moderated Forum so you can stay in touch with Asad and your other fellow classmate-investors.
» Unlimited Knowledge - you can continue taking the course for as long as you wish.
» An affordable fee of just Rs 495 per month if you sign up before 31st January for priceless short and long-term wealth-building strategies (Rs 995 per month 1st February onwards)
» Regular DeriVantage updates.

"Good session ! It always pays to build strong foundation and after attending this session I am confident that it will help to do the same for all future trading decisions."

-- Sachin Deshpande, a DeriVantage subscriber

We Expect A Huge Rush.
So Book Your Seat Today!

Since the price is so low, we are expecting a huge flood of readers and only the first 5,000 who sign up will get Guaranteed Seats. So do book early to avoid disappointment. It's available on first come, first served basis.

And here's the icing on the cake.

Since you are our valued reader, and as our Introductory Offer, we're happy to waive off the Registration Fee of Rs 1,000.

Imagine paying just Rs 495 per month, and learning trade secrets that could help you make serious money regularly, and give you the edge over inflation. It couldn't get better than that!

We hope you take full advantage of DeriVantage and learn about this exciting new investment opportunity that could change your life and help you build your wealth. Not just for yourself but also for your children.

We look forward to seeing you on the Equitymaster e-campus. Remember, in today's investing world, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more your wealth is likely to grow. Book Your Seat Now!

Please remember that prices are set to double to Rs 995 per month from 1st February. So, if you are concerned about your financial future, it's best that you Enroll Now at the introductory price of Rs 495 per month!

Hurry! Book Your Seat Now!

With warm wishes to Earn as you Learn,

Rahul Goel
CEO, Equitymaster

P.S.: This introductory offer to enroll for the DeriVantage Course for just Rs 495 per month is available till 31st January only. And after that, the fee will double to Rs 995 per month. Book Your Seat Now!

P.P.S.: Enrolling for DeriVantage is completely risk-free. No full payment for the Course upfront. In fact, you can pay for it month by month. Plus there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee with this Offer. So if within the first 30 days of your registration/subscription towards DeriVantage, you are not satisfied with the service, just get in touch with us and we will refund your subscription. So you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Book Your Seat Now!

P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or Write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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