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Make Money When
The Markets Are UP
When They Are DOWN

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Dear Reader,

Have you ever thought that a market-proof investment is possible?

One that helps you profit IRRESPECTIVE of Market conditions.

So you make profits when the markets are UP. And when they are DOWN.

And the best part?

You don't have to be an MBA or CA or even have a degree in finance to make profits from it.

It's really that simple!

Now, before you get any ideas...

No, I am not talking of Investing in the Stock Markets here.

And no I am not talking of investing in the mutual funds.

Oh and No, I am not even talking Gold or Silver here...

Though the returns that you make on this could be much better than actually investing in any of the above!

In fact, I know a lot of people who in just one year, using this investment option have made double and triple digit returns like -

105% in 21 days
62% in  7 days
40% in  3 days

Your dreams for big money could come true at last!

With this investment option:
  • You can take control of a large holding in an asset for a fraction of what it'd normally cost to buy it

  • Your returns are also often bigger and quicker in comparison to stocks

  • You can make money when the market goes up, and down
Take some of our Market-beating investments for example...

Market-beating trade # 1

The markets too felt the tremors of the unfortunate earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

People were trying to invest, but in what they considered to be "safer" options. But we knew that people's fear was temporary. And so was the price rise in the so-called "safer" investment options.

So, we decided to trade in something that hardly anyone thought was safe.

And on 12th March 2011, the trade was carried out.

The result? By 19th March 2011, the same trade gave a profit of 62%.

Yes! A profit of 62% in 7 days. In spite of an earthquake, tsunami and ups and downs in the market!

Market-beating trade # 2

25th June 2011...

That was the date of the next winning trade.

The Indian stock market was still volatile. And so were the global markets.

But then we were not unnecessarily worried. Our homework was done and our logic was clear...

Prices of the product we were trading in are heavily dependent on the weather, and prices tend to rise in the summer due to hot weather. This happens in most years, and this year was no exception.

So we went ahead and recommended this trade. It was carried out on 25th June...

By 15th July 2011 we had made a profit of 105%!

Market-beating trade # 3

Our next trade was recommended on 4th June 2011, when the Reserve bank of India was taking strict measures to control inflation and the US economy was again in a depressing condition.

Americans were again experiencing a cash crunch, jobs were getting affected and economic growth was slowing. And all this was having a bad impact on economies globally.

India too wasn't spared. Inflation was rising at a killing speed and RBI had to take strict measures to control it.

In short, the situation was depressing for the markets.

Yet we saw an opportunity.

This trade was recommended and carried out on 4th June and in 24 days, it earned a 40% profit.

So you see, with this investment option, markets being up or down does not harm us. We make money in both the situations - when the market is up or when it's down.

And we make money from every conceivable thing on this earth - such as dollar, yen or pound or silver, gold etc.

Curious to know more?

Ok, so without taking up any of your time now, let me introduce you the exciting world of...

Lucrative Derivatives

Surprised at the word Derivatives?

Don't be.

If you give just a few minutes to read through this letter, you'll find the real truth about Derivatives...

And how profitable they could really be!

All the winning trades that I told you about? All have been from Derivatives...

105% was from trading in Natural Gas.

62% was from trading in the Japanese currency, Yen.

And the 40% was from trading in pound.

And these are just some of our winning, market-beating trades. If you read ahead, I will tell you about more such profitable trades.

See, there are a lot of misconceptions about Derivatives - they are complex, you can lose all your money, they are not for the everyday investor... And so on...

And that's not always the case!

Of course Derivatives are not as safe as your Fixed Deposits.

But then which Fixed Deposit would give you 40%, 105% and 62% per annum?

And investing in Derivatives can be an excellent way to complement your total portfolio. Apart from your regular FDs, mutual funds, stocks and Bonds, Derivatives can be an additional investment option and help you further diversify your portfolio.

And if you compare stocks with Derivatives then, unlike stocks, Derivatives are not always negatively affected by the markets going up and down.

See when the investors were busy thinking if the market would reach 15,000 or 35,000, we were still making a profit of 44% , 38% , 94% and 90%!

So you see, so long as you get that logic right, your profit is more or less assured!

But don't take our word for it...

Just look at some of our trades from the recent past -

Currency/ Commodity Recommended Return on Cash Investment (%)
USD INR Contract short Sept Fut 44.83%
GOLDM Contract short August Fut -130.46%
Crude Oil contract Short Sept Fut 75.05%
Crude Oil contract Long Aug Fut 89.11%
EURINR contract Short Aug Fut -37.84%
JPYINR Contract short July Fut 8.42%
JPYINR Contract short AUG fut 19.73%
GOLDM Contract short july Fut 25.67%
USD INR Contract short August Fut 17.97%
USD INR Contract short July Fut 44.60%

So you see, the strategy which we have been following for well over a year has a very good success ratio.

That too in times which have been exceptionally unpredictable.

And now you have an opportunity to get in as well...

So, what's this strategy?

Well, it's very simple to begin with.

And it involves only 2 steps.

Step 1: Ideally, no intra-day or trading

Step 2: Put money in trades that have big margin of safety

Investing for the long-term is the key to triple-digit profits in Derivatives!

NO intra-day calls here. If you invest, you invest for the long-term!

After all this, Are you still really happy
with your mutual funds and FDs?

Now even we know that Derivatives are not as safe as FDs or even mutual funds. There is a certain amount of risk involved. But then, the returns more than make up for that risk.

See Fixed Deposits are as safe as they can get. But the returns they give are miniscule - 5%, 10%, 15% per annum!

And look at Derivatives. One trade in crude oil and it will give you 81%... in months! Another trade in natural gas could give you 105%... again in a matter of months!

Do you think that Fixed Deposits or Bonds can give you those kinds of returns?

Of course, the safety of Fixed Deposits is a lot more than Derivatives. But then if you add Derivatives to your existing portfolio of Fixed Deposits, Bonds and mutual funds, you would surely end up increasing you chances of earning more profits.

So you have to decide - Fantastic returns with Derivatives or stick to old forms of investment?

It's your call really.

But what we strongly recommend is diversification - a little bit in stocks, a little bit in Fixed Deposits and a little bit in Derivatives...

That should take care of all your worries. Give you some safety as well as exciting returns with Derivatives.

The big benefit of adding Derivatives to your existing investment portfolio is that it can give you higher overall risk-adjusted returns.

Because, Derivatives are an excellent way to make money, and not just for the short-term.

If you invest in the right recommendations, then sky is the limit for you!

But how will you know which Derivatives to invest in and which ones to avoid? When to buy and when to sell?

Well, we will make life simple for you...


The world of profitable, lucrative Derivatives with...

The Lucrative Derivative Report

In case you are concerned that Derivatives sounds too new and technical for you, don't worry.

The Lucrative Derivative Report will literally handhold you and guide you as you take your first steps into Derivatives so that you do not feel out of depth, ever.

Through this report, you will get all the information - when to buy a Derivative contract, when to sell it, what is the stop loss. How much to buy it for, is it a short call or a long call - all this information will be given in the report.

And along with every derivative recommendation, we will give you the rationale for trading in that commodity.

All you will have to do is find a broker to carry out your trade. Rest all hard-work will be done by us.

Every month, you will get 4 reports as a member.

These 4 monthly reports will contain 4 new lucrative derivative recommendations.

Accompanied by a rationale and risks involved.

You will also be advised on the stop loss and target price for every recommendation.

We will literally handhold you in the reports/recommendations we send out week after week. And as we have emphasized before, the reports are in simple English and are not full of jargon.

Here's what our satisfied subscribers have to say...

"I was always of the opinion that Derivatives are not for retail investors. Thanks to Lucrative Derivatives. Now, I can follow what it is about and try couple of transactions successfully"

"I am a subscriber to all the features of Equity Master and have benefitted a lot from the knowledge I have gained here. I was always of the opinion that Derivatives are not for retail investors. Thanks to Lucrative Derivatives. Now, I can follow what it is about and try couple of transactions successfully."

-- Chenna Kesava Reddy Madduri
The Lucrative Derivative Report Subscriber since 2010

"This report has been refreshingly crystal clear"

"This report has been refreshingly crystal clear. So I am very happy to have taken up The Lucrative Derivative Report subscription."

-- Capt C J Bhide
The Lucrative Derivative Report Subscriber since 2010

"It worked for me"

"Your Sell call in Silver futures is excellent. It worked for me. Hope you keep giving this type of call in future also in commodities market."

-- Eisen Philip
The Lucrative Derivative Report Subscriber since 2010

So do not worry. The Lucrative Derivative Report will make investing in Derivatives as tension-free as possible for you.

And to make it even easier, we have enlisted top derivative analyst, Asad Dossani, who is also the tutor for DeriVantage & TradeMaster, to head the Lucrative Derivative Report. Asad will tell you all that is to be told about how to invest profitably in Derivatives.

Is it still difficult to believe?

Just take a quick look at some more of Asad's Derivative recommendations which turned profitable in barely a month

37% in Crude oil
94% in Euro
62% in Yen
81% in Silver

So if you have any doubts about investing in Derivatives, take a deep breath and relax. You are in good capable hands.

Asad will tell you all that is to be told about how to invest profitably in Derivatives.

Meet the Man behind these Lucrative Recommendations. . .

Asad Dossani.

Besides being the principal tutor of DeriVantage & TradeMaster, Asad is the Chief Editor and Analyst of The Lucrative Derivative Report and the man who made us invest in silver, euro, natural gas and then made us those handsome double and triple digit profits we shared earlier.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Asad was working with an international bank for two years.

What impressed us about Asad is his painstaking research.

He literally has his fingers on the pulse of the world economy, political conditions, trade agreements, analysis of central banks, market trends, debt default, the weather, war... all this and more!

And in this investment strategy, that's what counts. Because anything and everything can impact trading in currency and commodities!

Asad has developed a unique strategy that leads him to pin point profitable trades and mind-boggling returns.

See how some more of Asad's long term recommendations have done...

Winning Trade # 1
On 5th March 2011, Asad recommended short position in Silver.

This was despite the fact that nearly everyone was advocating buying silver, and the price ended up in a huge bubble before crashing. He recognized that silver was rising too much too fast, and so was destined for a near term reversal.

This occurred, and handed a 27% as profit.

Winning Trade # 2
On 2nd November 2010, Asad recommended a short position in the Euro.

The US government's 'Quantitative Easing' policy was affecting the dollar's exchange rate. It had become weak. And this unintentionally resulted in the Euro becoming stronger.

Since the Eurozone debt crisis was far from over, this was a good opportunity to take a short position in the euro.

Soon afterwards, the Eurozone debt crisis was back in the news, and the euro fell, making the Lucrative Derivatives Report subscribers a staggering 95% profit.

Winning Trade # 3
On 30th April 2011, Asad again recommended trading in Natural gas. This time it was a short position. Now, Natural gas prices had moved steadily upwards due to a general increase in prices.

People believed that that this was due to higher inflation expectations so they expected prices to rise more. But Asad believed otherwise. His analysis indicated that this asset should not be rising in response to inflationary concerns. So, he recommended a short position. Sure enough, by 6th May 2011, the asset fell in price significantly and our subscribers made a return of 54%.

Winning Trade # 4
On 10th January 2011, Asad recommended going short on silver.

Even as buyers scrambled to buy more of it and the silver price kept on rising, Asad knew that it was likely to be a bubble.

Soon, he noticed a weakness in the price movement, and a sign that a fall was about to come. So he recommended a short position to us and our Lucrative Derivative Report subscribers, and by 21st January 2011, our subscribers had made a 81% gain.

Similarly, here are some examples of the recent winning trades

Winning Trade # 5
In May 2012, Asad recommended a short position in Crude Oil. After he opened the trade, in just one week, crude oil fell dramatically. So he closed out the position, and our subscribers earned a 57% return! At that time, the Greek debt crisis was the talk of the global financial press. Recent elections in Greece meant that no majority government was formed, and there was a significant risk that they would renege on the bailout deal and potentially default. These events combined with worsening of economic indicators painted a picture of falling demand for crude oil. Previous supply concerns had also reduced. Thus, this analysis led him to recommend a short position in crude oil, and it turned out very well!

Winning Trade # 6
In June 2012, Asad recommended a short position in USDINR. Once he opened the trade, the dollar fell over the next week, and he closed out the position thus leading our subscribers to earn a return of 45%! Prior to this recommendation, market sentiment was making new lows. The Eurozone crisis was dominating global headlines, and falling growth & policy paralysis was dominating local headlines. The rupee had suffered significantly due to all of this. Then, Eurozone leaders reached a new bailout deal. As soon as this occurred, Asad saw an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a likely fall in global risk aversion, and consequently a rise in the rupee against the dollar. Sure enough, the rupee rebounded in the following week, and he had a successful trade.

Thus you can see how Asad with his overall knowledge of politics, economies and trade... has employed smart strategies to earn handsome profits.

And now, it's your turn to benefit from his expertise!

But before we go ahead a word of friendly advice. . .

There are a few things you need to understand clearly...

If you are close to retirement or already have some serious liabilities... please DO NOT read on. Just stick to investing in instruments you are comfortable with.

But, if you want exciting, staggering wins in a relatively short time, then this investment option is definitely for you.

See Derivatives do involve a certain amount of risk. In fact, even we have had a few loss making trades in The Lucrative Derivative Report.

Even a good analyst like Asad can sometimes get things wrong. Because it is difficult to predict the market 100% correctly at all times.

Take for example Asad's trade recommendations for the Pound and Yen.

On 17th January 2011, Asad recommended a short position in the British Pound. Since the Pound's growth was not supported by strong fundamentals, Asad expected the pound to depreciate. But there was an unexpected move by the Bank of England with its members supporting the Pound's rise. With that news, the Pound appreciated. And there was a loss of 24%

On 21st April 2011, Asad recommended a short position in the Yen. We had already profited in Yen before. So we thought it would be the same this time.

But, due to a slump in the global economy, Rupee's value against the Yen took a big hit. And though Yen was still not strong enough, this trade ended up making a loss of 46%!

See Derivatives are risky. So there will be losses. Of course there will be!

But at times, even your one win could be enough to take care of your losses. And imagine what if you have a string of winners 25 winners? Then, you have really hit the jack pot!

Your one win is enough to take care of your losses. Just take a look at some of our profitable Derivative Recommendations from the recent past...

Trade Date of recommendation Returns
Trade # 1 30/04/2011 53.68%
Trade # 2 07/05/2011 36.76%
Trade # 3 21/05/2011 52.39%
Trade # 4 04/06/2011 40.35%
Trade # 5 18/06/2011 36.67%
Trade # 6 25/05/2011 105.26%
Trade # 7 02/07/2011 38.13%
Trade # 8 30/07/2011 90.81%
Trade # 9 23/07/2011 19.40%
Trade # 10 12/08/2011 87.72%
Trade # 11 27/08/2011 37.48%
Trade # 12 24/09/2011 42.74%
Trade # 13 08/10/2011 64.23%
Trade # 14 05/11/2011 39.56%
Trade # 15 12/11/2011 33.89%
Trade # 16 17/12/2011 16.22%
Trade # 17 31/12/2011 46.73%
Trade # 18 07/01/2012 45.36%
Trade # 19 28/01/2012 10.14%
Trade # 20 04/02/2012 38.53%
Trade # 21 17/03/2012 30.00%
Trade # 22 24/03/2012 48.36%
Trade # 23 02/06/2012 92.31%
Trade # 24 09/06/2012 157.48%
Trade # 25 07/08/2012 89.11%

We are so confident of Asad's recommendations,
we too are investing!

Yes, we are that confident!

We will invest our own money in each and every contract that Asad recommends. So that our money is as much at stake as yours.

And therefore, we have opened a Derivative Trading account which is operated by a designated and responsible person at Equitymaster, and have already invested a certain sum of money in the Derivatives recommended by Asad.

We invest in one contract for each of his recommendations 1 trading day AFTER we make the recommendation to you. This is so that we don't have any unfair advantage and you get the first go at it.

And we are not complaining with the returns we've made so far!

But why should you risk your money?

1. We have a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee
We're going to give you full 30 days to test-drive this service without risk. See our 4 reports then go through the rationale for our recommendations, the logic and the detailed report that we give.

Evaluate and analyse our service.

If after going through the 4 recommendations/reports during this period, you feel that The Lucrative Derivative Report is not for you, just let us know before the 31st day and we will give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

So, you can rest assured that there is Zero Risk involved!

2. An unbelievable offer with a Never-Before Price!
Since you are our valued subscriber we are delighted to unveil this rewarding opportunity to you. At a very special price.

While the normal price for The Lucrative Derivative Report is pegged at Rs 5,000 per Quarter, or Rs 20,000 for a year, you can now subscribe to The Lucrative Derivative Report at just Rs 1,950 for a month.

And you will also get our exclusive Guide 'How to Trade Rupee Options' Absolutely FREE.

You must be already aware that as per recent RBI regulations, you can now invest in Dollar-Rupee Options. This is one more lucrative investment opportunity available to you.

Our exclusive guide: 'How to Trade Rupee Options' will help you understand how you too can profit from this opportunity.

As soon as you sign up, we will immediately email the guide to you.

And once you complete your first month of subscription, we have something even more exciting and lucrative for you...

But, we'll come to that later.

3. The most important reason is our performance
You have already read about our performance. But you should really listen to what Nalin Nirula, a Lucrative Derivative subscriber has to say -

"This (one trade) will pay for my subscription for more than a year. Thanks."

"Just writing in to say that Asad Dossani's Lucrative Derivative Report is an excellent guide to trading futures. Using this as a guide since November, I have already doubled my capital at risk in Derivatives by shorting the Euro and Yen. This will pay for my subscription for more than a year. Thanks."
-- Nalin K Nirula,
A Lifetime Subscriber

         And our invitation offer is equally exciting

As I have already shared, the normal price for The Lucrative Derivative Report is Rs 5,000 per Quarter.

Or Rs 20,000 for a year.

And there's more...

However, as our valued member of DeriVantage, you can subscribe to The Lucrative Derivative Report at the rock bottom price of just Rs 1,950 for a month.

This is a never-before offer!

But remember it is a limited period opportunity. The offer closes on 16th December, 2012.

Once we withdraw this offer, the chances of repeating it again are almost negligible. In fact, we may even hike the price since the performance of this service has been so good!

Now You might ask, "What after 1 month?"

As we promised, it actually gets even better!

You see, as soon as you confirm your membership, we will charge your credit card Rs 1,950 and give you unlimited access to The Lucrative Derivative Report for 1 month.

In this period, you will have full access to the service.

You will get 4 New The Lucrative Derivatives Reports with 4 lucrative investment opportunities.

Now imagine if even 1 of these recommendations goes on to give the returns we mentioned earlier! Your subscription could very well pay for itself... rather, even earn you a big profit!

So basically, in this one month, you can evaluate the service and see if it meets your expectations.

And if you still feel that it's is not for you, just get in touch with us on or before the 31st day and let us know.

We will immediately cancel your subscription and refund your full amount of Rs 1,950. That's our promise.

But honestly, I'm sure that once you see our product, you will definitely like it and would not want to cancel it.

And when you do not cancel your subscription even after 1 month of your Subscription Period, we will go ahead and automatically charge your credit card Rs 8,000 as your annual subscription fee for The Lucrative Derivatives Report at our Lowest Price Ever.

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In other words, even after you complete your Annual subscription, we will renew it for another year at just Rs 8,000...

This flat 60% discount price is locked-for-life!

So, don't miss this opportunity and subscribe for this service right away!

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To your wealth always,

Warm Regards

Rahul Goel
CEO, Equitymaster

P.S.: The Lucrative Derivative subscription at just Rs 1,950 for a month will close on 16th December So don't wait a minute longer. Subscribe now so you can get Asad's well-researched and profitable picks in your inbox, week after week Subscribe now...

P.P.S.: There is a 100% Money back Guarantee with this Offer. If you are not satisfied with the service, get back to us before the 31st day and we will give you a FULL refund. That's a promise. Click here to subscribe.

P.P.P.S.: Please note we offer only a recommendation service; we are not a trading house. Since Derivatives Futures and Options are traded on the exchange, you will have to find a broker/bank to do your trading. And even though the rewards are high, there is also a certain risk involved in trading Derivatives, so we urge you not to bite more than you can chew.

P.P.P.P.S.: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91-22-61434055 or Write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

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*Returns are calculated for all trades recommended on or before 29th August, 2012.
Each trade's return is calculated from the date is opened until the date it is closed. They have been calculated as follows:
% change in contract value: (Pc-Po)/Po (Po - opening price, Pc - closing price)
% return = % change in contract value * leverage ratio

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